What Are Anime Body Pillows Used For

An anime body pillow is also called a dakimakura pillow in Japan. It is a large clingy pillow that tends to keep one’s body aligned and aids in better sleeping. You can use this large body pillow for different purposes but mainly it is used for emotional support.

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Considered as comfort objects, these are similar to cute stuffed toys but in a larger shape. Here are a few facts about how anime body pillows are used:

Improving Sleep Quality

Many people tend to sleep well on comfortable pillows. An anime body pillow is just of the same kind. It helps improve sleep quality by increasing comfort levels and reducing pressure on joints and other parts of the body.

The anime body pillow releases much body relaxing hormones such as Oxytocin, which is a hormone that makes a human feel good. This body pillow is not only comfortable but is very relaxing too! You can adjust it according to your body and place it where you want.

Otaku Traits

An anime body pillow can be the best otaku possession! It is unique and is super comfortable. Since there are a lot of different options for anime characters, you can get your favourite anime character body pillow as well!

For girls, there are cool and hot boy anime body pillows, whereas sexy and cute anime body pillows are available for guys. You can visit different stores or check online here for the top ten best anime body pillows that are affordable and super comforting. If you are an otaku (Anime lover) then you should add it to your anime collection too!

Relieving Stress

Stressful or depressed people tend to think a lot, especially when they are alone. Owning an anime body pillow is a huge advantage to such people as it gives them emotional support. The anime character makes them feel safe and gives them a sense of relief that they’re not alone. Consequently, an anime body pillow can be a great stress reliever.

Once you know you have someone by your side at night, it is a feeling of true happiness. The sadness lingers away as you cuddle onto the pillow all night long. It also lessens the tossing and turning when you cuddle the pillow, thus providing a peaceful night’s sleep.

Relieving Body Pain

An anime body pillow is ideal for people with back pain, and those who want help in aligning their neck and spine. This is why they are orthopaedic pillows. These are great for physical support as they provide support to our hips, back, neck, and stomach.

Let’s not forget that a body pillow is large enough to support the entire body, so they come in a range of sizes according to different individuals. An anime body pillow helps with blood circulation, muscle pain, snoring issues, and many more. Many doctors suggest using a dakimakura for emotional and physical support as it helps with boosting our immune system as well.


Now, individuals tend to feel lonely as they get in their teens and need someone by their side most of the time. An anime body pillow helps with the little desires of having an imaginary partner that fulfils one’s emotional support. An anime body pillow can be used for cuddling. If you’re alone and have no one by your side, you can simply cuddle onto the pillow and feel relaxed.

By hugging the pillow, you will feel comfortable and relaxed. One thing you need to make sure of here is the size of the pillow you purchase since different sizes are available, and different firmness options are available too.

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