Pros and Cons of Installing Shadow Box Fences In Your Home

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Shadowbox fences offer a myriad of benefits for people who need to add to their standard privacy fence design. Also known as the board-on-board fences, the shadowbox fences are picket fences, which have staggered pickets rows on either side of the fence rails. The pickets on the rail’s one side extend across the gaps amidst the pickets on the rail’s other end, thereby blocking the fence’s view.

Pros of having shadowbox fences at home

Showbox construction brings in visual interest and assures privacy

Installing the shadowbox fence outside your will require the typical posts with three rails amidst them. Contractors fix a picket to one rails’ side, then another picket onto the other rails’ side, with a slight overlap to obscure the view. They keep up this alternating pattern, and it yields just that, a routine. Light and woodwork well to create an alluring interplay. Janice, an associate who offers assignment help service, shares that as opposed to the traditional privacy fences, shadowbox fences add to the visual effect, which makes it a notch better than the conventional fences.

More so, the conventional fence design is such that people on the other side can get a glimpse of the activity happening inside the fence. However, in the shadowbox fence, it is not easy to do so. Thus, the shadow box fence ensures privacy and will give your property a pleasant look.

The fencing looks the same on both ends.

Have you seen a shadow box fence? If yes, picture it in your home for a moment. Now, imagine the same fence from your neighbour’s side. The good thing about shadowbox fence is that it looks just the same on both sides, comments Moira, an associate with EduWorldUSA. We agree with Moira, but the only trivial difference you may see maybe in the posts.

What makes the shadow boxes more incredible is there no back or front of the wall. So, in this manner, your neighbours get the same pleasing view that you do. This feature is perfect for the yard itself.

Homeowners usually position a privacy fence in a manner that its front faces the street. It is a great way to accentuate the curb appeal, leaving the yard looking at the backside. You do not have to look at the fence’s back when you have a shadowbox fence.

Alternating pickets afford more durability.

One of the primary advances of privacy fencing is to ensure your fence durability. With adequate maintenance, any privacy fence can last you for years.

However, shadowbox fences are incredibly durable because of the alternating pickets. They spread the weight evenly between the rails. So, you do not have to worry about falling or sagging pickets.

Children and pets can peer through.

A primary drawback of the standard privacy fencing is that it often gives the backyard a closed-off look, points out Danny, head of online precalculus tutors at FineGrades. Well, yes, if you look at the traditional fencing, it will look more like a wooden wall around the property.

However, privacy and security is the primary point of this fencing, individual families like a more friendly approach.

In terms of opacity, standard privacy fences and the head on shadowbox fences are both equal. However, if you are up close, you can peer through the spaces to the other side. This is an ideal aspect, especially for inquisitive children and pets. In a way, it discourages jumping or climbing.

Fences are customizable

Shadowbox fences are very much similar to the standard counterparts in the manner of the customization options available. So, technically most of the available customization options you have for the traditional hardwood fencing are the same for shadow boxes, including wood type, colour, and staining.

One of the prevalent personalization’s for shadowbox fences is the convex panel top. The pickets develop a convex arch from post to post, generating the dog-ear profile. You can also change the picket top look too. One of the most prevalent choices is the gothic top. It looks like a rounded spearhead. Homeowners often pair this cut with the gothic post caps.

Increase your property’s value

We knew that we would be selling our home in the future, and so we added a shadow box fence as that could be a great value addition to the house, shares Jessica, a finance assignment help provider at TopAssignmentExperts. See, the thing with a shadow box fence is that it significantly elevates your entire property and home.

So, from previously looking ordinary, with the addition of a shadow box, it seems more graceful and charming. If maintained well, it will directly affect your property’s value during the assessment, thereby bringing you a better return.

Cons of shadowbox fences

See, every coin has a flip side. So, even shadowbox fencing has some cons. Some of the shadow box cons include:

  1. It comes with a limited life. The maximum life you can get off your fence is five to ten years, but this majorly depends on the kind of maintenance you can offer.
  2. Decomposing wood may be susceptible to dry roots and fungus.
  3. It needs regular maintenance and painting.
  4. When the wood dries, it warps, cracks, and fades.
  5. The drying wood contracts deforms and sags.
  6. It is susceptible to termite infection.
  7. It needs high maintenance compared to any other fence.
  8. As such, there is no warranty applicable to wood fences because of the wood’s nature.
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