Coastal Kitchen Curtains | Ships And Chambray Curtain Valance Review

We always want to feel comfortable when we stay in our kitchen, to get a comfy atmosphere in the kitchen we can do this two simple things, replace or create.

We can decorate the kitchen to get a new nuance, by adding some big or small items to your kitchen. Some big items like chairs or curtains or you can also put some sweet little items as a compliment such as a canister and rugs. Some of these things can certainly give a big effect.

Ships And Chambray Curtain Valance
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Are you getting bored with the theme and color of your kitchen right now? If so, try to use unusual and creative themes. Do you want to try coastal or oceanic sensation in the kitchen room? Well, here we have a curtain that has a good blue and ocean deep atmosphere to update your lovely kitchen look.

Today, you will find many coastal kitchen curtains that are offered at various styles include material, color, pattern, style and also design. This will make it easier for you to decide which option is right for you.

Here, one of the recommended coastal kitchen curtain from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, The Ship and Chambray Kitchen Curtain Valance for your reference. Read our review about the product below.

Ships And Chambray Curtain Valance Review


The design of this Ships and Chambray Curtain Valance is really modern and artistic. You can see the bright blue ocean color which then combined with the navy stripes of this curtain look so mesmerizing. It’s such a beautiful addition to match with your other ocean-themed decoration.

The beautiful nautical icons decorate the navy chambray stripes to enhance the attractiveness of this curtain. The measure of this attractive coastal kitchen curtain is 60″ W x 15″ L, and the measure of the rod pocket is 3″ diameter.

This Ships and Chambray Curtain Valance is one of the most popular coastal kitchen curtains that you should have.  The modern and sea style on the design will make you feel relax and comfort when you work in your kitchen.

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The material of this Ships and Chambray Curtain Valance is quite durable and good, it has a good quality polyester. As we know that polyester is resistant to most chemical, shrinking and stretching, abrasion and mildew resistant.

The product comes with the combination of 70% cotton material and 30% polyester which feels soft and sturdy enough at the first time you touch it. The polyester material also easily dry and wash, that is why many producents use this material as a primary thing for their curtains products.


You have to know that the durability of this Ships and Chambray Curtain Valance is really good and strong. You will never get an unhappy feeling when you buy it. The polyester material of this coastal kitchen curtain can be used for a long period of time.

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There is nothing special about the maintenance, you can just do regular cleaning as you wash the other cotton cloth. As the fabric is durable enough, you don’t have to worry about color fading.


The price of this Ships and Chambray Curtain Valance is $18.33. It is such a very affordable price to get an attractive curtain to decorate your kitchen. The material is pleasing you for sure.

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Measures  60″ W x 15″ L
Materials 70% cotton and 30% polyester
Coastal  Blue and white
Style Oceanic coastal

As the conclusion, this Bed, Bath, and Beyond’s Ships and Chambray Curtain Valance is surely worth to buy when you look up for an affordable kitchen decoration to create such a refreshing nuance.

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