5 Ways To Protect Your Belongings During A Relocation

Many people around the globe have experienced moving homes at least once in their lives. Like most aspects of your life, moving homes also mean newer opportunities. However, some people could attest to how challenging or troublesome this can be.

Aside from preparing your new home to move to and dealing with a moving truck, you have to organize all your stuff, secure them, and ensure not to lose your valuables during the moving process. There are ways to create a successful and breezy move, though. It’s a matter of avoiding mistakes and planning ahead, so your valuables remain safe and intact when you begin unpacking in your new dwelling.

Consider the following pointers to protect your belongings when relocating:

  1. Hire Portable Storage Solutions 

Portable storage units offer many benefits. While some homeowners avail of these services when they need extra space, this is also a feasible solution for when you’re planning to move homes. Mobile storage containers are helpful when you want to declutter your home, remodel it, or need a place to store and keep your items safely for a time. You’ll still get many benefits from renting a storage unit even if you only use it temporarily.

Take a look at the following benefits of hiring portable storage solutions: 

  • Can Be Delivered Door To Door

Security cameras and staff are present at temporary storage unit sites; however, it can be inconvenient to visit the facility continually. Fortunately, these mobile storage containers offer a service of dropping your valuables right to your doorsteps, leaving you with no hassles. 

  • Cost-Effective

Contracts that are shorter in duration are significantly less expensive than those that are longer. Having a place to keep your valuable items temporarily is cheaper than using a different long-term storage service. Some storage units are offered with flexible packages and deals, which result in higher savings and optimal convenience.

  • Flexible Contracts 

It’s an excellent idea to rent portable storage units for a few days while you’re moving homes. This is a surefire way to keep all your stuff completely intact and secure, with no potential loss or misplacements. Their contract and services are flexible, so you can opt to hire them daily, weekly, or monthly.

  1. Take Note Of All Your Belongings While Packing Them Carefully 

Make an inventory of your possessions before the moving day. You should be able to segregate different things and categories successfully. Some household items are more valuable and even expensive, so they might be a target for theft. Take these items out separately and conduct proper measures for safely keeping them while moving. As for other things, you can pack them carefully and securely in boxes and plastics. To prove that your possessions were there on moving day, take photos so they can be replaced if they’re lost, stolen, or damaged.

Pack your items properly. Plan out your packing strategy and determine what you’ll bring and what you want. This is also the best time to declutter and leave unnecessary things at the donation center or recycling stores near you. As for items that are still usable but you no longer want, you can sell them ahead of time or give them out to neighbors, family, or friends. Packing earlier will give you ample time to decide on what stuff to bring, how to pack them carefully, and take note of all inventory.

Start packing months ahead, starting with the rooms you’re least likely to use. Make sure to leave a box handy at your new home with the items you’ll need first. Don’t forget to securely tape and label all boxes and apply some home organization tips after moving to your new residence, and you’ll have a more effective transition.

  1. Use Safety Deposit Boxes 

If you need to secure your documents, pieces of jewelry, cash, and other valuable items, a safety deposit box could be the best option. Some banks offer this service and accept keeping your prized possessions for a time. You need to pay a fee and understand their terms while using this service. Safety deposit boxes are great to keep your expensive belongings in a safe place, so you don’t have to wonder and worry about their condition constantly. 

  1. Store The Fragile Ones Securely

When moving, it’s essential to properly segregate the fragile items from sturdy ones in material or nature. For instance, you need to bubble wrap or place breakable dinnerware or cutlery into soft foamed boxes. As for your furniture, there are many tips to prepare when moving; you can use cling wrap and protect them entirely from scratches and minor glitches, which might happen during the move.

  1. Get Insurance And Make Use Of Declaration Forms 

Consider getting insurance for your expensive items. Often, valuable pieces of art or heirlooms can be insured through a renter or homeowners’ policy. Be sure to inquire about the insurance policies of your moving company. Some might include it with their moving service while some offer it with an additional fee.

If your expensive items need to be declared, you can submit a declaration form to your mover. This will allow your moving contractor to know which things are significant and must be handled with extra care.


During a move, it’s best to communicate your needs with your movers, prepare ahead of time, and take extra precautions. It pays to take additional steps to improve your moving process. Utilize storage solutions, have insurance for expensive items, and put your prized possessions in a safety box if necessary. Keep your belongings safe during your upcoming move by using the tips above.

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