Which Color Should I Choose for My Kitchen?

The color and design of kitchen furniture are of great importance for your kitchen to stand out aesthetically, so you must choose them carefully.
Making your kitchen stand out aesthetically represents an interesting challenge. In this aspect, it is necessary that all the elements that integrate it manage to harmonize in a great way so that it is visually attractive. In particular, the color, design and size of kitchen furniture play a key role in making this possible.
This point leads to the fact that you should choose these elements with special care.

blue kitchen
The Perfect Furniture Color According To The Kitchen Style

The kitchen is one of the most important places in a house, since it serves as a meeting point to share with your family when sitting down to eat, so it is normal that you want it to have the best appearance.
Therefore, a correct choice of color, size and design of kitchen furniture is essential and to properly choose this furniture it is necessary to keep in mind the environment or style of decoration that you want or have implemented:


In this case, it is appropriate to bet on white tones to complement the concepts of clarity and luminosity that this style represents. However, you can also opt for wooden furniture that serves as a good contrast.

Black Kitchen

black kitchen

The Black Color In The Kitchen

The color black in the kitchen is timeless, and although it has become more and more common, it is still a surprise element that not everyone dares to use, much less in a unique way. For this reason, black kitchen have a character of exclusivity and mark the personality of those who choose them.

Black Kitchen Furniture

We are going to point out characteristics of the furniture in this kitchen. The most important thing is the choice of both black fronts and black countertops, which creates the monoblock effect in the kitchen. We have opted for Soft Lack fronts, from our German manufacturer, and a black Pro countertop. In a matte and structured top, the dust is not visible, unlike with glossy lacquers. But it is important to maintain a continuous cleanliness of the kitchen.
The kitchen also has a cupboard for the microwave and a hob with integrated extractor. This option avoids large hoods, a perfect choice if we take into account that it is a kitchen open to the living room. The design is much more integrated with this type of extraction.


If you bet on a style that invites you to the past such as vintage, you need to buy kitchen furniture with a certain old look that stands out for its meticulous details and light or neutral colors. In this way, your kitchen will look very sober and elegant.


rustic kitchen

In a rustic decoration style, wooden furniture and brown tones are essential to give a cozy touch that reminds one of country life.


A kitchen in which a minimalist environment is implemented requires furniture with smooth and well-defined structures, with little volume and neutral colors. Thus, the idea of having a visually clean, simple and orderly space is respected.

Boho chic

In this type of environment you can mix simple and sophisticated elements at the same time, which is somewhat chaotic in the eyes, but that transmits a lot of personality. In this sense, the kitchen furniture must be of intense colors and variable in its shape and size.


This style of decoration invites you to put all your creativity into practice, therefore, you can play freely with the designs and colors of the kitchen furniture, having as a priority that the final result be harmonious and pleasing to the eye.

Tips For Choosing The Color Of Your Kitchen Cabinets

Beyond the type of environment, it is also necessary that you follow general guidelines to define the color of the furniture in your kitchen to achieve an optimal result, such as:
1. If the size of your kitchen is small, prefer light colors to give a feeling of more space.
2. Don’t use more than two shades, as a buildup of colors can be visually tiring.
3. If you only use your kitchen to prepare food, then prefer lighter shades. On the contrary, if it is the place where you eat with your family, choose warmer colors that invite conversation.
4. Avoid using red, a product that the kitchen is associated with heat and this color can overload this sensation.

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