How to Choose Bedroom Dresser that Won’t Cost You a Lot

Dresser is always a nice storage station to complete your bedroom decor. It can provide ample space for you to store your clothes, accessories, and other items.

How to Choose Bedroom Dresser

As you may have known, a dresser is such a big investment, so it has to last for a long time. That’s why it’s important to purchase a high-quality one even if you have a limited budget.

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Here, we have compiled a step-by-step guide on how to choose bedroom dresser that will help you to find the best one!

How to Choose Bedroom Dresser

How to Choose Bedroom Dresser 1

Set Your Budget

The first step is to set your budget. It would be wise if you have determined how much you’re willing to spend to purchase a dresser for your bedroom. Once the budget is set, you can narrow down the options within your desired price range.

Mostly, the more expensive the dresser is the better material that builds it up. But, you can always find affordable ones with good quality. Alternatively, you can also buy used dressers or consider payment in installments, so you can get a quite pricey dresser without costing you a lot at once.


After you have decided the price range, you will still find a lot of options available. The next point to even narrow down the option is to determine the size of the dresser that suits you best.

To determine this, you can refer to how many items that you would like to store in your dresser and the space available in your bedroom. The dresser should be spacious enough to handle your stuff but convenient enough to use. You have to make sure that you can conveniently open and close the dresser.


Besides working as one of the main storage stations, a dresser is also part of your bedroom decor. In fact, its size can make it one of the main focal points that draw most of the attention. That being said, it’s important for you to buy the one which looks attractive. 

If you prefer a harmonious overall look, you can consider buying a dresser that is part of a bedroom set or find one which flows beautifully with the existing decorating style of the room. For you who prefer a more eclectic nuance, a bolder dresser is never a bad idea to give a distinctive statement. 


When it comes to bedroom dressers, wood is still everyone’s favorite and you will find some wood types with their plus and minus points. So, you can do a small research to find which wood type that is right for you. Keep in mind to always put durability first since the bedroom dresser should last for a long time.

Where to Buy

Once you know some points in choosing the best dresser, you can decide where to buy it. It’s whether you want to buy it online or go to the market nearby. The flea market or second-hand store is also worth considering.

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