15 Most Adorable Concrete Fence Ideas for Your Backyard

Every homeowner must have been aware that a fence is an obligatory addition to the outdoor living space. Whether it is about the front yard or backyard, a fence is an icon of providing security, privacy, and beauty to your home. You just can’t leave an outdoor space on your property without a fence.

The first task when a homeowner is about to install or build a fence is choosing the right one.  This step can be a confusing thing for some homeowners. You have to choose the right material and design that can meet your requirements.

To choose the proper fence that you should choose, you have to ask yourself some questions which will determine what kind of fence that you really need. Below are some good thoughts that you can think about:

  • Purpose – Different material and design of a backyard’s fence offer different benefits. The three common purposes of building a fence are security, privacy, and decoration. By knowing what is your primary purpose, it will ensure what kind of fence you really need.
  • Cost – Obviously if you choose wrought iron fence it is much more expensive than choosing the vinyl fence. Your budget determines what fence materials and design that you can get.
  • Maintenance – If you don’t want to be bothered by tricky maintenance, don’t go with the wood fence. Concrete, vinyl, aluminum, and chain link are the fence material wich require easy care.

Concrete fencing is one of the most popular options chosen by homeowners. It offers great privacy, security, protection, and add so much value to your property. If you are asking what is the best fence material, concrete will be the first answer.

From the maintenance perspective, the concrete fence is durable which will stay in great condition for decades. You may just need to clean it with soap water once in a year and repaint it once in ten years or so. The concrete fence can always be mixed up with other materials to enhance its appearance.

So, if you are considering to choose concrete vinyl as your backyard’s addition, here we have some adorable concrete fence ideas that you can choose as your inspiration. Let’s take a look.


Concrete Fence Ideas


Solid Grey Wall

Concrete Fence
credit: The DIY Farmer

This concrete fence looks very modern and elegant. The design is very simple yet still gives an attractive touch to your backyard. It only uses concrete without any other materials.


Concrete Fence with Unique Pattern

Concrete Fence
credit: Lotta Living

It can be one of the gorgeous choices if you want to build a decorative concrete fence. The pattern looks attractive and will give a unique style to your backyard.


Simple Black Concrete Fence

Concrete Fence
credit: Bloglovin

The simple black decorative concrete fence wich is enhanced with some concrete blocks for plantation. It is a nice fence design to keep your backyard looks natural.


Concrete Fence with Arched Tops

Concrete Fence
credit: Fence Pictures

Another simple concrete fence with adorable decoration and arched tops. The design matches beautifully with the outdoor space’s surrounding and provides good privacy.


Concrete and Metal Fence

concrete fence 5
credit: Reno Guide

The combination of concrete or brick wall with the metal fence in horizontal patterns which looks really gorgeous. It is good for modern home design.


Wood and Concrete Fence

Concrete Fence
credit: Pin Insta Decor

Combining wood and concrete in a fence design is quite common, and this one is a great option. The result of combining wood slats and gray concrete blocks create an adorable fence style.


Concrete Wall with Brick Decor

Concrete Fence
credit: Casinha Danane

This is an elegant concrete fence design wall which provides excellent privacy and security. The brick decor enhances the look of the simple concrete wall beautifully.


 Shadowy Concrete Fence

Concrete Fence
credit: Draw Home

Enhancing the appearance of a concrete fence doesn’t actually need a huge effort. This one is a gray concrete wall with vertical wood slats on the top. The wall is beautified with spot lamps and green plants which make it very fascinating.


See-through Wood and Concrete Fence

Concrete Fence
credit: Shed Architecture and Design

If you prefer a fence which provides a clear view of your neighborhood surrounding, this one is a such a gorgeous idea. The concrete blocks are used as the base and the wood slats are placed in the position which gives you see-through visibility.


Wood and Concrete Side Fence

Concrete Fence
credit: Afasiaarq

Another brilliant way to combine wood and concrete for your backyard’s fence. The design looks so nice and absolutely matches with the backyard’s environment.


Concrete and Hedge Wall

Concrete Fence
credit: Listotic

This is a beautiful natural backyard fence which provides great privacy. The hedges extend the height of the concrete wall, makes it look more beautiful and so earthy.


Contemporary Stye Concrete Fence

Concrete Fence
credit: Modlar

The incredible concrete fence design which will give your backyard a futuristic style. The fence uses glass to separate each contemporary concrete panels. It will truly enhance your outdoor space value.


Concrete Fence with Decorative Wood Screen

Concrete Fence
credit: QAQ Decorative Screens

The common concrete fence is decorated with the decorative wood fence which makes it look way more beautiful. It creates the traditional and natural look, such a creative way to provide privacy to your backyard.


Concrete Wall with Metal Fence

Concrete Fence
credit: Urbnite

The incredible way to combine concrete and metal as your backyard fence. This fence design provides good visibility to the outside surrounding and obviously brings your outdoor space int a whole new style.


Elegant Simple Concrete Fence

Concrete Fence
credit: Greige Design

This simple fence style obviously provides great privacy and security to your backyard. The fence is painted in two elegant colors to match with the backyard style. The color combination really matches beautifully with the natural backyard’s environment.

Backyard fencing is not only about security and privacy, but it should also boost up the style of your property. The concrete fence is always a great choice which provides many benefits for you. Almost all the advantages of other fencing types can be done by the concrete fence.

Precast concrete is available as more practical option of concrete fencing. It is more practical to install, but you can’t rally require your desired design.

It is true concrete fencing could be an expensive choice, but it is quite reasonable to get an excellent protection for your backyard.

One thing you should consider when using a concrete is how you’re going to treat it. By using concrete sealer, you will protect it from any damage during the winter and if you’d like, you can change the appearance as well to a “wet” look. If you’re unsure of which one to buy, it’s a good idea to refer the best concrete sealer options for indoor and outdoor surfaces by Hack My Garage.

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