How to Get Rid of Crows from Your Garden Quickly

Some of you may find that the existence of crows around your property can be very disturbing. Not only they can be scary by creating such a ‘horror’ nuance, but crows can also destroy your beautiful flowers and tasty fruits.

How to Get Rid of Crows

Getting rid of them as soon as possible is a must before they cause further damage. Luckily, you don’t actually have to ask for help from professionals since you can get the job done all by yourself without costing you a lot.

Just keep scrolling to check out our DIY guide on How to Get Rid of Crows for your ultimate reference!

How to Get Rid of Crows

Install Bird Repeller

An ultrasonic pests repeller is a good device that will help you to get rid of crows easily. You can choose the one which is specifically equipped with the features to repel birds.

A bird repeller works by blinking strobe lights and making a particular sound that makes your outdoor living space look less appealing. This kind of pest repeller usually can identify the birds fr 82 feet away. They can cover an area of around 6,000 to 7,000 square.

Since you will install the device outside, you have to make sure that it’s resistant to water and have some power adjustments (auto on/off, always on, always off) so you don’t have to go outside to control it all the time.

Use fake decoys or your pets

In addition to the electric bird repellent, you can also add a fake animal to your garden that you can find in a local hardware store or on e-commerce. The most popular one is a fake owl that you can hang in the most visible spot in your outdoor living space or close to the area where you plant crow’s food sources. However, you might need to move your fake owl since the crows will eventually learn that it doesn’t really treat them if it stands still all the time.

As an alternative, you can let your cats or dogs run around your garden when you notice some crows flying around. They will scare the birds since and will see your garden as an unsafe environment.

Install bird spikes

Bird spikes will further secure your exterior area from the invasion of crows. These manual bird repellents look like branches or strips that you can easily install on your fences and roof lines where the crows usually land. When it’s attached to your fence, those crows won’t find a spot to set their feet and eventually leave your garden behind.

Make sure that you install your bird spikes around the visible areas, so the crows will instantly stay away from your garden once you see those spikes.

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Install motion-sensor water sprinklers

As the name suggests, this device will spray water automatically when some pests, including crows, come towards it. The water will come out once the device detects nearby motion.

This device is considered more convenient than other bird repellents since it doesn’t produce any lights or sound that may disturb your neighbors. The shooting water is actually harmless to those pests but annoying enough to those intruders. At its maximum performance, an automatic water sprinkler can cover an area of 3,480 square feet and spray water at a 70 feet distance.

Don’t install feeders for large birds

If you actually want some cute birds to come around your garden by placing some feeders, make sure that it doesn’t attract the large ones as well. A bird feeder which can close itself automatically when it handles heavier weights is definitely a good option. The crows will also find it difficult to deal with mesh bird feeders with small holes.

Moreover, always clean up the spills of the bird food that fall into the land. Crows will love to eat those spills and will come back around to take this opportunity.

Hang shiny objects

When you have nice sunlight, you can hang some shiny objects like used CDs or party strings. It’s because crows hate flashing lights that those objects can create.

Hang those CDs closely so they can also create annoying noises that the crows even hate. It’s a very easy and cheap way to make your outdoor space look unappealing to those crows.

Cover your trash properly

Garbage can attract the crows to come to your backyard since they see it as another food source. It’s important to always cover your trash to avoid the smell that may draw the crows’ attention. You can either cover your trash can with a lid or store them in a closed area.

Install bird netting

Bird netting will instantly drive the crows away from your outdoor living space since netting poses a huge threat to them. Crows are intelligent animals that can sense danger even by only looking at the netting.

A 4-inch bird netting or smaller is a good option to scare the crows and makes sure that it has a very flexible structure. The reason why smaller nets are better options is that they look more dangerous and threatening to those crows. You can either lay the net on the ground or hang it from the roof in your outdoor living space.

Eliminate water sources

Besides the food source, a water source is also another thing that can help the crows to survive, so eliminate their existence. Don’t place birdbaths or water dishes around the very visible areas around your outdoor living space.

Again, some trash can hold water which becomes some kind of water source without you even realizing it. Those plastic bags, food containers, and mineral water bottles are possible to be water sources, so always close your trash can tightly.

So those are some steps that you can execute to handle the invasion of crows or prevent them from coming around. You can either apply all of those steps or just choose some of them.

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