Kensho Silestone Countertops: All You Need to Know

Durability and grace are the two major factors which have made quartz the first choice for kitchen countertops.

quartz countertop

In the past it was considered that only the wealthy class were the ones who wanted to opt for countertops for their kitchen.

Still, with the introduction of quartz, that mentality has totally been deconstructed as this material is not just elegant and durable but also comes at a price which is affordable to every class of society.

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Apart from quartz, one word that we often hear in the world of countertops is Kensho Silestone. People who have knowledge about countertops are very much familiar with this word, but for some this term may be alien.

Homeowners are often confused about what is the difference between Silestone and quartz? The answer to the question asked above is quite simple, and there is no difference between these two terms. Silestone is a brand that manufactures quartz countertops.

In fact, there are many more questions that may bother homeowners. This blog will answer all those questions and help a house owner decide whether or not to consider Silestone for the kitchen countertop.

What is Silestone kensho?

By now, many homeowners are aware of what Silestone is, but what about Silestone Kensho?

Kensho Silestone is a range of countertops that the Silestone brand has launched under its quartz countertop category. Kensho is a Japanese word which means “seeing the true essence.”

These countertops are mostly available in a light gray colour, have a pebble-like pattern, and are slowly gaining popularity among house owners.

Ok, now it’s time to cover the topic that has been mentioned in the heading itself and give an individual an idea about whether or not to consider Silestone for the kitchen countertop.

Kensho Silestone quartz countertops: Everything homeowners need to know

Silestone can be a great choice in every case if an individual is looking to completely remodel the kitchen or just wants to replace his countertop. But before considering Kensho Silestone countertops, an individual must familiarize themselves with its features, which will give more clarity about the Silestone countertops.

Silestone is basically quartz

As mentioned earlier, Silestone is not a unique material, it is one of many companies (like Caesarstone) that manufactures quartz countertops, and individuals must be aware of this.

Silestone countertops are manufactured by mixing 94% quartz and 6% resins, giving them their signature hardness and durability. Like any other quartz countertop, Silestone countertops are also scratch resistant and highly resistant to dents and stains.

Can’t be stained

Silestone is part of the quartz countertop family, so they are bound to have all the features of the quartz countertop. Hence, like quartz countertops, even Silestone countertops are stain resistant. In addition, Silestone countertops are non-porous in nature and do not require sealing or resealing like the natural stone countertops.

There are no fine pores that could hold onto stains. So, if an individual has a Silestone countertop, he does not need to worry about staining his countertops, getting permanent stains from liquids like; wine, coffee, oils, or any other liquid used frequently in the kitchen.

Wide variety of colours is available

If an individual is just willing to change his countertop but is worried about whether or not he will be able to get a countertop that goes in contrast with his cabinet and kitchen’s overall appearance, he does not have to worry anymore.

Kensho Silestone countertops come in a wide variety of colours, which are uniform throughout the countertop. Apart from the colour, these countertops match almost every kitchen and cabinet style.

Low maintenance

The low maintenance property is one of the major reasons why Kensho Silestone is gaining popularity among homeowners with every passing day. Silestone countertops are so low-maintenance because of their non-porous nature. These countertops do not require any sealing during installation or any further resealing in the future. They also do not require to be resanded and polished regularly.

Extremely durable

Like any other quartz counters, Kensho counters can also resist scratches and chips. In addition, only a few materials available in the market can beat quartz when it comes to hardness. So, Silestone could be the best choice for anyone whose priority is durability.

But one should always pay attention to the word “almost,” which means that even Silestone is not 100% scratch and stain resistant. Hence, an individual should not place hot utensils directly on the surface of these countertops.

Kensho Silestone quartz countertops are a very good option for any individual looking to reinstall the kitchen countertop or wants to get his new kitchen fitted with the countertop.

Kensho may have a variety of colours available, but most of them are shades of blue or gray, so they might not be ideal for homeowners looking for more colour variants. Also, though Silestone has a variety of colours available when it comes to variety in patterns, Silestone Kensho gets easily overtaken by other varieties of quartz countertops.

So now the question arises, what other options are available in the market? The best thing about quartz countertops is that manufacturers are never a limitation. There are plenty of quartz manufacturers available, and the best alternative for Silestone is Caesarstone.

Caesarstone is one of the best manufacturers of quartz countertops and is most suitable for individuals looking for variety in quartz counters for kitchens and bathrooms.

Kensho Silestone quartz countertops — Conclusion

Often individuals get confused when they have to choose a single countertop from so many options available. Choosing the right countertop is important and choosing a trusted manufacturer is also equally important. Choosing the right manufacturer will ensure that the countertop that gets delivered meets all the expectations of the homeowner.

Though Kensho Silestone is a good option, researching the perfect option never hurts. All options available for quartz countertops could be checked out online, and if an individual is looking for unique colours and patterns, Caesarstone could be their suitable match.

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