How to Choose Porch Lights on a Budget | Simple Home Guide

Outdoor lighting is surely an essential part of every home. They serve two great purposes which are security and aesthetic appeal. Without them installed around your home, you can’t have a living space that looks admirable and feels comfortable.

How to Choose Porch Lights

When choosing the outdoor lights, you need to keep some considerations in mind so you can have the one which can maximumly serve you. Especially, when it comes to your porch, it will be like the best impression of how everyone will see your home.

In this article, we have compiled a simple guide with easy steps that you can follow when you are planning on adding some outdoor lights to your outdoor living space. It will help you to find the one that enhances the comfort and beauty of your porch.

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Just keep scrolling to find out our guide on how to choose porch lights below!

How to Choose Porch Lights

How to Choose Porch Lights 1

Pick the Location

The spot where you would like to install your lights would determine the one which is right for you. For instance, if you just simply want to lighten the wall section of your porch, then you will just need some sconces or wall-mount fixtures. This consideration can limit the options of lighting type, whether you need the hanging light, flush mount light, or post lights.

Determine the Size

The easiest way to determine the right size for your porch light is to refer to the size of the door. You have to make their sizes in a balanced proportion. For instance, if you have a door with 6’8”, a porch light 5” and 9” width would be the best choice. If you are planning to add multiple lights, choosing the ones with similar sizes (or at least close) is the wiser idea.

Choose the Function

As you may have known, porch light comes with several features to give you more convenience. Some lights come with a motion-sensitive feature or a built-in timer in which those features can help you to use the lights effectively and efficiently. 

Go with style

Don’t forget besides providing you with their basic functions, porch lights are also part of your home decor. It means that they should also work to enhance the attractiveness of your home’s overall look, The most popular options of porch light styles are minimalist, rustic, vintage, Southwestern, and contemporary. If you want to go safe, choosing the light style which matches the style of your home is never a bad idea.

Select the Materials

As the lights will be installed in your exterior area, they should withstand all weather conditions. The porch lights which are made of powder-coated aluminum and brass are considered the best options.

Consider the Energy

When it comes to energy consumption, it will relate to the bulb of the light. The wattage of the bulb itself actually depends on the size of your porch. The lights with a 60-watt bulb are enough for a small porch but if you have a larger one, you can consider a 100 to a 120-watt bulb.

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