Noise Barrier Fence Ideas to Block Annoying Sound

Commonly, a fence is used to block relation between the house owner and the strangers. As time goes by, the function of fence is not just about it. Today, fence also functions to prevent the disturbing noise from outside. Moreover, an annoying sound that comes into your home becomes something distress for you. The sources can come from the traffic noise, pool pump, the neighbor or nearby commercial space such as market or shop.

Actually, the sound can make you stressful when you want to get a peaceful or calmness. You will be really disturbed by the noise from outside. But, don’t worry, with applying the noise barrier fence, automatically, you cannot hear the strong noisy sound.With building the noise barrier fence, besides you can soak away the annoying noise from outside, you also get your house more beautiful with stunning fence design.


Noise Barrier Fence Ideas

Before you decide to build the noise barrier fence, the first thing that you have to do is choosing the design and the material to get the best fence.


1.Low maintenance Concrete Fence

noise barrier fence
credit: stonetreefence

The first idea comes from StoneTree Walls product that offers noise barrier fence with the classic design. The fence is made with the low maintenance using the concrete. The fence is very efficient and easy in installing withstand the damage element that can break the fence elements. It is also long-lasting, and durable to avoid the noise from the outside. This fence is great to be applied for commercial, industrial, residential and noise sources. So, if you live in the industry area, this fence is very recommended for you. Furthermore, the StoneTree Wall has a variety of fence material including the concrete, vinyl, wood, plastic and composites. Actually, the concrete fence is really the most of the effective and efficient fence materials.


2. Tilon Noise Barrier

noise barrier fence
credit: fencing

The second one is constructed by the glass fiber with mineral fiber that provides the mechanical from the barrier system. Actually, the system can reduce the noise that comes from outside. Completed by composite restraining beams and woven protective membrane absolutely secure the panel components. The tilon can apply for some area including the home, shopping centers, motorway, industrial parks, school and home project.


3. Acoustic Noise Barrier

noise barrier fence
credit: thewildegroup

Constructed of the timber board actually, adds the naturalness of the fence. The acoustic fence is normally applied to give the noise barrier between home and the ways or railway lines. If you resident near the railway, actually this type of fence can be a great opt for you. Acoustic fence offers the 2 types, including reflective system and absorptive system. The reflective system actually reflects the noise while the absorptive system protects the membrane layer to prevent the sound waves from the noise sources.


4. Soundproofing Fence

noise barrier fence
credit: acoustiblok

The busy street actually causes the noise pollution that arises annoying for people around. With the disturbing noise surely can worsen the situation, people can get the stressful in their daily life during hearing the noise. Therefore, it needs a barrier to prevent the noise from others sources. Building the soundproofing along your home, perhaps it is a great idea. But, there are multiple factors that influence in applying the soundproofing fence such as maintenance, aesthetics, durability, public input and especially about a budget. Actually, you have to choose the noise barrier fence with low costs, for example, acousticblok fence. You just set it easily and very easy to be cleaned and painted.


5. Sound Curtain Fence

noise barrier fence
credit: allnoisecontrol

The sound curtain is typically like a fence in general but it is applied the unique composite material. This sound curtain is well-known as the highly effective and economical method for reducing the sound from the noise sources. The material works with combining noise barrier and sound absorber into a versatile and flexible panel. The sound curtain has some functions including the neighbor noise, industrial noise, construction site noise and others noise sources. Furthermore, the material for sound curtain includes OEM products, acoustic blankets, and vinyl sound barrier.


6. Privacyshield Outdoor Enclosure

noise barrier fence
credit: acousticalsolutions

This type of fence actually can reduce the sound from outdoor sources such as pool pumps, generator, outdoor equipment, and others sources. It is available on 2 sides or 3 sides with 6’height to offer a great design. Completed by long lasting, durable and maintenance free make this fence reasonably to be installed at your home. The fence also withstands for any season like snow, ice, rain, and sleet with not rust, stain or rot even the graffiti resistant.

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