Essential Things To Remember When Moving House

House moves of any size are stressful due to the number of things that need to be coordinated and remembered. You can reduce stress by writing lists to help you remember everything that needs doing along the way. But if you’ve never undertaken a significant move before, there may be things you don’t realize that need to go on those lists. Here we’ll look at some of those easier to overlook yet essential things to remember when moving house.

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Switching Utilities

Where possible, don’t leave switching utilities to the last minute, or you may find yourself going without for a period. Services that require a person to come out to make a connection are incredibly frustrating to get set up at short notice. A prime example of this is broadband, because although a technician may not need to come to the new house, they may need to plug you in at the local exchange. Many people have found themselves without broadband after a house move and, as a result, buying expensive data addon bundles on their phone to get by.

Car Transportation

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Taking your car on an across-town move is as easy as making the short drive, but what if your move is significantly further? Interstate moves May leave you contemplating several days’ worth of driving to relocate your vehicle. Or you could hire an auto shipping company to relocate your car, freeing you up to take a quicker, more relaxed transport method. Reviews of Sherpa Auto Transport show why they’re a solid choice for making your big move more manageable.

Book Movers Early

Booking house movers as early as feasible is essential to an economical and smooth house move. Even if you only plan to hire a U-Haul trailer and undertake the move yourself, early booking ensures there’s an appropriate trailer available when you need it. Contacting and booking removalists earlier rather than later gives you access to the best deals and availability. Waiting until the last minute lessens the range of companies available to you, so you may have to pay over the odds or risk a less reputable company. Both these things will push stress levels up, so put movers on the list to be done early.

Label Boxes

So, your packing list includes boxes, tape, and filling material, right? True, these are all essential, but have you written Label Boxes on that list? Thought not.

It’s easy to overlook labeling your packing boxes with their contents in a rush to get everything packed away. However, neglecting to do so will cause headaches when they arrive at your new home. Even the quickest unpacker will overlook some boxes for a few weeks, and you don’t want to miss something crucial because you can’t remember which box it’s in. A few seconds with a marker to list a box’s contents on the outside before taping the top shut will make everything easier to locate later.

Moving house can be overwhelming, but by considering these and other essential factors and using lists to help you remember them, you’ll soon find the process isn’t that bad. Happy Moving!

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