15 Most Gorgeous & Affordable Backyard’s Cedar Fencing Ideas

Whether you are about to install a new fence in your backyard or replace the old one, consider choosing the cedar fence. As commonly known, cedar is the most popular material when it comes to outdoor additions. Comparing to other wood types, cedar is mostly adored by many homeowners.

You will find numbers of tables, chairs which specifically designed to place in the outdoor spaces are made from cedar wood. So cedar fencing is always a good idea to protect your backyard. Cedar is like an outdoor space best friend which gives you many benefits.

So what are actually the benefits that you will get from choosing cedar wood over other wood types? Below are the brief explanations:

  • Sturdiness – Cedar wood is very stable, it can last for decades. The wood will not warp or shrink which make it always look lovely.
  • Durability – One of the best natural features of cedar wood is its oil which prevents the wood from rotting, cracking and hated the insects. Cedar wood is strong enough to face all weather condition. The wood is even used to build canoes, proving its great durability.
  • Beauty – The gorgeous rustic look of cedar wood matches beautifully with every backyard’s fence. It will enhance the style of your outdoor space and makes it more inviting.
  • Comfort – The natural smell of the cedar wood is very irresistible, it will make you so relax. This wood also has some natural air pockets which can control the temperature around your backyard.
  • Easy to install – Installing cedar fence can be easy, depends on the design you want. But because it is so lightweight, cedar is typically more convenient to install both for contractor or self-installing.

If you would like to choose cedar fence, there are many homeowners who have installed various attractive ones. Whether you choose the classic dog ear style, lattice, or simple horizontal wood slats, cedar will always add much value to your property. Here, we have some beautiful cedar fencing ideas which can be your inspiration to build one in your backyard.


Cedar Fencing Ideas


Gothic Fence with Pergola Gate

Cedar Fencing 1
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credit: Tara Drew

This decorative fence looks so adorable. The classic gothic fence style is enhanced with the pergola-like gate. It is a good idea for you who love old days design.


Random Cedar Boards Fence

Cedar Fencing 2
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credit: Glenoaks Bigsur

The cedar boards in random sizes are stacked together forming a beautiful formation. The fence looks very natural and provides good privacy for you.


Cedar Screen with Brick Base

Cedar Fencing 3
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credit: Crazy Art

The huge cedar wood panels are placed on the rustic brick base. This combination creates such a nice earthy style to enhance your outdoor space appearance. The design gives great security and privacy.


Horizontal Cedar Fence with Bushes

Cedar Fencing 4
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credit: Okibalun

This is one of the most popular cedar fence styles nowadays. The cedar boards in different sizes are placed horizontally, and bushes are placed under the fence. It looks so lovely and makes your backyard looks more inviting.


Modern Pergola with Boards Fence

Cedar Fencing 5
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credit: Rhine Blaze

Everyone will surely be amazed with this fence style. The fence design flows beautifully with modern pergola design. It looks sophisticated and natural at the same time.


Lattice Fence with Arched Top

Cedar Fencing 6
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credit: Better Home and Designs

If you want to install a fence in a natural style, this rustic lattice fence is a good idea. The arched top makes it look more lovely and the plantations enhance the fence’s beauty and privacy.


Modern Horizontal Wood Fence

Cedar Fencing 7
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credit: Chicagoize

This is a brilliant trick to turn a horizontal wood fence into more sophisticated style. The wood boards’ formation looks very attractive and distinctive.


Cedar Fence with Raised Bed

Cedar Fencing 8
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credit: Plant Care Today

With this style, you can get a backyard fence with raised beds at the same time. If you plant a huge plantation, it will create such a natural privacy which obviously looks perfect to enhance your backyard look.


Cedar and Metal Sheet Fence

Cedar Fencing 9
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credit: Flickr

If you are looking for a nice cedar fencing which can be included to your DIY project, this one is a good choice. The simple cedar fence is combined with the metal sheets to provide better privacy and security.


Louvred Cedar Fence

Cedar Fencing 10
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credit: Houzz

This lovely louvred privacy screen looks so unique and modern. It will beautify your backyard or deck, and quite easy to build.


Modern Woven Cedar Fence

Cedar Fencing 11
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credit: Landworks Studio

Woven fence always looks adorable to install in every backyard, and this one looks very attractive with its modern style. It truly adds much value to your outdoor space.


Private Cedar Fence with Lattice Top

Cedar Fencing 12
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credit: Memorable Decor

This is one of the most popular cedar fence styles. The tall private wood fence is beautified with the lattice top. It is always a good fence style option which provides excellent privacy and security.

Astonishing DIY Cedar Fence

Cedar Fencing 13
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credit: Imgur

There are so many ways to make simple horizontal wood fence looks more fascinating. This fence adapts the stripe style with some posts in different color inside the fence.  It looks gorgeous and can be done easily by yourself.

Wood with Vinyl Fence

Cedar Fencing 14
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credit: Illusions Vinyl Fence

This wood fence is combined with vinyl panels to provide great security and privacy for the homeowner. The design is so elegant, adding much value to your backyard.

Cedar and Stone Fence

Cedar Fencing 15
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credit: Arizona Designer Steel

Wood and stone are a perfect combination to create an outdoor space feature in natural style. This fence design uses some wood slats which are placed vertically with the rack of stones as the base and ‘fake’ posts. It looks very adorable and gives you much excellent privacy.

Choosing cedar fencing as your outdoor’s space add-ons. With various cedar fencing designs that you can choose, you have to be careful in picking the right one. The first considerations which should you think about are the purpose of the fencing which you really needs.

The reasons why people building a fence in their outdoor space is for security, privacy, or decoration. Once you know what is the actual benefit that you want tp get from the fence, it will determine what is the proper style and material that you really need. After that, you can consider the cost, installation, maintenance, and etc.

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