Be Careful with These Home Renovations That Don’t Pay Off

Homes that are in perfect condition and have a great curb appeal sell fast. Thus, if you have plans to put your home on the market soon you may be tempted to go crazy with renovations to sell the property fast. As much as renovations can help speed up the process, you need to take a step back and make sure the renovations you are considering are necessary. It won’t be a smart financial move pouring so much money into renovations only to realize that buyers are not interested in the changes you have made. Some of the renovations that are a complete waste of money when you are planning to put your home on the market include:

Be Careful with These Home Renovations That Don’t Pay Off

Bold paint jobs

A fresh coat of paint can make the property look as good as new but you need to ensure that you have not overdone it. Bold paint jobs are not a good idea when you are about to list the property. That sunrise yellow and deep blue paint might be the epitome of beauty for you but it can also be the reason why no one wants to buy the home once you list it. Thus, stick to neutral colors like white, cream or off-white when you are renovating for the sake of selling the house. Painting a house can be a DIY to save money.

Bold wallpapers

Instead of painting the house you can decide to install wallpapers. They are fast to install and also cheap. However, just like painting, this is something you don’t want to mess up. Wallpapers are a personal thing in decorating and your taste might not appeal to the next person. Many homeowners have had a difficult time selling their properties because the buyers couldn’t get past the wallpaper. No matter how beautiful the home is, something as minor as this can make all the difference. Therefore, pick plain wallpapers if you have to. The buyer can always make changes after the closing has been made.

Overly personal touches

Be Careful with These Home Renovations That Don’t Pay Off.

Whether you are a professional interior designer or not, overly personal touches should be avoided if you have plans to sell the property in the future. Living in the property for a long time means some minor things will have sentimental value to you. However, when you are selling the property, it is the needs of the potential buyers that should be the focus.

Things like taking out a closet to get more room in the bedroom or installing animated-character tiles can make buyers change their mind about purchasing the property. Leave everything simple so that the buyer will be able to create the kind of a home he/she wants later. When you have brought in overly personal touches you’ll struggle to get a buyer and you’ll get no returns for all the expenses you incurred during the renovation.


A wooden or tiled floor is enough. You don’t have to spend a lot of money buying a carpet for the property. Worn out or badly stained rugs will tone down the beauty of the property even if everything else looks perfect. If you have to install a carpet stick to neutral colors. Most buyers are not crazy about carpets, and they will still go ahead and check whether there is a salvageable wood floor underneath if every floor space is covered in carpeting.

Wall-wall carpeting in the bathroom will make many buyers cringe. Remember that this is a room that has high moisture content most of the time and a wall-to-wall carpet may mean mold and mildew problems.  Bedrooms should also be clean and simple, and a cheesy carpet will not be appealing. On the same note, a lot of carpeting might be taken to mean you are trying to hide some flooring flaws.

Don’t replace the roof if it is not damaged

Roof replacements should be considered after 15 years. Also, it doesn’t mean you have to replace the roof just because 15 years have lapsed if it is not damaged. Roof replacement is an expensive process, and you don’t have to do it just because you are planning to sell the property. Therefore, have the roof inspected first and have it replaced only if it is deemed necessary. Otherwise, if the issues the roof has can be fixed through repairs, then that is what should be done.

Major basement renovations

A basement can just be that without having to be converted to an extra bedroom or bathroom.  Major basement renovations are expensive, and they should only be done if you are planning to be in the house for a prolonged duration. Don’t just assume that the next owner will appreciate whatever renovations you made to the basement.  Some just want it for storage and if you have already done a complete overhaul, it can be the reason why they turn down the deal.


Whether you are an avid gardener or you have access to a professional in landscaping, don’t do it if you will be selling the property in a few weeks or months. Anyone would be happy to see a great landscape but not everyone is ready to put in the work to maintain it. Thus, the perfect landscaping you think every buyer will be swooning over may be the reason they don’t purchase because they will see it as too much outdoor maintenance work they may not be ready to take up. Trimming the bushes and covering the bare patches with grass is enough. Major gardens or ponds should not be installed if they weren’t there previously.

Final Thoughts

Talk to real estate agents about the necessary renovations before you throw all your money into something that will not pay off. Also, don’t overdo the renovations. You should be thinking from the perspective of the average buyer and not what you think will look unique or beautiful.

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