Turning Your Small Garden into a Peaceful Paradise

Many modern homes, especially those in cities or busy suburban areas, have smaller than average gardens. This is typically to leave more space for houses, and perhaps because modern families spend less time enjoying their gardens than previous generations might have.

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Turning Your Small Garden into a Peaceful Paradise

There are some advantages to a small garden. It can certainly mean that you get more house for your money, and it will be far easier and cheaper to maintain if you design it well. But small gardens can quickly become cluttered and messy; even a few weeds can make things look unkempt, and it’s hard to include all the colours and textures that you might want.

If you want a peaceful garden, somewhere where you can relax with a good book or practise yoga and meditate, then you might worry that this is impossible to achieve in your small, currently very cluttered and chaotic garden. But it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of ways to create a peaceful paradise in even the smallest of gardens. Here’s a look at some of the best.

Prioritise Seating

A small garden might mean that you can’t have everything that you want, and you might need to make some sacrifices. But one thing that you definitely need if you want to be able to relax outdoors, is the right seating. Look at sun loungers UK, but also outdoor dining tables from this gardens for less collection if you are on a budget so that you’ve got space to eat outdoors.

Keep Things Simple


In a small garden, a few weeds, a little overgrowth, or an unmown lawn can make a big impression. These things might be all that you notice, and they can easily ruin the atmosphere. So, keep things simple. Include flowers and plants that are very easy to look after, consider a decking or patio which can be less upkeep than a big lawn, and make sure you get into good habits.

Stick to a Few Colours

It’s easy to get carried away with colour outdoors. Adding colourful flowers, decorative pots and planters, outdoor ornaments and even painting your fences in interesting colours can look wonderful. But if your space is small, too much colour can be overpowering.

So, again, keep it simple. Paint fences, sheds, decking and any other woodwork in lighter shades, such as pale blues or dove grey, to make the space look bigger, and then when it comes to plants, flowers, and decoration, try to stick to a colour scheme with just a few bold colours, and varying shades.

Add Water

The sound of running water is incredibly relaxing, and a water feature is a must for any peaceful garden. You might think that water features are only for larger gardens, but while you might not have the space for a large koi pond, even a small feature or decorative pool can have a big impact, and as a reflective surface, water will actually make your garden feel bigger than it is.

If you have a small garden, keeping things simple, prioritising your needs and wants, and getting into good cleaning habits are crucial if you want to be able to enjoy a relaxing and peaceful outdoor space.

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