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It’s never a bad idea to choose a small house rather than the big one since it’s considered more affordable to buy and comfortable to live in. In fact, 85% of home seekers prefer a compact minimalist house in 2019  which shows that its popularity keeps increasing from time to time.

how to decorate a small kitchen

However, most of the time, making a small house look as adorable and feel as comfortable as possible is not that easy. Of course, the challenge is the limited space available around. You can’t really fulfill your desire to add anything you want.

If you’re not careful enough, you will have an uncomfortable living space that looks and feels stuffy and no one would want to spend a long time around. You need to find out some tricks and tips on how to amaze everyone with the limited space available in your home.

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In this article, we share with you an easy guide to decorating a small kitchen that will totally inspire you.

How to Decorate A Small Kitchen

Kitchen is not only about a room where you prepare your meal or cook something, it’s actually a hub of the house where you can do a lot of things around. Once you have a cozy kitchen, you will have an inviting additional space inside your home.

Check out the step-by-step guide below on how to decorate a small kitchen!

White, please!

how to decorate a small kitchen 1

Perhaps, it’s safe to say that white is a must-pick color when it comes to colorizing a small home. You will find that most of the minimalist houses are colorized by white. Why? Because white simply can make the room feel brighter and wider which suits really well for rooms with limited space.

So, pick white as the main color of the room which colorizes the four sides of the wall. Put aside the other shades that you love and use them only as complementary colors.

Pick reflective stuff

how to decorate a small kitchen 2

Reflective stuff here can mean anything from the flooring to appliances. Choose stainless steel appliances, glass tile, glossy cabinets, or even hang a mirror to decorate a small kitchen. This trick can create an illusion that your kitchen is wider than it actually is.

Brighten up naturally

how to decorate a small kitchen 3

Installing a large window is another trick that can make the room feel airy to avoid a cramped vibe. It lets the air circulate properly and brighten up the room naturally.

Add geometric decor items

how to decorate a small kitchen 4a

To add a more attractive touch to the decor of the room, decor items with a geometric look (shape or pattern) are the best choice. They suit very well for modern-minimalist style and create a compact nuance around.

Choose clean-lined furniture

how to decorate a small kitchen 4

If you’d like to add some pieces of furniture, always choose the ones with a clean-lined design. The furniture with carving or ornate doesn’t suit really well for kitchen with minimalist decorating style. A floating kitchen island, backless stool, or even transparent dining chairs will perfectly enhance the beauty and comfort of the room.

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