7 Need-To-Know Tips To Spruce Up Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is a fundamental part of your house. It’s also considered the second busiest area next to the kitchen. Especially on days when the entire family wakes up at the same time for a shower, you can expect that your bathroom will be the busiest area in the morning. But despite being used by the entire household every day, it’s easy to overlook its state and condition.

Sometimes, you only notice something’s wrong with your bathroom when there’s water leaking from the sink, your vanity mirror is cracked, or the bathroom walls look dull and covered with molds. If your bathroom is looking deteriorated, it’s a huge sign that you need to update it. Updating your bathroom isn’t only about making it visually appealing but also ensuring it stays highly functional.

To begin, here are seven need-to-know tips on how you can spruce up your bathroom: 

  1. Replace Leaky Tiles

Before aesthetics, it’s ideal to update your bathroom first based on the maintenance and repairs it needs. One common issue that requires immediate replacement is leaky tiles. If your bathroom tiles have been there for years or decades, it’s no surprise that they’d begin to leak water through.

To prevent water from damaging your bathroom walls and floors, you may replace your leaky tiles with new aesthetic tiles or a shower wall system. Projects like these are often more complicated than it sounds, so it’s better to have these done by professional bathroom renovation Burlington companies instead of trying to do it yourself. 

  1. Incorporate Mirrors

One easy and inexpensive way to spruce up your bathroom is by incorporating mirrors. Due to their reflective nature, mirrors can make your bathroom look larger and more spacious. Moreover, they can also add an illusion of light, making your bathroom appear brighter, especially when you place them opposite to the sunlight.

Bathroom mirrors come in various shapes and designs. So, you can freely go for shapes that blend well with your target aesthetic. 

  1. Add Life To Your Bathroom

You can literally add life to your bathroom by having houseplants inside. Houseplants have always been considered as a timeless design for houses and offices, including the bathrooms.

With houseplants, your bathroom will exude this Zen-energy and calm-inducing feeling, making it comparable to being in a spa. Whether you go for small succulents, spider plants, or use larger statement plants, any houseplant will surely brighten up your bathroom. These plants will also produce fresher air for your bathroom, improving your space’s fragrance and air quality. 

  1. Use A Fresh Paint

Giving your bathroom fresh paint is an excellent way to spruce it up. Before putting any paint on, clean the surfaces first and remove any signs of mold or mildew. When choosing a bathroom color, consider using brighter and more vivid colors to illuminate a lighter and cheerful vibe.

The power of fresh paint isn’t only limited to being used on the walls. If you want, you can also paint unexpected areas such as your trash bin, the toilet flush holder, towel bars, and even your toilet roll holder. 

  1. Have Wallpapers

If you’re tired of the typical tile walls, you can always use wallpapers for your bathroom. These can work as long as the room is well-ventilated and the bathroom users aren’t prone to splash water on the walls. Make sure you use wallpapers that are specifically manufactured for bathrooms.

If you wish to use the standard type, don’t forget to use a strong wallpaper adhesive. Bathroom wallpapers come in various colors, designs, and patterns, so choose the one that fits best to your home’s aesthetic. 

  1. Soft Close Toilet Seat

Most of you are probably familiar with the sound of the toilet seat being slammed down. While you may be used to hearing this sound every day, it can be frustrating to find yourself waking up in the middle of the night because of someone loudly slamming down the toilet seat.

So, when sprucing up your bathroom, you may consider investing in a soft close toilet seat. This one comes with sprung hinges that helps prevent the seat from producing a loud sound when being closed. 

  1. Create A Gallery Wall

A gallery wall shouldn’t only be displayed in your living room or bedroom but also in your bathroom. If you have an empty, dull space in your bathroom wall, utilize it to create a gallery wall filled with pictures of your choice.

If you want a minimalist vibe, you can incorporate patterned artworks. If you want a more personal and sentimental touch, you can use family photos and arrange them artistically on your wall. You can also ask your kids to paint pictures, then you may frame them before hanging them in your bathroom. 


Sprucing up your bathroom doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. You only need to unleash your inner creativity, browse inspirations from this list, and call on the help of professional bathroom renovators to help you achieve a beautified and upgraded bathroom.

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