15+ Small Bedroom Furniture Set Under $1,500 To Buy Now

A small bedroom has become more popular than the bigger one. The main reason is because the popularity of minimalist decorating style also keeps increasing from time to time.

One of the notions that a minimalist décor should have is the room should be as effective and as efficient as possible. That’s why the smaller room always becomes the top option.

Of course, you have to pick the pieces of furniture which are specifically designed for small bedroom. They are massively available in the market, but it can be quite confusing to choose the one that really suits your needs and taste.

Therefore, we have picked some tempting small bedroom furniture that you can use to find that one which is perfect for you below.

Best Small Bedroom Furniture

Shaker Platform Configurable Bedroom Set by Grain Wood Furniture

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A gorgeous bedroom set with the combination of modern and traditional style. It will surely become an elegant focal point in your bedroom decor.

The set includes 1 platform bed, 1 drawer nightsand and one drawer double dresser in earthy brown finish. All the pieces are made of durable wood which makes it last long.

To buy the Shaker Platform Configurable Bedroom Set by Grain Wood Furniture by spending $850.65 at Wayfair.

Full Bookcase Captain Bed by Discovery World Furniture

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This bedding comes with tons of storage station which makes it totally fit a small bedroom. It has 6 drawers on its side, 1 cabinet, and a headborad with various shelvings.

For sure, you can keep all your bedroom stuff neatly arranged without any needs to add additional storages around. The high-quality material of the bed makes it feel so sturdy and the finish looks so admirable.

You have to spend only $689 to purchase Full Bookcase Captain Bed by Discovery World Furniture which is available on Amazon. You will get a bed frame and a headboard in the package.

Earby Platform Configurable Bedroom Set by Three Posts

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The bed frame and headboard of this small bedroom furniture are also designed with the convenient storage. The frame comes with two drawers and the headboard has some small shelvings.

All of the pieces look simply attractive with its sleek design which fits gorgeously for a modern minimalist bedroom. There are three finishes available that you can choose.

Available at Wayfair, the Earby Platform Configurable Bedroom Set by Three Posts is offered at $1,087. The package includes 1 storage platform bed, 1 drawer nightstand , and 1 drawer dresser.

Ireland Full Bed with Storage by Acme Furniture

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The bedding with built-in storages is always a good option for you who have a small bedroom, and this small bedroom set is so worth to add to your shopping list. You will find 6 drawers installed on its frame and its bookcase headboard. This kind of bed furniture offers an easy-to-access storages to keep your bedroom stuff.

The materials’ quality of this small bedroom set is not disappointing at all. It feels so sturdy which ensures its durability and reliability.

The Ireland Full Bed with Storage by Acme Furniture is available on Amazon with $605 price tag.

Step One Queen Configurable Bedroom Set by South Shore

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A modern small bedroom set with sleek and clean-lined design that you will totally love. The set includes 1 platform bed, 1 headboard, 1 nightstand, and 1 drawer.

Though the frame is designed in platform style, it has one drawer on each side that you can use to keep some linens. All the pieces look so elegant with its deep rich finish which fits for you who love simplicity.

You will need to spend $639 to bring the Step One Queen Configurable Bedroom Set by South Shore home which is available at Wayfair.

So those are some recommended small bedroom furniture products that we have picked for you. This list will totally ease you to find the furniture which can fit your very own small bedroom.

Choosing a small bedroom is absolutely a good idea since you don’t really need to have big space inside your house. However, it’s not easy to decorate a room with such a limited space.

If you think that decorating a small bedroom can be quite difficult, you are right. You have to think about how to make it look adorable and feel comfortable at the same time.

To help you out, check out some simple ways to decorate a small bedroom below to ease the job.

7 Ways to Decorate A Small Bedroom

Use Bright Shades

Choosing a bright basic color instead of the gloomy or vibrant one for the background of a small bedroom is definitely a much wiser idea. White and light grey are the best options which will make a small bedroom look brightly beautiful. Moreover, those shades are also easy to match with other colors.

Choose Sleek Furniture

Instead of choosing the bedroom furniture with too many details, curves, or ornaments, it’s better for you to go with the sleek one. They look so simple and fit a small bedroom really well.

Put One Focal Point

You can have more than one focal points if you have a huge bedroom, but for a small one, that is not a really good idea. You just need to use one décor item which will grab most of attention. For instance, you can hang a big colorful wall art above the headboard.

Be Creative with Storage

Since the space is limited, it’s not easy to keep all your bedroom stuff neatly arranged. Therefore, you have to be creative in providing storages inside a small bedroom.

Use the space on the wall to hang some shelves instead of using the baskets which will take up the space on the floor. You can make or create all by yourself easily at home.

Consider Multifunction Furniture

The multifunction pieces of furniture which are designed for a small bedroom are massively available today. They usually come with hidden storage like the bed frame with hidden drawers or the sofa in which you can put some stuff underneath its cushions.

Provide Great Lighting

A small room really needs ample light to make it look and feel inviting. Therefore, you need to install some additional lighting sources beside the main one. The wall sconces or table lamp are so considerable.

Make it Airy

Always make sure that the air circulates properly inside a small bedroom. If it’s possible you can install a window or use the best air conditioner to make it airy.

Pop Up the Look

A small bedroom with neutral main color may look too boring. For that, you can use some bright vibrant colors, catchy pattern, or gorgeous texture to enhance its attractiveness.

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