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Today, you will find tons of options for vacuum cleaners which may confuse you with finding the best ones. One option may or may not be suitable for your home decor.

How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner

There are several main points that you need to consider like the type of the vacuum, cleaning features, designs, performances, and so on. You can’t waste your money on buying a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t suit your needs.

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Below, we have compiled some steps that will help you to find the right one in our complete guide on How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner.

How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner

Choose the right types

In general, there are two types of home vacuum cleaners which are canister and upright models. One type may suit your needs better than another, so you need to learn their ups and downs.

Here’s what you can consider:

Canister vacuum cleaners

This type of vacuum cleaner is considered the most versatile option which is great to handle your carpet and smooth floors. You can easily move the canister vacuum cleaners here and there since they come with a hose and wand. There’s no hassle that you will find to reach hidden areas like under the sofas and tables.

Further, you will find three types of canister vacuum cleaners which are:

  1. Straight suction vacuum cleaner – The floor tool of this canister vacuum cleaner comes with a non-revolving brush which is good to clean flat carpets and hard floors.
  2. Turbine vacuum cleaner – The suction motor of this type of canister creates an airflow that revolves around the brush to clean your house.
  3. Power brush vacuum cleaner – It comes with an electric motor that operates the revolving brush roll.

Upright vacuum cleaners

If you have synthetic carpeting (the one which is made of polyester, olefin, and nylon), an upright vacuum cleaner is the best choice. This type of vacuum cleaner can also become more versatile if you complete it with integrated extension hoses and onboard attachments.

Bag or bagless vacuum cleaners

Another major thing that can affect hugely the performance of a vacuum cleaner is whether it comes with a bag or bagless feature. The choice actually depends on your personal preference, but if you have someone with dust allergy or asthma inside your house, it becomes a very important consideration.

Bagless vacuum cleaners actually perform as well as the one which comes with the bag when they clean up your house. However, when you need to remove the container which contains dirt, it may pollute the indoor air. You might not want to breathe a cloud of dust and allergens as you remove the container.

Moreover, some bagless vacuum cleaners also use filters that you need to wash to remove the trapped dirt and dust. This will release the dust that you have vacuumed back into the air.

Evaluate your home

If you have particular flooring which requires special treatment, you might need to be more careful in choosing the right vacuum cleaner. The decor items that you place above the floor also determine what type of vacuum cleaner you can choose.

A canister vacuum cleaner is a good option if your home has stairs or a lot of pieces of furniture with space with empty space underneath. You still can actually use an upright vacuum cleaner to clean the stairs but you can’t expect a good result as the canister one will offer you.

As mentioned above, an upright vacuum cleaner is good to work for synthetic carpeting. The one which comes with a smooth cleaning feature and cleaner attachments is also a worth-to-buy option.

Learn the performance

Of course, you need to learn the performance of the vacuum cleaners that you have in your shopping cart. Well, you’re surely not a mechanic that knows everything about electrical stuff, but there are two main features that you really need to evaluate which are airflow and water lift suction.

The watts or amps tell you the power of the vacuum’s motor but not the suction power which actually vacuums the dust and dirt. The number of the amp also doesn’t really mean anything. If designed more efficiently, a 10-amp motor can suck dust and dirt better than a 12-amp motor.

A canister vacuum cleaner airflow of 100 CFM or above is highly recommended.

Durability and reliability

You surely don’t want to have a vacuum cleaner that you need to replace every year, so you need to choose the one which can last for years. If you happen to buy the vacuum cleaners directly from the store, you can examine the quality of the construction. The more solid you feel their construction, the more durable they can be. Also, check some visible parts like the open and close components.

If you have an extra budget, you may need to buy the ones in medium price ranges since the cheap ones may not really be that durable. The warranty of the vacuum cleaners is another important consideration, always look for longer warranties, especially when it comes to their motor.

Learn the noise level

A vacuum cleaner may be able to give you great suction performance, but it can be so noisy. The one that can work well but still sounds comfortable is always a good choice.

A high-quality vacuum cleaner should make a sound of around 70 to 77 decibels range. It does make sound but is still relatively quiet.

Learn the price ranges

There are three price ranges that you can consider:

  • Vacuum cleaners that cost under $400 are probably good options since they can provide nice performance to clean your bare floors and area rugs.
  • The ones with $400 to $600 price tags are the high-quality models which come with extra features that can do various jobs and solid construction.
  • $600 to above $1000 is for the high-end models. You can get everything from excellent performance to exquisite design.

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