5 Considerations Between Choosing Cedar VS Redwood Fence

Wood becomes popular in providing the natural color for any kind of things. As well as for the fence material, the wood is really good for you who really love the naturalness of the wood. Selecting the woods type for a fence, it is a great option that you have to do. Talking about the words type, there are two popular materials that are commonly used for getting the adorable fence.

Yeah… Those are the cedar and redwood that is harvested from the cedar tree. Sometimes, people compare both of the wood materials that match for installing the fence. For answer the people embitterment, now, we are going to describe cedar vs redwood fence including the price, performance, durability and maintenance. Here we go!!!

Cedar VS Redwood Fence

5 Considerations Between Choosing Cedar VS Redwood Fence
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1. Color

Talking about color, of course, it is very important that explain about human visual characteristic. The color becomes an icon for describing something. As well as for wood that is well-known appearing the natural color. Although, all of the woods has the natural color but it shows the different natural color. For example the cedar and the redwood that appears the different color of the wood. For more detail about the difference, we share you about it below.


The western cedar has more natural color as a wood. It has a yellowish tone that shows very natural wood color. This wood is really good for you if you are planning on using the stain and paint for your fence or decks. The reason is because the cedar has a lighter natural color with low costs.


Coming with more reddish-brown shade, it is a reason why the wood is called as the redwood. If you are really like a wood color, maybe this can be your choice without painting and staining. The redwood is actually completed with the red color that you can take if you love it.


2. Price

This becomes the main consideration in choosing one thing that many people think. Price offered by a product is important for buyers. Generally, many people prefer the low cost without considering the product quality but for some, it is a main goal. Talking about the wood price between the cedar and redwood, it also influences the people in choosing the material for the fence. As we know, wood gives the natural color that absolutely appears when it is installed as the fence. So, how much does the wood cost for installing the fence? For answer the question, we have to know the type of wood as we explain below about the redwood vs cedar.


For the price of cedar, generally, it is cheaper than the redwood. But, the price is still relative to the wood price based on the sizes and the place. Meanwhile, for the white cedar, it is popular as the most expensive of 3 cedar varieties. For keeping the low budget, you can choose the cedar wood fence that’s not lost about the performance.


The redwood can be mentioned as more expensive wood than the cedar. It becomes expensive based on the relative scarcity of the redwood tree for certain place. But, if it is compared with the white cedar wood, the redwood is more affordable that you can take for the fence. Coming with red color, you do need to giving paint, it has shows the natural wood fence.


3. Maintenance

Doing the maintenance for the fence, it is very needed to get the fence still beautiful and attractive looks. How if the fence is made from wood? is the treatment still needed? Although, the wood fence shows the natural color, but there is some wood that must be giving the maintenance.


When you are installing the cedar fence, you require doing the high level of maintenance. It is caused by the silvery patina that can be broken over the time. Well, by staining and painting, you have really reduced the extra costs in maintaining the cedar fence.  But, if you really love another color except for natural wood, we suggest you choose this wood.


Completed with the higher natural oils, it makes the fence staying beautiful in natural color. These oils really function to protect the fence over the time without maintaining. It is really good for you who has a low budget.


4. Durability

When you choose the thing even for a home property, certainly, you will choose a property with long lasting performance, right? Likewise, for a wood fence, the each has different durability and performance. As we describe the durability between the cedar and redwood below.


As we describe the maintenance above, cedar must be painted or stained because the silvery patino will get broken. For that reason, cedar is not stronger than redwood.


The redwood has more durability that is stronger about 23% than the cedar wood. For installing the fence, the redwood can be reliable for getting the great performance.


5. Features

Equipped with same natural substance, it makes the cedar vs redwood fence staying in the wood long after the harvest time comes. The cedar and the redwood certainly conceive the same substances including the acids and the natural oils.


The natural oil in the cedar wood can make the wood soaking away the humidity and moisture. They are the cause of the attack from rotting, warping and twisting for over the time.


The acids substance in redwood can help the termites away and keep the bugs. Furthermore, the substance works for getting the long life of your fence. Although, the cedar vs redwood fence are durable and strong, but the redwood inclines more thick and solid.

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NOW!!! Your Considerations

It is time to get your consideration in deciding the wood material for your fence. As we describe cedar vs redwood fence above including each advantage and disadvantages, hopefully, we can give you a solution to determine your fence material. It purposes to give a suggestion for you to adjust your budget for installing the fence.

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