Bedroom Plants Ideas: 25+ Fresh & Stylish Decors You’ll Adore

When it comes to bedroom decor, all of the elements should be able to create not only an admirable overall look but also a comforting atmosphere at the same time. The bedroom is the last room that you will go to when you have dealt with a long tiring day.

The pieces of furniture, accessories, decor items, background color of the room, and other elements should be able to complement each other so you will love to stay inside for hours and hours. In other words, they have to have some kinds of ability to help you to get good sleep every single night.

Plant has become one of the most popular decor items that many homeowners use and home experts recommend to decorate your bathroom. The main reason why the indoor plants are so admired is that it works really well to give a natural aesthetic appeal to your bedroom decor while sparking a very comforting vibe at once.

There are some plants which are very suitable to complete your bedroom decor like Areca Palm, English Ivy, Aloe Vera, Gerbera, Lavender, and Jasmine since they are able to purify the air inside your bedroom so you can enjoy a more refreshing atmosphere.  The natural color of plants will colorize your bedroom decor in a very beautiful way, especially if you plant them on the catchy planters.

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For your inspiration, we have picked the beautiful bedroom plants ideas that you will totally admire below.

Best Bedroom Plants Ideas

Bedroom Plants Ideas: Vintage Rustic Decor

Bedroom Plants Ideas: Vintage Rustic Decor

For you who love the vintage decorating style, this idea can be a very good reference that you can copy. The vintage iron bedding, chair, dresser, and rugs become the main focal point of the room which looks so gorgeous. The plants like English ivy and spider plants, and arrowhead plants are placed on the hanging shelf and flooring. They complement the wood flooring which adds a more rustic touch to the decor.

Bedroom Plants Ideas: Rustic Asian Decor

Bedroom Plants Ideas: Rustic Asian Decor

A tall indoor bamboo becomes another focal point which gives a chic Asian touch to the decor of the room. It’s planted on a  painted planter which even makes it look more attractive. The wood floating shelf also displays the other plants which even create a very refreshing atmosphere inside the room. The wood flooring in a raw finish then matches beautifully with the plants which decorate this vintage bedroom.

Bedroom Plants Ideas: Chic Teen Decor

Bedroom Plants Ideas: Chic Teen Decor

A chic bedroom which is perfect for teens that you have to add to your inspiration list. The room uses a platform bed with the modern design yet rustic look which is enough to style up the decor attractively. The huge Fiddle Leaf Fig and Ivy makes its own statement which colorizes and freshens the room. Moreover, some wall arts on the floating shelf then give a more decorative touch stylishly.

Bedroom Plants Ideas: Enchanting Green Headboard

Bedroom Plants Ideas: Enchanting Green Headboard

In this idea, the climbing plants are used as the headboard which surely garbs the most attention inside the room. It completes the creative platform bedding with wood as the main material and string light decorates it. The bedding looks sparklingly beautiful as the major focal point of the room. For sure, it’s a very inspiring bedroom that you can create all by yourself.

Bedroom Plants Ideas: Cozy Attic Bedroom

Bedroom Plants Ideas: Cozy Attic Bedroom

This idea shows you an easy way to decorate your attic bedroom with plants that you can try right away. The group of various kinds of indoor plants decorates the wood pallet headboard which already makes the room look attractive in a more distinctive way. Then, the ivy on the floating planter completes the decor of the room which even adds a unique natural touch to its Bohemian decorating style.

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Bedroom Plants Decor: Earthy Cheerful Vibe

Bedroom Plants Decor: Simple Minimalist Style

The combination of yellow and white creates a brightly cheerful nuance in this bedroom which is so tempting to have. Some kinds of indoor plants become the main element which dominates the decor of the room like a spider plant, English ivy, and Monstera Deliciosa. The bedroom accessories in green then complement the plan which harmonizes the nuance of the room in a very stylish way.

Bedroom Plants Decor: Simple Minimalist Style

Bedroom Plants Decor: Simple Minimalist Style

The Fiddle Leaf Fig, Monstera Deliciosa, English Ivy, Areca Palm, and some succulents decorate this bedroom with all-white nuance. They give a bright natural contrast which is enough to enhance the attractiveness of the room. The wood flooring and rattan accent table add more earthy texture and warmer hue which looks simple admirable.

Bedroom Plants Decor: Chic Small Decor

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A gorgeous bedroom decor which can be a very good inspiration for you who have a bedroom with narrow dimensions. The huge decorative banana tree and areca palm become the main focal point while some small ivy on the hanging planter complement it. The color of those plants looks strikingly beautiful since white dominates the room.

Bedroom Plants Decor: Stylish Neutral Vibe

Bedroom Plants Decor: Stylish Neutral Vibe

Grey becomes the main color of this bedroom which is applied to the walls, flooring, bedding, and some accessories. Huge indoor plants decorate the wall and flooring decorate the calls and flooring which give a brighter color touch to its neutral overall look. It’s a very inspiring idea for you who love minimalist decorating style with a more festive natural nuance.

Bedroom Plants Decor: Catchy Tropical Nuance

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Two huge palm trees totally bring the style of this bedroom to a whole new level. The bedding with a tropical pattern works as another focal point which creates a catchy harmonious overall look. The small fiddle leaf fig and some succulent also complete the decor which enhances the earthy vibe around. Thanks to the all-white nuance of the room and the huge glass door which properly brighten up the room so it doesn’t feel too intimidating.

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Well, that is the list of best bedroom plants ideas that we have created just for you. Of course, you can use them as the ultimate reference when you are about to decorate or redecorate your beloved bedroom. Those bedroom ideas are decorated mesmerizingly which looks so admirable and feel comfortable at the same time.

Adding some plants to your bedroom decor is always a good idea that you can keep in mind since they can beautify the bedroom with a very earthy nuance and refresh the atmosphere inside the room naturally. Their offers a lot of benefits like purifying the air, releasing moisture, providing oxygen, removing toxic, and other health benefits that you can enjoy every single day.

You just need to take care of them regularly to keep them alive.the maintenance of the indoor plant is fairly easy which will not cost you a lot at all.

Just pick the best bedroom plant that really suits your needs and taste then start decorating your very own bedroom now!

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