9 Classic Design Kitchen Island Stools With Back Under $100

Nowadays, kitchen improvements appear to be in many styles with those adorable accessories. One of the important accessories for the room is the kitchen island stools. Choosing the stools which are matched with the kitchen style is a must, it will look more attractive.

Generally, the kitchen island stools with back are more comfortable than without back. Your family can have a nice conversation there and it will be your own comfort zone. The kids, elders, friends, and guests can be in comfort to stay around the room.

The comfortable one is the stool with back, it makes you feel cozy to sit on.

Kitchen Island Stools With Back 1
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One of most adored stool’s style is the classic one. It is always a great idea for you to make your kitchen looks classic, and so you have to choose the classic kitchen island stools too. The classic stools are so irresistible to enhance the look of the room, those can be compared to the moderns.

You will find dozens of interesting classic innovations for the kitchen island stools with backs. The classic stools material generally is wood, and this material has its own beautiful motive and its authentic color.

There are some classic designed kitchen island stools with backs with the attractive design for your beloved kitchen to be the perfect complement. Here we will offer you some kitchen island stools which are offered under 100$  for your reference. Happy shopping!

Classic Kitchen Island Stools with Backs under $100

Folio Topaz 30-in Bar Stool (Price: $99.95)

This is a simple classic wooden stool. It will be a perfect complement for any kitchen island decoration. It has 360° full-bearing swivels, and it also adjustable floor glidings around. (More complete about: Folio Topaz Bar Stool Review)

Kitchen Island Stools With Back 2
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Savana Cherry 29.5-in Bar Stool (Price: $99.32)

This stool is also a beautiful one to choose. The dark wooden color of this product is so attractive, it will complete your dark colored kitchen decor. It has 360° swivels with the gorgeous cherry finish. (More complete about: Savana Cherry Bar Stool Review)

Kitchen Island Stools With Back 3
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Augusta Black 29-in Bar Stool (Price: $98.81)

Another adorable black colored stool for your kitchen. It has a solid hardwood construction and steel ball bearing swivel, ensuring its durability. (More complete about: Augusta Black Bar Stool Review)

Kitchen Island Stools With Back 4
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Kyoto Cherry 29-in Bar Stool (Price: $96.72)

The dark wooden color of the Kyoto is so attractive, bringing such a mesmerizing Japanese touch to your kitchen. It is so durable and easy to maintain with its black PVC seat over high-density fire retardant foam. The stool has Flared legs and footrest for comfort and the construction is made of the solid hardwood.

Kitchen Island Stools With Back 5
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Sumatra Brush Oak 29-in Bar Stool (Price: $96.72)

The unique shape of it’s woven back made this Sumatra one so perfect to see. Its material is the solid hardwood. The black vinyl seat over the high-density foam cushion is so easy to clean. It is such a good option for you who have an Asian-themed kitchen.

Kitchen Island Stools With Back 6
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Cathedral Cherry 29-in Bar Stool (Price: $96.72)

This Cathedral stool looks gorgeous to match any kitchen style. For its strength, it uses full ring footrest and tapered bottom with French legs.  It is so comfortable with the steel ball bearing swivel. The seat with faux nail head trim adds more beauty and comfort.

Kitchen Island Stools With Back 7
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Natural 30-in Bar Stool (Price: $94.90)

This one looks very classic and natural. The slat back of the stool is made of solid parawood construction. It has box seat construction features without any cushioned seat.

Kitchen Island Stools With Back 8
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 4D Concepts Deluxe Brown Bar Stool (Price: $86.59)

The design of this one is very adorable. It is so attractive to be a perfect complement for any rooms. Though it is a classic one, it has a rich finishing added to the style. It has 4 stained legs which are connected at the base of the stool feature.

Kitchen Island Stools With Backs 9
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Cosmo Espresso 30-in Bar Stool (Price: $73.96)

The antique designed stool with natural color and classic style is so affordable. It has an antique steel frame and wood accents with round footrest and also the flared legs. This one is very recommended for residential use.

Kitchen Island Stools With Backs 10
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Those are some classically designed kitchen island stools with backs, keep in mind to choose wisely for your beloved kitchen. It’s not just about the looks it also about the comfort. So choose the one which can make you feel cozy and of ours suits with your budgets.

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