Anti-Climb Fence to Prevent Person to Climb Over

When you’re planning to install the fence, certainly, you desire to get the safety that is caused from outside sources. Building the fence not only protects you from the noise or keeps the children and animals to go around. Moreover, the fence is a barrier that functions to avoid the strangers to come in to your house. With installing the fence, automatically, stranger have difficulty to enter into your home directly.

Is it enough to build the common fence?

How if the strangers or thief climb over the fence?

What will you do?

To answer the question, of course, you need some considerations. To prevent the thief or wild animal climb to your backyard, you have to build something that avoids them. Certainly, you have to build the anti-climb fence that probably cannot climbed by the thief. Little bit to know about the anti-climb fence,  it is a kind of fence that has the great design and form at the top of fence. The top of fence commonly use the sharp elements applied that is impossible to make the person climbing over. The fence is very useful for any kind of public place such as industrial area and business parks so that the area is getting safety.

Before you build the anti-climb fence, it is better to decide the design and the form. Now, we’re going to share you some anti-climb fence design that probably be your option in building the fence. Here we go!


Anti-Climb Fence Ideas


 1.385 High Security Fence

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credit: sunwiremesh

First anti climb fence comes with new style and design that require very high security. This fence is also called as 358 Mesh Fence because it is suitable for military bases. It is made from concertina razor wire coils and barbed wire on the top. The security fence is completed with small mesh opening and strong panels so that it’s difficult for everyone to climb over the fence. Furthermore, you can install the electric alarm to get the high security fence when someone climbs the fence.


The Specifications

 Mesh Panel Width 2m, 2.2m, 2.5m, and 3 m
 Mesh Panel Height 0.9m – 5.2m
 Wire Thickness 3mm, 4mm and 5mm
 Hole Opening 76.2mm x 12.7mm (1/2″ x 3″)
 Material Galvanized wire and low carbon steel wire
 Polyester painting color Dark grey and black
 Finished Polyester painting hot dipped galvanized

electric galvanized


2. Anti Climb Fence

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credit: alex

The benefits of this fence include versatile, effective cost, vandal resistant, excellent visability and protect someone not to climb on. This type of fence is good for home security, schools, high security sites, business parks and industry area. Made from the wire, actually, it supports the fence to get stronger.


The Specifications

 Wire Diameter 4.0mm
 Hole Size 75mm x 12.5mm
 Type of Wire High Tensile Steel Wire
 Height 1 m to 6 m
 Width 2.4 meters
 Finish  Hot dipped galvanized


3. Razor Wire Fencing

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credit: razorwireconcertina

This type of fence is made from razor wire toppings and metal fence panels that is well-known as the strong material. Furthermore, the razor wire placed on the top can resist someone climbing the fence because he’ll be afraid stricken the sharp wire. For applying this fence, you can take the easy way. Firstly, connect the dipped galvanized steel sheet into steel strips and the wires. After that, cut the steel strips connected into the razor form. Then, press the strips and the wires together to shape the razor wire fence. So, if you’re planning to build the anti-climb fence, perhaps this type can be your choice with the low cost and easy installation.


4. Anti-climb Fence and Wall spikes

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credit: amazon

How if you’ve had a fence but not anti-climb fence?

Should you build it again with anti-climb fence?

Yeah, it is absolutely not required, with the repeller fence, actually you must not spend lots of cost to install the fence. The repeller is made from polypropylene withstand from weather resistant. For installing it, you can do the easy way. Just attaching it to the top of fence, then stick it using the glue, screws or nail based on the fence material both of concrete or wood. This repeller is very easy to drill and cut if required. You can get 8 strips per set, for each strip includes 19.5″ L x 1.7″ W x 0.7″H.

Certainly, you must decide to choose one design that perhaps match built over your house. One important thing, you have to select based on available space and your capacity in building anti-climb fence.

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