Childrens Bedroom Chandeliers Catalogue: 13+ Chic Chandelier For Girl Room

Childrens Bedroom Chandeliers

One thing that you can’t miss to include on your shopping list when you have a plan to add a glamorous touch to your girl’s bedroom is the chandelier. This luxury lighting feature will never go wrong to enhance the beauty of any rooms.

There are lots of attractive childrens bedroom chandeliers that you can find in the market. They are offered at various prices with, of course, admirable designs. You can always find the one that suits your taste.

Here, we have picked some catchiest chandelier for girl’s room that looks absolutely stunning. The price tag is not too expensive, but you will be surprised with their quality.

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Chic Chandelier For Girl Room

Caden 4-Light Crystal Chandelier by Viv + Rae

Viv + Rae is one of the trusted brands that is surely worth to choose when you are going to purchase some beautiful stuff for your girl’s bedroom decor. This chandelier is their mesmerizing product which is totally worth to buy.

childrens bedroom chandeliers 1-min

  • 1.9K

The Caden 4-light Crystal Chandelier looks so stunning with its bead details and scrolling arms in a pink finish. The design itself is inspired by the Candelabra style which will bring your girl’s bedroom decor to a whole new level.

This mini chandelier is made of wrought iron construction with the faux-glass accent. The size is so perfect to place in your growing girl or a nursery.

You will not be disappointed to choose thisA�childrens bedroom chandeliers since it truly gives enough bright light. Its dim mode is just great, lighten up the room calmingly.

Available at Wayfair, you can purchase theA�Caden 4-light Crystal Chandelier by Viv + Rae by spending $59.99 (on sale).

Product Detail

Dimension17″ H x 14″ W x 14″ D
Hanging Height78″
Weight4 pounds
ColorA�Pink, White, black
ManufacturerViv + Rae
Customer Reviews4.6 out of 1041 reviews

Hanging Light Fashion Pink by Bing Chandelier

If you want a more festive and cuter chandelier to install in your girl’s bedroom, this Bling Chandelier is totally a recommended one. The price is so cheap yet the design is quite adorable.

childrens bedroom chandeliers 2-min

  • 1.9K

Come with dozens of small heart-shaped plastics with the cascading beads in pink, this product is enough to add a new feminine style to your kid’s bedroom. The chain-styled topper and hanger match its overall look very well.

It only has 1 light which is more recommended to use in a smaller room. The size of the chandelier is also small enough, perfect for kid’s bedroom.

You can find this productA�on eBay with $24 price tag which is superbly cheap for a modern childrens bedroom chandeliers.

Product Detail

Dimension20.75″ H x 10.25″ L
Hanging Height
ManufacturerBling Chandelier
Customer Reviews

Silver Aluminum Fairy Moon and Star Ceiling Lamp by Beisaqi

A unique and beautiful childrens bedroom chandeliers which your daughters will love a lot. It will gorgeously lighten up her bedroom in the night and decorate the ceiling cutely all day.

childrens bedroom chandeliers 3-min

  • 1.9K

Its crescent and stars design will just give a wonderful fairy atmosphere to your girl’s bedroom. The polished brass finish of this product makes it look shiningly adorable and, of course, glamorous.

The chandelier is made of plastic with the aluminum hanger. The quality and durability are fairly satisfying, the light will surely look dazzling for years.

On Amazon, theA�Silver Aluminum Fairy Moon and Star Ceiling Lamp by Beisaqi is offered at $48.99. A good deal for a chich chandelier for girl room.

Product Detail

Dimension43″ H x 15″ L
Hanging Height
Weight3.9 pounds
ColorA�Polished Brass
Customer Reviews4 out of 1 review

Modern Art Deco Chandelier Pink Pendant by LighInTheBox

This pretty childrens bedroom chandeliers look so pretty to add another beauty to your girl’s room decor. Its lovable design fits perfectly for you who want to have a beautiful minimalist decor.

childrens bedroom chandeliers 4-min

  • 1.9K

There’s no hanging style here, but the chandelier is mounted to the ceiling. It has 3 heart-shaped shade with the lattice design in pink and grey. Each hart contains one light bowl, so you will have 3 lights to brighten up the room.

A mirror is attached to its aluminum plate which makes the look of the chandelier more dazzling. The size of the lamp is so appropriate to complete your daughter’s room decor.A�Its metal and plastic construction in chrome finish is durable enough to last for years.

The price tag for theA�Modern Art Deco Chandelier Pink Pendant by LighInTheBox is $56.99. A really cheap price for a fancy chandelier for girl’s bedroom.

Product Detail

Dimension7.8″ H x 16.5″ W x 20″ L
Hanging Height
Weight2.7 pounds
Customer Reviews4.5 out of 25 reviews

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Alisha 5-Light Crystal Chandelier

Another beautiful childrens bedroom chandeliers from Viv + Rae which totally worth to install in your daughter’s bedroom. This one has a more opulent design to give a superbly catchy look to her room.

childrens bedroom chandeliers 5-min

  • 1.9K

The transparent look with beads an teardrops accent of its design is definitely beautiful. The faux candles are designed in metallic look which gives another style to this chandelier.

