Futuristic and Luxurious Silver Gold Bedroom Ideas

When the silver and gold are combined, the overall look will just become shiny and fancy! The blend of “warmness of gold” and “cool shine of silver” creates a transition between classical and fresh modern look in your bedroom. Sometimes you can mix it with feminine touch by adding soft pink into your bedroom. Lift up your bedroom onto this luxurious and modern look of the silver gold bedroom. Here, you will find ideas that can inspire you to enhance your bedroom become fancier and more luxurious than ever. Enjoy!

Silver Gold Bedroom Ideas

Silver Leaf Shine in The Ceiling

Silver Gold Bedroom

Credit: Houzz

A silver leaf shine on your ceiling can be a smart option to raise the lux factor. Add a little glam to your master bedroom with a shiny gold chandelier. A golden classic flower-ornamented carpet on the floor becomes a steadfast combination to give such a classical touch in this bedroom. The golden flower ornament bedding of this set softens the overall look of the bedroom. Designed by The Interior Edge, this Manhattan master bedroom is the insignia of elegance.

The Shiny Golden Ceiling

Silver Gold Bedroom 1

Credit: Houzz

On the reverse, when you like to add more gold, you can paint the ceiling with gold instead of silver. The golden light which comes from the reflection of the golden ceiling generates a glorious and luxurious atmosphere in the bedroom. Who couldn’t resist feeling glamorous underneath this dramatic ceiling? But still, the overall look is not overwhelming, because of the silver bed frame with light gray bedding is chosen to complement the look of this set. It is such an elegant idea of silver and gold combination to apply in the master bedroom.

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Gold and Silver Shades and Texture

Silver Gold Bedroom 2

Credit: Houzz

Do you like the accent of your silver gold bedroom not to be too shiny? You can take an inspiration from this layered shades bedroom. Working with the subtle shades and textures, then giving some layer to different shades of gold in a variety of different textures, you can apply a warmer tone of gold in your bedroom. Then, you can tame the shine of silver with the light gray curtain and pair of silver desk lamp flanking the bed. Unique twin brass mirror is a smart option to enhance the elegance atmosphere of the room. A good example for a silver gold bedroom concept in a warmer tone.

White Azure Wall to Bind a Heavenly Silver Gold Bedroom

Silver Gold Bedroom 3

Credit: Designingidea

When you took the first glance to this bedroom, you must just fall in love immediately. The combination of silver and gold works perfectly here. Golden bed frame and furniture match perfectly with the silver curtain and bedding set. This heavenly combination does match well with the white azure wall that perfectly binds them. What a luxurious and heavenly silver gold bedroom.

Feminine Touch for Silver Gold Bedroom

The feminine grace on this bedroom is exuded with its choice of materials and colors. The silver linings are not too dominant, but you can still found it in the curtain and the nightstand. The nuance of pinks is quite dominant here, but still, it fits well with the warmness of gold and the shine of silver due to the use of the softer tone of pink as the accent. An off-white shade with golden carvings furniture pieces and while the upper half of the walls uses silver & white wallpaper. This is an exemplary concept you can consider for a feminine approach in this silver gold bedroom.

Silver Lining and Gold Accent for Transitional Bedroom

silver good bedroom 5

Credit: Designingidea

This is an interesting concept of a transitional bedroom with its well-mixture of furniture pieces and finishes. The walls and floors look quite simple with its monochromic style. The bed is chosen to be the highlight of the room with its the eye-catchy faux animal bed cover and flows beautifully with the simple walls and floors.

Silver Gold Combination in a Large Bedroom

silver good bedroom 6

Credit: Houzz

This one is a good option for you who have a large bedroom with a wide sitting area. The theme of the room is the separation of black and gold in one space and another. The silver is used to beautify the sitting area, while gold is mainly used in another space. The gray sofa becomes a nice focal point to emphasize the silver shade and golden bed creates a gorgeous contrast to distinct the nuance of the room.

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