Spiderman Bedroom Furniture | Marvel Spiderman 3D Twin Bed Review

Do you want to add an eye-catching focal point for your kid’s Spiderman themed bedroom? The Marvel Spiderman 3D Twin Bed is a must-buy product you have to add into your shopping list.

With the 3D sculpt of Spiderman on the footboard, it will make your Spidey-boy love to sleep on it. Meanwhile, if your child is not into Spiderman anymore, you can just reverse the headboard and footboard easily.

The quite sturdy materials offer a dependable support for your child to sleep. In addition, a pair of removable guardrails that is quite strong to ensure the safety of your boy’s sleep. Are you interesting to know further?

Here read a more comprehensive review of this marvelous Spiderman Bedroom Furniture below.

Marvel Spiderman 3D Twin Bed Review

Marvel Spiderman 3D Twin Bed

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Marvel Spiderman 3D Twin Bed is amazing, marvelous, and durable. It is a great addition that you have to add to your kid’s bedroom. With sturdy metal construction and high-quality plastic, the Marvel Spiderman 3D Twin Bed ensure the safety of your child’s sleep.

Attached guardrails will prevent your child from rolling out while sleeping, great for a transition from the toddler into child bedding. In addition, your kids will love the amazing 3D graphics of Spiderman on the footboard. A great focal point to your boy’s bedroom.

Meanwhile, if your boy has passed his Spiderman phase, you can flip out the headboard and footboard easily as it is reversible. The price of $112.37 is a great price if you want to make a great boy’s bedroom for your child on a tight budget.

Overall, The Marvel Spiderman 3D Twin Bed is the most recommended product for you who want to add a Spidey-themed bedroom for your kids.

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Red and blue, the Marvel Ultimate Spider-man character’s color is always a great color for a boy’s bedroom. It represents a masculinity and coolness. The Marvel Spiderman 3D Twin bed with its red and blue color combination will be a great addition to your boy’s bedroom too.

Dominated by blue on the metal frame, guardrails, and headboard, this adorable bed will make your boy’s bedroom cooler. Meanwhile, the 3D Spiderman graphics on red footboard with brick details as the background will be an eye-catching focal point.

The headboard and guardrails are adopting a curved style for an aesthetical and safety reason. The curved and daunt shape is quite safe to protect your boy from bump and collision with the bed. The guardrails are removable, so if your boy doesn’t need it, you can just remove it with a screwdriver.

Indeed, this bed had already met and even surpassed all JPMA safety requirements. So you don’t have to worry anymore about your child’s safety while he is in his sweet dream.

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On the other hand, the red footboard has a unique design of 3D Spiderman graphics that is reversible. You don’t need to buy another bed if your boy has bored with Spiderman anymore. You can just flip it out in a very easy way, then there was only an eye-catching brick layer design on the footboard. Quite a superb feature isn’t it?


The Marvel Spiderman 3D Twin bed has rigid and sturdy construction to ensure the safety of your boy sleep. Even you can actually lie down or just sit on this bed to accompany your child to the dream land. It can hold up to 250 lbs or 113 kg, thanks to its sturdy metal frame.

The dimension is just enough to make your boy of 2-7 years sleep freely with a quite spacious room. Besides, don’t worry about your child safety, especially if he is quite active while sleeping, it has a pair of sturdy guardrails to keep him from falling.

Unfortunately, the bases where the mattress sits on is just basically a tarp that fits in with the 3 support poles.  It doesn’t have quite any support so you have to add another wood slats and extend them on top of the metal frame, to give a better supports.

Meanwhile, some people said that this bed is a shallow bed. When you buy a mattress and put it on the bed, it is found out that the single mattress is extended far above what the bed frame expects.

Therefore, if you put on the side rails, it becomes useless and just covering up its headboard graphic. Overall, it is quite a sturdy construction for a kid’s bed, but you have to make some adjustments to make it perfect.

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The durability of the product is mostly determined by its materials. With the sturdy metal construction and high-quality material, the Marvel Spiderman 3D Twin Bed is simply a very durable product. But, besides its high-quality material, the usage behavior and maintenance are very important too.

Its absence of mattress support is a big loss to this bed. Sometimes your child likes to jump around his bed eventually if their friend sleepover. In this case, you have to add an additional wood slat to make a strong and sturdy support for the mattress.

Meanwhile, the product is quite durable as it is a maintenance-free, just wipe a damp cloth on the plastic and metal part to clean it up from dust. The plastic material is quite thick, it makes a quite durable and dependable product that will be everlasting.

Thus, with its high-quality material, Marvel Spiderman 3D Twin bed is a very durable product even you can inherit to your boy’s little brother.


Marvel Spider-Man 3D Twin Bed feature:

  • A pair of removable guardrails
  • Reversible footboard, you can apply 3D graphics face in or out
  • A high-quality plastic and a metal frame construction for a durable product.
  • Meets and even surpasses all JPMA safety requirements.
  • Dimensions: 81.25″L x 41″W x 32″H
  • Easy to assembly
  • Recommended for a child 2-7 years
  • Can hold up to 250 lbs weight limit.


The price 112,37 is an “OK” if you mind about its high-quality material and amazing design. As you have to change it as your boy has grown up, that price you have to pay is not a waste. With its durability, you can still keep it into your attics and use it again for his little brother later.

In addition, if your child is not into Spiderman anymore, you can outsmart it by reverse out the headboard and footboard to change it into the neutral stance. Meanwhile, if you rethink again about its short term use, maybe you need to buy a bigger bed that will last longer.


For a toddler’s bed, the Marvel Spiderman 3D Twin Bed is a must-buy bed for your Spidey-boy. Its high-quality materials, great design, and durability become factors that determine this product quality.

Meanwhile, you have to add some wood slat on the metal frame for additional support of the mattress. Overall, the price of $112,37 is worth it to spend for this marvelous bedroom furniture. But, you have to save your money to buy a bigger bed once your boy is grown up bigger.

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