10 Stand Alone Patio Cover Ideas That Can You Use In Your Patio

As we know, patio has multi-purpose space that has a lots of functions. Furthermore, patio is a place in the house that is usually used for outdoor party, relaxing, barbeque and others family gathering. Certainly, you must keep the patio from the neighbors although it is located outside of the house. Actually, you can use the half walls, fences, outdoor blinds and plantings that can make your relaxing comfortable. Patio is just not about outdoor place but if you want, the patio can be the best space for you in getting the relaxation. Normally, the patio just consist of table and chair, but you can place the hot tub, small bed or others furniture.

In fact, the patio is not a patio without paving, it is just called a backyard. So, it is time for you to choose the best one building for a patio.

For greater looks, the stand alone patio cover is ideal for you to build to make the patio more comfortable and stylish. The stand alone patio cover can be created as you love for design, material and appearance. Moreover, you can use the cement, stone, aluminum or wood for giving the natural looks. In our article, we are going to share about stand alone patio cover that will give you reference.


Stand Alone Patio Cover Ideas

For more comfortable, certainly, you have to build the good material that has long-lasting application. The patio cover must durable and withstand any kind of weather.


1.Seattle Exterior

Stand Alone Patio Cover Ideas

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For the first, it is actually good for outdoor dinner party. Although, you waste money to build it, it will give you perfectly patio. Furthermore, you can create the fireplace using the wall to block the patio by seeing from your neighbor. For this kind of stand alone patio cover, it uses roof tile with wood frame.


2. Walkabout Exterior

Stand Alone Patio Cover Ideas

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The second stand alone patio, it is found in Texas using the corrugated metal. This stand alone is classified as a cheap material because it uses low-maintenance. Furthermore, you can use canopy as the patio cover roof. Actually, you can build it beside the house or alternative entrance into your house.


3. Stand Alone Concrete Pad


The third stand alone, it uses the concrete pad for the base with 4 poles. Certainly, you can place it in the backyard or garden that is separated from the house. Moreover, you can use the aluminum or asbestos for the roof.


4. Roof Tile Patio Cover

Stand Alone Patio Cover Ideas

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Fro this one patio cover, it is made from the roof tile that is usually used for house roof too. With 4 poles, you can build a little bit large patio that you want. Furthermore, you can build the small bar using the concrete for more interesting. Actually, you can build it in the backyard near the swimming pool or hot tub.


5. Wood Patio Cover

Stand Alone Patio Cover Ideas

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This patio cover is so natural looks that are made from the wood. If you really love something natural, certainly, you can build using the wood for the cover and the poles. It can be mentioned as the large patio where you can build the fireplace or placing a set of patio furniture. Of course, it is good for a large family which has a lot of family member. For the fireplace, you can build it using the concrete covered with ceramics.


6. Steel Patio Cover

For this type of patio cover, it is as the durable material compared with wood cover. The cover uses steel for the cover and the poles. For more stunning, you can build it a little wider for covering the patio and swimming pool in part. As seen in the picture, the patio and swimming pool is covered by the steel cover. Certainly, you can enjoy your relaxation while you are swimming in the pool. It is so perfect idea, right?


7. Elegant Patio Cover

Stand Alone Patio Cover Ideas

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For this patio cover is so elegant but luxurious looks where you can build it really separated from the house. It is made from metal for patio cover with 2 poles. For the 2 others poles, you can hold the cover with building the wall, it can also block the seeing from the neighbors for your privacy. Furthermore, you can plant some grass for getting cool and fresh air. For more elegant, you can add the white cloth for decoration.


8. Concrete Tile Roof

The patio cover uses the concrete tile roof that is well-known as the long-lasting material. Besides it is durable, this type of cover also has good and withstand for any kind of the weather. Certainly, you can not just build it for a patio, but you can also put the hot tub. So, you can enjoy the spa while you are listening to the music on the patio.


9.  Clay Tile Roof

Stand Alone Patio Cover Ideas

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It is so unique for the kind of patio where you can build it like in the outdoor bars. Moreover, you can build the place for covering some beverage or foods. For the chair, it is placed outside. You can also build the cast tabletop with a fire pit in the middle of patio sets. It goals to give something warm when you are sitting and enjoying on the patio. Do not forget to place some chairs around the small bar to ease if you want to drink some soft drink or wine.


10. Aluminum Patio cover

Stand Alone Patio Cover Ideas

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For this one, you can build it that is still connected to home. For the cover material, you can use aluminum for getting durable and long-lasting. Furthermore, you can build it for entrance into backyard where you can take a breath the fresh air from the green tree or grass. Put the chair or bench for enjoying your relax. For the installation, it is mentioned the easy way to install by yourself. Meanwhile, if you can not do it, you can ask someone who can install the aluminum patio cover.

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