20+ Clever Chic DIY Small Bedroom Storage Hacks That’ll Blow Your Mind

he most crucial thing for every small bedroom is how to organize it neatly and beautifully. Of course, you can’t let your bedroom scattered messily with your stuff or organized in such improper ways. You have to find out some ideas about how to optimize your space.

Sure, there are so many tips and tricks that tell you how to organize your bedroom in some creative and surprising ways. Then here, we have some smartest hacks of small bedroom storage that will definitely inspire you! You can make them all by your self without costing you much effort and budget.

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Well, let’s just keep scrolling to check them out!

Small Bedroom Storage Hacks

Crown Molding Racks

The first one is the smart options of using the crown molding which is turned into the shoe rack and dress hanger. It will provide you lots of space to put dozens of pairs of your shoes and dresses but doesn’t consume your bedroom’s space.

small bedroom hacks 1-min

This small bedroom storage hacks is also very easy and cheap to try!

Under the Bed Storage

If you are eager to build your own bed frame by yourself, don’t forget to add some extra storages. It will be very useful to handle some rare-to-use stuff so it will not scatter around your bedroom messily.

small bedroom ideas 2-min

You can consider using some used shipping wood pallets to try this small bedroom storage hacks.

Pegboard Storage

Go grab a pegboard from your garage and use them an additional storage that you can hang on your bedroom’s wall. You can paint it in your favorite color as you wish to match your bedroom decoration.

small bedroom hacks 3-min

This pegboard storage will be a nice spot to organize your jewelry, accessories, or some memorable photographs.

Hanging Magazine Holder

This is a piece-of-cake yet brilliant small bedroom storage hacks that you can try in no time. You just need a magazine holder and place it in a corner of your bedroom, then you can use it as a mini desk to store some of your stuff.


It will be a nice creative addition to your bedroom decor that will amaze all the coming guests!

Hanging Laundry Bag

A laundry bag sometimes can make your bedroom look messy. To handle such circumstance, you can try to hang it behind your bedroom’s door.

small bedroom hacks 4-min

Then, to make it more convenient to use, you can add an embroidery hoop to the bag. It will make you easier to deposit your clothes.

Hanging ShippingA�Wood PalletA� Shelf

As always, you cannot miss the wood pallet when we’re talking about the latest DIY project. Here, the pallet is repurposed to become a hanging shelf. It can be a beautiful storage to save your books or magazines.

Finish the pallets in any colors as you like!

S-Hook Hanger

Use some S hooks to hang your jeans rather than folding it or use the regular hangers. It will provide more space for your closet, so it will fit more jeans inside.

small bedroom hacks 7-min

Also, you can take out your jeans conveniently.

Hanging Table and Storage

small bedroom hacks 7-min

Another clever way of benefitting the magazine holders, here, they are combined with the wood board. The result is a unique and beautiful storage that can handle lots of your stuff at once without taking lots of space inside your bedroom.

Hanging Jewelry Storage

small bedroom hacks 8-min

This adorable stylish jewelry storage is made of a used wall frame, a wood boar, and some tiny hooks. You can use it to store your necklaces and bracelets beautifully, then it will also enhance the look of your bedroom decor perfectly.

Hanging Wire Basket

small bedroom hacks 9-min

Yes, when we’re talking about space-saving storage, it’s always all about hanging. Here, the wire baskets are mounted to the wall. It provides some spacious storage that can fit some books or other things.

Storage Bench

This pretty storage bench is a DIY one which is made of a bookshelf. It’s so easy to make, once you have a bookshelf, you’ll need the foam and fabric for the cushion.

small bedroom ideas 34

Then, to make it look more organized, you can use some basket that fit the bookshelf’s size.

Ladder Side Table

small bedroom hacks 10-min

The adorable side table which is made of a ladder to add a beautiful rustic vintage touch to your bedroom decor. To make it provide more space to put our stuff, you can use some wood boards which are placed on the top of the steps.

