Turn Leads into Listings with an Awesome Listing Presentation

First impression matters. Being an agent is about moving people. It’s about making sure your clients have what they need to make good decisions, whether it be a place to live or a new car, so being presentable and doing an excellent job of selling is important.

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Turn Leads into Listings with an Awesome Listing Presentation

Making an amazing first impression on clients thinking about selling their home is important because it can be the first thing that sets the stage for the bigger potential transaction.

Clients gain trust in real estate agents to sell their homes based on the agents’ presentation, so knowing how to make a good first impression is important. However, doing very well in this area doesn’t necessarily translate into more sales or better commissions.

Most clients will only remember what you told them, and very little of it will be recalled if you seem apathetic or disinterested. A good professional listing can be more than just a pretty picture of your client’s home.

It can also tell them the value they will get by listing with you while also allowing them to see their home’s potential.

What is a Listing Presentation?

A listing presentation is a professionally designed marketing tool that you use to help sell a home.

However, it shouldn’t be seen as a sales pitch to get your clients to sign on the dotted line and buy a house, but rather a way to showcase your potential sellers on how good of an investment they could make in selling their home.

This can be achieved by utilizing creative photography or visual aids such as copywriting and floor plans to show the potential value of their home. When clients have their home for sale, they want to deal with a competitive agent who cares about the sale and knows the market.

They don’t want to go above and beyond to compensate you for your time, so they need to know that you are competitive enough that they won’t feel like they have too much ground to cover.

A real estate listing presentation can be used to put your clients at ease, knowing that once someone else is interested in their home, you will be there ready with a competitive offer.

What to Include in a Listing Presentation?

About You as an Agent

There are a few things that you should include in the real estate listing presentation, but mainly it should be about you. Your clients want to know who they are dealing with when they purchase their new home, so it’s good to include a bio and some contact information.

Your listing presentation should also include professional skills. Tell them how you communicate with buyers, research the market, and give details on your marketing strategy.

This allows your clients to know that you know what you are doing and that they can expect a competitive response once their home is put on the market.

Your Track Record with Listing and Selling Real Estate

This is vital because it can determine how many offers your home will generate. The best thing you can do for your clients is to prove your ability to sell homes. If you have a strong track record, use it or if you don’t have one, make one.

Show that you know what you are doing and that your clients are in good hands. You may also include social proofs to help your clients decide to list with you.

This could include testimonials from other satisfied clients or referrals from other agents who want to tell their clients about the great agent they just worked with.

An overview of the homes you have sold over the years or a listing of the homes you have sold in that area can also help your clients trust you as an agent.

The Type of Marketing You Use for Listings


Inform the clients about the type of marketing you use. This can help show your clients that your marketing strategy is working for you and that they will have plenty of options for finding a good deal in their desired neighborhood.

Types of marketing include:


These are quick print brochures to hand out to people interested in your area. You can include information on the average home value, why they should choose you as their agent, and a photo of your office.

Google Alerts

This automated email service works with Google to inform you when someone has searched for properties in your area or similar terms. It will then send out emails to remind your clients about the homes for sale that match those searches.

Open house announcements

A typical open house announcement will include the address, date, and time of the open house. You can also include detailed descriptions of the home, a selling point, and a house photo.

Editable posters

These are pictures that you can add text to share your message. You can direct people to your website and give them more information about the property. You can be creative when editing these photos because sometimes the possibilities are endless.


Direct mail postcards are a great way to let the neighborhood know a home in their area is hitting the market. Not only will they demonstrate expertise with your prospective listing clients, postcards will also help you generate listings with the neighbors when they decide to sell.


This is good for any marketing. You should include a link to your newsletter at the bottom of the flyer or email. You can use this to remind your clients about other properties being sold in their area or as an opportunity to make new friends in the industry.

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

In your real estate listing presentation, include a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to show your clients the potential of their homes. The CMA is a chart that compares the price of similar homes in the area, so you will have to research the prices of comparable houses in your neighborhood.

To do this, go to each house and take pictures of the inside and outside. Then, list out all of the features included by taking a tour around the neighborhood and jotting down items such as driveways, parking spaces, garages, etc.

You can also use the multiple listing service (MLS) to find comparable homes in your CMA. You can include the price of that house and its square footage and lot size.

User can also include the square footage of each room in the house as well as a description of its function from the inside out. You should also include central air/heat, kitchen appliances, bathrooms, bedrooms, living room furniture, and floor plan layouts.


When finalizing the real estate listing presentation, try to include the above information instead of only including a photo of your office.

Add all sorts of applications so that your clients will have no reason to go elsewhere for their real estate needs. You can also include social proof about other clients and testimonials from past clients. This will help build confidence in your client’s minds when they see another property for sale that interests them.

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