The chandelier comes with 5 lights which are enough to brighten up a small to medium bedroom beautifully. It has a dimmable feature, so you can always adjust the brightness as you wish.

There are 4 color choices available which are green, hot pink, grape, and gold. The hot pink one is our most recommended option to install in your little girl’s bedroom since it looks vibrantly beautiful.

To bring this chandelier home, you have to spend $112.99 at Wayfair. The price is surely reasonable for a luxurious mini chandelier.

Product Detail

Dimension23″ H x 21.5″ W x 21.5″ D
Hanging Height143″
Weight8 pounds
ColorA�Hot Pink, Gold, Grape, Green
ManufacturerViv + Rae
Customer Reviews4.5 out of 179 reviews

Crystal Chandelier Girls Bedroom by Hile Lighting

A flush mount lamp is always a much simpler option if you think a hanging chandelier looks too much. This product with such design is very recommended for you to buy.

childrens bedroom chandeliers 6-min

  • 1.9K

It comes with the full-crystal design which will sparkle the whole room gorgeously. Once you mount it in your girl’s bedroom, you will have a superb luxurious touch in no time.

This flush mount only has 1 light which is attached to its center. As you may have known, it creates a beautiful sparkling light that beautifies your daughter’s bedroom in the night.A�Fits for 5 to 8-meter square, you can easily install this light in no time.

TheA�Crystal Chandelier Girls Bedroom by Hile Lighting is sold at eBay with $37.95 price tag.

Product Detail

Dimension10.43″ H x 8.66″ D
Hanging Height
Weight2.2 pounds
ManufacturerHile Lighting
Customer Reviews

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3-Light Mini Plug-inA�Crystal Chandelier by Gypsy Color

The adorable mini chandelier in sparkling crystal design to dazzle the decor of your daughter’s bedroom. Its classic look will give a super stylish touch perfectly.

childrens bedroom chandeliers 7-min

  • 1.9K

The chandelier comes with 3 arms with the teardrops and beads accent. The design is inspired by the Barque style which obviously relates to glam and lux, things that your daughter will love.

As the name suggests, you can always use this chandelier anywhere by just plugging it into any standard wall outlet. Therefore, there is no need to deal with the ceiling junction.

The construction of this Gypsy Color’s mini chandelier is not disappointing. Made of the high-quality metal, glass, and acrylic crystal, you don’t have to worry about its durability.

TheA�3-Light Mini Plug-inA�Crystal Chandelier by Gypsy Color is available on Amazon with $69 price tag. A very great deal to bring superbly adorable and reliable childrens bedroom chandeliers.

Product Detail

Dimension16″ H x 13″ L
Hanging Height
Weight3.8 pounds
ColorA�Crystal White, Multicolor, Black, Pink, Crystal Black, Fuchsia
ManufacturerGypsy Color
Customer Reviews4.5 out of 825 reviews

Crystal Chandeliers Light by ZEEFO

The adorable contemporary childrens bedroom chandeliers with flush mount design. This is a beautiful light with the full crystal look that will just create a mesmerizing glam atmosphere in an instant.

childrens bedroom chandeliers 8-min

  • 1.9K

The string of beads in this chandelier design feels so plush when you touch it, and obviously sparkling. Its transparent Genuine K9 Crystal will never disappoint you to beautify your girl’s bedroom decor.

Its stainless steel construction in chrome finish enhances the look and the quality of this chandelier at the same time. Since it’s a mini flush mount chandelier with only 1 light, so you better install it in a small room.

This Amazon’s choice for ZEEFO Crystal Chandelier product is offered at $20.61, very reasonable for the high-quality mini crystal chandelier.

Product Detail

Dimension6.7″ H x 7.8″ W
Hanging Height78″
Weight3.2 pounds
Customer Reviews4.6 out of 167 reviews

Caden 3-Light Crystal Chandelier by Viv + Rae

Again, another Viv + Rae’s product from Caden collection which got great reviews from hundreds of hyperenthusiastic customers. This one comes with 3-light design and sill with its signature glamorous look.

childrens bedroom chandeliers 9-min

  • 1.9K

Its cascading bads accent with candelabra style are still there to make your daughter’s bedroom look and feel way more exhilarating. There are 4 color options available which are Black, Diamond, Lavender Topaz, and Pink Sapphire, and obviously, the pink one works best.

The crystal is made of acrylic which is hung on the wrought iron metal frame. The material quality of this chandelier is really great, offering you a peace of mind to use it for years.

The price of the Caden 3-Light Crystal Chandelier by Viv + Rae is $89.99, makes it so recommended to purchase.

Product Detail

Dimension13″ H x 9.75″ W x 7.5″ D
Hanging Height77″
Weight5 pounds
ColorA�Black, Diamond, Lavender Topaz, and Pink Sapphire
ManufacturerViv + Rae
Customer Reviews4.5 out of 930 reviews

Adelaide Crystal Chandelier by Warehouse of Tiffany

A very beautiful childrens bedroom chandelier in a quite distinctive style that your daughter will love. It’s manufactured by Warehouse of Tiffany which will never fail to beautify the decor f any rooms.

childrens bedroom chandeliers 10-min

  • 1.9K

Designed in apple-shaped look, this chandelier fits the cheerful spirit of your little girls which is presented in a more glamorous statement. Furthermore, the strand contains 6 pieces of faceted crystal which are hung from the lattice chrome accent.

