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Once you find a worm in your bathroom, for sure, you will find more of them the next day even after you flush them out. They can instantly invade your bathroom and turn it into a disgusting place.

How to Cleaning Worms in Bathrooms
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Yes, earthworm may be good for your plants but when they crawl around the bathroom floor or even swim in your bathtub, it’s definitely a complete nightmare. For sure, you will need to get rid off them as soon as possible.

You can actually solve the problem all by yourself by using some easily-available supplies and tools. It can be quite a difficult job that requires some patience, especially if the problem is more serious than you think it is. But if you are not willing enough to spend some money to hire a pro, you can use this tutorial as an ultimate reference.

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So, let’s just keep scrolling to check out our DIY tutorial on How to Remove Worms in Bathrooms below.

Cause of Worms Invasion

But wait, before we jump into the steps-by-steps guide on how to solve the problem, knowing how the everything begins sounds like a good start. You can see the bigger picture before dealing with some steps to handle the worm invasion.

When it comes to rainy season, worms start to be more active. They love high humidity and watery environment, so your bathroom can be a next destination for the worms’ adventure.

Clogged drainage is a common cause of the worms invasion in your bathroom. They can feed on grimes and other organic matters that stay inside the pipes. That’s why even the experts will inspect your drainage pipes first to solve the problem.

How to Remove Worms in Bathrooms

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Clean the bathroom drainage

The first step that you have to do is to clean the bathroom drainage from the outside. It’s a very effective method to remove the worms that swarm around your bathroom.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Prepare some hot water and pour it over the drainage from the outside. It will lose the sludge that sticks over the pipes.
  • To remove the excess dirt, you can brush it by using a metal pipe brush.
  • Cover the pipe’s sides by using a drainage cleaning gel, and leave it for several hours.
  • Flush the cleaning gel with hot water.

Use insecticide

To remove adult worms, you can use insecticides which work really effectively to kill them that may still remain around the pipes even after you have killed the larvae. You can find insecticide in the local stores.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the packaging of the insecticide. Typically, you will need to mix it with some water.
  • Spray the pipes with the mixture until you are sure that the worms are killed completely.

Flush them out

Even after you have used some insecticides, you may not really kill them or some new worms may come around. To avoid this, you need to flush the drain pipes by using other chemicals.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Prepare some baking soda and pour it into the pipes followed by hot water every morning.
  • You can also use strong bleach as an alternative to baking soda or sodium bicarbonate.
  • Repeat this step two to three times a week until you no longer see any signs of black worms around.

Always clear clogged pipes

If you find that your pipes are clogged, clean them immediately since worms love to feed inside jammed pipes. You can clean the clogged pipes by using a stiff brush.

However, you may find it quite uncomfortable to do this step. If so, you can hire a pro from a cleaning company to execute the job.

Further Removal of Black Worms

The steps above may not be really effective if the worm’s problems in your bathroom is way more serious than it seems. The worms may still live around your bathroom even if you have applied all of those methods.

That is when you need to do some additional steps below to solve the problem:

Remove the clogged pipes

Actually, physically removing the pipes can be a quite complicated job to do, so calling a plumber is surely a wise idea. Once the clogged pipes of this shower and sink are removed you will see the area where the worms live. This method is usually enough to solve the invasion of the black worms in your bathroom.

Place a trap

After you are sure that all the clogged pipes are cleaned thoroughly, use a trap on the drainage to prevent the worms from coming back. Regularly replace the traps to ensure that it works effectively.

Seal off gaps and holes

The gaps and holes around your bathroom are the entry points for those worms or, in other words, the core of the problem. You can seal the gaps and holes but avoid the ones for drainage.

In addition to the sealant, spray the gaps and holes with insecticide to make it uninhabitable for the worms. If you can’t really identify their entry points, you can reach out the local pest control to get the job done.

Those are the steps that you can follow on how to get rid off worms on bathroom. The action actually depends on the severity of the problem and if you are not handy enough, it would be better if you ask for help to the local pest controls.

After you have successfully removed them from your bathroom, remember that it would be a waste if you don’t prevent them from coming back. Sealing their entry points and regularly maintain the pipes are two important things that you can keep in mind. Combining those methods are considered effective to keep those annoying black worms to keep coming to your bathroom.

Hopefully, our guide on How to Remove Worms in Bathrooms can help you to overcome the problem without costing you a lot!

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