Personalizing Your University Room

Moving to university is one of the most exciting times of your life – the start of a new chapter, with many exciting new things to do and people to meet. It really can be some of the best years of your life. This being said – many of us at some point or another have felt homesick at uni, missing friends and family. Although this is natural and to be expected, accommodation can add to this feeling.

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It can sometimes be hard to make university accommodation feel homely, and this can lead to feelings of homesickness and regret. To make the most out of your uni experience and ensure that you are feeling settled and comfortable, we recommend personalizing your room and making it feel like yours. Here are our top few tips to achieve this…

Add photos

Whether it’s simply in frames on your desk or by creating a memory board on your notice board, you can add photos of friends, pets and family members. Make sure you pick up some photo frames and pins to stick everything up! You can also slowly start putting up pictures with your new uni friends, and it is great for when you have people round to look at pictures and get to know you more as well!

Making it comfortable

Try to make your room as comfy as possible, such as bringing some extra blankets, throws and pillows for your bed. Why not invest in a mattress topper as well, we all know university beds aren’t always the comfiest… Bring some of your favourite childhood items, such as teddies or music collections like a vinyl record player to bring nostalgia, and a part of home to your new city.

Add plants

indoor plant

University rooms don’t always have the best views, and can sometimes feel cold and lifeless when you first step into them. Don’t let this worry you, as once you have unpacked and bought a few decorations and plants you can turn any room into a home quickly! Not only will plants help to add some colour to the space making it more aesthetically pleasing, but they will also improve the air quality.

Build a theme

Whether you are looking to build a colour scheme, or have found a print that you love – choosing colours and textures that go well together can be a great way to decorate your room. Not only will it show off a bit of your personality, but it can help things appear more put together and as though you have spent time on making your room feel like a home. We recommend sticking to your 3 favourite colours, or one pattern and decorations that incorporate those colours – so it does not feel too overwhelming!

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