The crystal will burst out the light from every angle, and make your daughter’s room look and feel so inviting. For sure, this chandelier will brighten up every corner of the room in a glam style.

You can bring theA�Adelaide Crystal Chandelier by Warehouse of Tiffany home by only spending $54 on eBay.

Product Detail

Dimension8″ H x 8″ W x 13″ L
Hanging Height78″
ColorA�Chrome, Transparent
ManufacturerWarehouse of Tiffany
Customer Reviews

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Barr Iron & Acrylic 3-Light Crystal Chandelier by Harriet Bee

By installing this childrens bedroom chandeliers in your daughter’s room, you will get a beautifully elegant decor. A lovely iron and crystal hanging light which is offered at a very affordable price.

childrens bedroom chandeliers 11-min

  • 1.9K

It’s designed in a traditional French style with the beautiful iron swirls and glass candle holder made of crystal in the floral shape. There are 4 glasses which can accommodate one thick candle for each.

The cream finish of this chandelier looks so mesmerizing, match well with the ample light that burst out from the candle. For sure, the design is so timeless, bringing any room into a whole new style.

Available at Wayfair, the price tag of the product is $39.99. A great price for an admirable and affordable classic chandelier.

Product Detail

Dimension24.75″ H x 9.25″ W x 9.25″ D
Hanging Height39.25″
Weight1.8 pounds
ManufacturerHarriet Bee
Customer Reviews4.1 out of 159 reviews

5-Light Crystal Mini Chandelier by JoJospring

If you are looking for a premium childrens bedroom chandeliers, this product is totally recommended to buy. Manufactured by JoJospring, its crystal style is surely mesmerizing to enjoy.

childrens bedroom chandeliers 12-min

  • 1.9K

The construction is made simply beautiful with the dazzling steel frame in chrome finish and obviously the string of crystals in the pyramid shape. It sparks the minimalist style while still offers you a superb glamorous touch.

The plus point is you can either install this chandelier in the hanging or flush mounted way. Therefore, it’s so versatile to place in any bedroom’s decorations.

With the 5 pieces of 60 W candelabra bulbs, this chandelier is so enough to brighten up small to medium bedroom beautifully. Moreover, whether you have a classic or modern bedroom style, it will fit just perfectly.

Get theA�5-Light Crystal Mini Chandelier by JoJospring at Wayfair by spending $224.99 (on sale)

Product Detail

Dimension17″ H x 16″ W x 16″ D
Hanging Height57″
Weight16 pounds
ColorA�Chrome, Transparent
ManufacturerJoJo Spring
Customer Reviews4.4 out of 11 reviews

Theresa Vintage Gold Crystal Chandelier by Amalfi Decor

As its name implies, this one is a vintage chandelier that will bring a shabby chic look to your daughter’s bedroom. Its complicated design is totally worth to be a part of your little queen’s private room decor.

childrens bedroom chandeliers 13-min

  • 1.9K

You will surely fall in love with the combination of gold and crystal of this chandelier. It mesmerizingly sparks out the luxurious nuance to any room’s decor.

Then, the floral accent of its crystal just makes the overall look of this hanging light way more admirable. The cream bulb bases match well with the golden finish of its beautifully swirling arms too.

The product is available at Amazon with $114.98, a quite reasonable price to bring a vintage golden chandelier home.

Product Detail

Dimension19″ H x 15.5″ W
Hanging Height
Weight11 pounds
ManufacturerAmalfi Decor
Customer Reviews4.5 out of 39 reviews

Modern Chandelier Crystal Lighting pendant by Liveditor Lighting

The last one is a gorgeous chandelier for girls room which looks more colorful with the combination of blue andA�transparent crystal. Its frame is designed in a fountain style which makes it look absolutely catchy.

childrens bedroom chandeliers 14-min
  • 1.9K

image source

The color of the crystal is combined with the shiny chrome finish of the frame, creating a nice luxurious look. As you can see, the bulb is placed in the center of the chandelier and will spark out the room through the crystal beautifully.

The price to bring this fashionable chandelier is so surprising, you just need to spend $39.99!

Product Detail

Dimension7.8″ H x 7″ W x 14″
Hanging Height57″
Weight2.2 pounds
ColorA�Blue, Transparent
ManufacturerLiveditor Lighting
Customer Reviews4.8 out of 7 reviews

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  • 1.9K

Finally, those are some worth-to-buy childrens bedroom chandeliers that you can add to your wishlist next time you have a plan to enhance the beauty of your girl’s bedroom. They are made in various styles, and you have to choose the one that suits the overall decor of the room to get the catchy look.

Moreover, keep in mind to find out about the durability and reliability of the product so it can stay lastly.


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