4 Bathroom Renovation Ideas For A Contemporary Look

Are you looking for new ideas to revamp your bathroom? Well, you’re lucky because you have so many options to choose from. There’s the minimalist style if you’re looking to adopt a clutter-free and ‘less is more’ philosophy, or you can go the cozy and chic vibe and go for a bohemian-inspired bathroom. If you’ve tried these ideas before, here’s another suggestion you might not have thought of—a contemporary look.


In essence, the contemporary style lends an elegant, forward-thinking, and up-to-date appeal to any given space. As for the bathroom, you can recognize a present-day approach based on hard angles, clean lines, natural materials, and geometric patterns. Basically, as long as the design occurs or belongs in the present, you can call it a contemporary one. But, yeah, it can still be pretty confusing to know exactly how to create a contemporary-themed bathroom. (1)

Taking the contemporary route

There’s no reason for you not to push through with the project just because you’re still considering bathroom renovation ideas to incorporate the contemporary vibe you want. A good starting point would be to search for online resources that can help you out. You can also ask friends or family members who have the same design for their bathrooms. (2)

Fortunately, here are some tips and tricks you could also use:

  1. Give it an industrial flair

Industrial elements are a critical factor in your contemporary bathroom. For this particular feature, you need to pay more attention to the materials you’ll use to make the modern feel easily recognizable in your bathroom. Different materials could work as long as you stay on the lane of achieving both aesthetics and functionality. (2)

Concrete finishes and sleek metallic frames should be present in different angles to bring out a rough yet elegant appeal. If you chose to go for a monochrome color palette, adding black accessories to accentuate it would help you achieve a contemporary look for your bathroom. For instance, you can combine a concrete wall with little to no finish with natural wood and a few exposed pipes here and there. The result is a bathroom that’s warm enough to the eyes because of the rustic feel of the wood, yet sleek-looking and modern because of the gritty elements brought about by the concrete finish and pipes. (3) (4)

  1. Make a statement through modern mirrors

Bathroom renovation ideas won’t be complete if they don’t involve a fair share of mirrors. Such accessories used to be installed for functional reasons only, but today, that’s no longer the case. Aside from having something that you can use to check your teeth or make-up, mirrors now also serve as a statement, particularly in comfort rooms. (3) (5)

Modern and unique-looking mirrors can be a focal point of your bathroom. Whether small, mid-sized, or oversized ones, you can indeed find a piece that’ll accentuate the contemporary ambiance of the room. If you want to emphasize clean lines and geometric patterns, even more, abstract-shaped mirrors should do the trick. (5)

  1. Try the black-and-gold combo

Monochromatic colors are the name of the game when it comes to creating a contemporary feel at home. If you want to play it safe without losing the edgy touch, the combination of black and gold is more than perfect. You can paint the wall black, install black and sleek-looking tiles, and pick clean, onyx geometric vessel sinks with gold accents. (2) (3)

Make sure you choose the darkest shade of black for this particular idea. To complete the combo, go for golden fixtures with shiny surfaces. The metallic accent combined with the dark palette can make the space look and feel luxurious while also invoking modernity in more ways than one.

  1. Fall for marble

Marble is perhaps one staple that a bathroom can’t miss, regardless of the theme or interior style that you want to achieve. Something about this material makes the space look like a masterpiece, no matter its size and the elements you find inside. If your budget allows, you can try the floor-to-ceiling marble installation that’ll surely make your bathroom look far more elegant than it already is. To create a stunning contrast, consider black marble for the floor and a variation of white for the wall. (3)

Another idea is to choose a marble bathtub for an ultimate marvel-on-marble experience. The good thing about marble is it lasts for decades, especially when given proper care and maintenance. Although expensive, this material is worth the investment and can help you achieve your contemporary goal. (5)

Final words

You can find more than enough bathroom renovation ideas if you’ll only look and ask around. Take inspiration from celebrity houses and interior design magazines so you can determine what you really want. Consider a contemporary look if you’re a fan of sleek, edgy, and metallic elements.

Keep up with modern times and let it reflect in your private spaces at home. If you’re not ready to modernize the whole property yet, you can start small by incorporating it first in the bathroom. After that, you can work your way to other rooms, especially once you get the hang of it.


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