Hanging Ladder Book Shelf

small bedroom hacks 11-min

Again, a ladder is used to become a space-saving storage and here it is hung on the wall to even save more space. This small bedroom storage hacks is quite useful to put lots of your books.

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Pipes Shoe Rack

Maybe you have found lots of creative DIY shoe rack on the internet, and this idea is the unique one. It’s made of some PVC pipes that are stacked together by using a tension belt and form a particular shape.

small bedroom hacks 123

You can make the formation of the rack as you wish in any sizes as you need!

Hanging Wood Box

small bedroom hacks 12-min

Without a doubt, this small bedroom storage hacks look so gorgeous yet very easy to make with a very little cost. You only need to stack and hang them on your bedroom wall and arrange them as beautiful as you can.

Ladder Shelf and Hanger

Ladder, ladder, and ladder, this thing can surprisingly be modified into a useful space-saving storage. In this small bedroom storage hacks, the ladder is used as the shelf to store some boxes and also hang some clothes.

small bedroom hacks 13-min

It will be such a unique decor and convenient storage to set in your bedroom.

Hanging Shelf with Rope

small bedroom hacks 14-min

If you want to make a hanging shelf look way more catchy, adding the rustic ropes as its hanger will be a great idea. Here, the ropes are attached to the white wood board. It creates a nice boho look to enhance the beauty of your bedroom decor.

Portable Pallet Shelf

small bedroom hacks 15-min

Adding some caster wheels to your wood pallet shelf will be a nice idea to make it more convenient to use. This small bedroom storage hacks is very easy to try and bring a wood pallet shelf to a whole new level.

Above Door Hanging Shelf

small bedroom hacks 16-min

When you find that your bedroom’s walls are already full with some decorations but you need more storage, don’t miss the small space above the door. It can be used as the space to mount a hanging shelf that can be used to store books or other stuff.

Hanging Filing Trays

small bedroom hacks 17-min

The easy storage that will be useful to store your frequently-used stuff in your bedroom. you can try to hang some fling trays behind the door or on the side of your side table.

Magnetic Makeup Station

small bedroom hacks 18-min

If you are kind of person who often let your makeups clutter messily on top of your dresser, you can try this low-cost small bedroom storage hacks. You will need to prepare a magnetic board and cover it with decorative paper to make it look more beautiful.

Rolling Pallet Drawers

small bedroom hacks 19-min

Pallet again, here this useful thing is repurposed to become some rolling drawers. You can put under your bed frame. It is surely an invisible storage that will handle lots of your stuff without taking the space of your bedroom ‘at all’.

Corner Hanging Wood Shelf

small bedroom hacks 20-min

Benefiting every corner of your bedroom for installing some additional storages is surely a great idea, and this one is a worth-to-try project. The wood boards are arranged nicely so it can hold some stuff and decor beautifully in the corner of your bedroom.

Floating Jewelry Rack and Hanger

small bedroom hacks 21-min

Don’t let your hanging rack just be a hanging rack, you can attach some small hooks underneath the rack and use it to hang some necklaces or glasses. It will be a nice display to show off your accessories.


small bedroom hacks 131

If you are familiar with IKEA BEKVAM spice rack, then this small bedroom storage hacks uses it in another way. Install it upside down so you can use the bottom part to put some decors and the lower one to hang some clothes or accessories.

IKEA Expedit Shelf HacksA�

small bedroom ideas 34

Another IKEA hack which changes the function of the IKEA Expedit Shelf as a vertical storage to become a horizontal one. Put it underneath your bed frame, stuff some baskets into the shelf and your space-saving small bedroom storage ideas is all set.

DIY Vanity with Baskets Storage

This is an easy project to create a super gorgeous minimalist vanity which provides some useful additional storage for your bedroom. Go grab two wood boards then paint them in any finishes that you love.

Put a mirror on the upper wood board, put some adorable baskets underneath the board. Beautify it by placing some decors.

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So those are some clever small bedroom storage hacks. You can easily try now without costing you lots of bucks. They will surely be the useful and beautiful addition to your bedroom decor!

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