The Smart Tech Lighting Option – Things You Should Know About The Smart Bulb

Smart lighting is changing how homeowners control lighting and save energy while improving security in their homes using voice commands and connectivity at home. Connectivity is relevant to how smart lighting functions. The smart tech lighting option is rapidly being endorsed in many homes because of the several benefits.

smart bulb

Smart light bulbs Wi-Fi 

What are smart light bulbs?

Smart light bulbs are durable LED light bulbs that can be personalized and monitored remotely using voice control or smart technology. With the help of smart assistants, the smart light bulbs can interconnect with different smart devices in the same network.

The smart light bulbs wifi lets users switch on or off their light using their smartphones. It eliminates the need to get up and use the light switch as a simple command that can switch on the light in the desired area of the house.

How do smart light bulbs work?

The Smart light bulbs functions in two ways:

  • Internet connection using Wi-Fi, or
  • A Bluetooth enabled device

The smart light bulbs wifi has an inbuilt wireless tech system that allows it to exchange messages between the different connected devices. The bulb has the option of dimming, brightening, changing colors, and switching on or off when the need arises.

Setting up a smart light bulb

The smart light bulb installation process is easy since it does not need any demanding task like drilling. The installation directions for each bulb can be slightly different, but this is how to go about it on a broad base.

Plugin the hub

Check to verify if the smart bulb came with a hub and plug it into the router.

Remove radiant bulbs

Get rid of the previous bulbs and screw the smart bulb into the preferred light fitting.

Go to the app store

Net, make sure to download the mobile app linked with the brand of the purchased bulb.

Connect the bulb to the app

Connect the bulb to its mobile application

Name your bulbs.

Labeling the bulbs is such a good idea for easy identification. Easy labels like “bedroom light,” “bathroom light,” or “bedroom lamp” make it easy to control the lighting.

Benefits of smart lighting

Smart light bulbs may be more expensive than regular bulbs, but their benefits are enormous and cost-effective over time. Read more about smart lighting benefits.

Lower energy use

Smart lights utilize either CFL or Led bulbs rather than incandescent bulbs, limiting the quantity of electricity required to keep a room illuminated.

Longer life span

The typical incandescent bulb has a lifecycle of 750 to 2,000 hours. On the contrary, the LED smart lights can function continuously for 35,000 and even up to 50,000 hours, making the bulb last longer.

Increased security

The smart light bulb has several outstanding features, and security is one. The bulbs have a detection feature that allows them to go on or off when it detects movement. The bulb can also be customized to send alerts to a mobile device when it detects unknown motion, either indoors or outdoors.

Easy-to-use light personalization plan

Use the customization feature to pre-set light when at home or at specific times to dim the light or turn it off at night.

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