7 Offset Patio Umbrella Lowes To Decor Your Outdoor Space

Offset Patio Umbrellas lowes

Whether you have a deck or patio, you must want to enjoy an ultimate relaxing time whenever you want. You may have added some furniture and accessories to support the comfort of your outdoor living space, but without any outdoor umbrella, it is not a complete decoration.

The main function of the outdoor umbrella is obviously to protect the guests, furniture, and accessories from harmful sun rays or heavy rain. There numbers of umbrella for a patio like table umbrellas, tilting umbrellas, and cantilever umbrella. All of them have different features and functions.

Cantilever umbrella or also called offset umbrella is one of the most popular outdoor shade today. It looks more stylish and provides better functions than the other types. It is called offset because the base and pole of the umbrella are not located in the middle, so it looks more innovative than the conventional umbrella. You can also adjust the angle of the umbrella by a simple crank, following where the sun is going. This feature makes the cantilever umbrella more convenient to use.

Offset umbrellas come in various style, shape, and prices. You can browse them easily on the internet and choose the right one which fit your needs and money. Buying cantilever online is also a good step because you will find such umbrella in more affordable prices.

At lowes, you can find some offset umbrellas which look so beautiful to decorate your patio and gives you many benefits. Here, we have 8 offset patio umbrella Lowes and may be one of them meets your requirements.


Offset Patio Umbrella Lowes


Oakland Living Rochester Green offset Patio Umbrella (Price: $181.98)

Oakland Living Rochester Green offset Patio Umbrella
credit: Lowe’s

It is such a cheap and nice umbrella to decorate your patio. It comes in an octagonal shape with rust-resistant aluminum frame and high-grade polyester fabric material. The dimension is 10′ W x 10′ L.


Lauren and Company Patio Umbrella (Price: $196.77)

Lauren and Company Patio Umbrella
credit: Lowe’s

The 10′ round offset umbrella which works well to cover 4 Piece dining set. The durability is ensured by its rust-free aluminum pole with a steel frame. There are three colors available which are Terracotta, Hunter Green, and Tan.


CorLiving Offset Patio Umbrella (Price: $199)

CorLiving Offset Patio Umbrella
credit: Lowe’s

The octagonal umbrella with 9.5′ W x 11′ L dimension with UV-resistant polyester fabric. You can choose three color options to match with your patio’s design which are Sandy Brown, Wine Red, and Black with two choices of frame finish which are gray and black.


Sunjoy Red Garden Patio Umbrella (Price: $199)

Sunjoy Red Garden Patio Umbrella with Base
credit: Lowe’s

This offset umbrella comes with a net which works not only to cool you down but also to protect you from annoying bugs. The net can be rolled up when you don’t need to use it. It comes with 10′ W x 10′ dimension in a lovely octagonal shape.


Blue Wave Santiago Offset Terracotta Umbrella (Price: $213)

Blue Wave Santorini II Antique Beige Offset Patio Umbrella
credit: Lowe’s

The gorgeous terracotta offset umbrella to match with your backyard’s environment. It comes with a sturdy metal frame which makes it safe to use in windy condition.


Simply Shade Red Offset Patio Umbrella (Price: $298)

Simply Shade Red Offset Patio Umbrella
credit: Lowe’s

Turns your patio into fun and entertaining outdoor space with this beautiful offset umbrella which comes with built in 42 pieces LED lights. The umbrella will not only lighten your evening tea time but also adds much value to your outdoor space in the night.


Blue Wave Santorini II Antique Offset Patio Umbrella (Price: $1,032)

Blue Wave Santorini II Antique Beige Offset Patio Umbrella
credit: Lowe’s

This is the most expensive offset umbrella which you can fit at Lowes. It is a gorgeous square patio umbrella with UV and weather resistant acrylic fabric. You can choose Beige and Stone color options.

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