Ultimate Child’s Bedroom Set Catalogue: Minnie Mouse Set Full Size

Child’s Bedroom Set Catalogue

Finding the bedroom set for your kids can be so tricky sometimes. Your choice and theirs are sometimes not the same. They may only think about the look, but for the parents, there are still lots to consider.

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Price, durability, comfortability, and safety are some things that should be considered when you are about to purchase a bedroom set for your kids. You can’t just buy one stuff without checking its quality.

Here, we have some reliable, and of course, reliable bedroom set for your daughters. They are not only offered with the catchy look but also guaranteed quality.

Comes with the design which is inspired by the everlasting legendary cartoon character Minnie Mouse, these products are totally worth-to-buy. They have been proven by hundreds of customers to have excellent quality inside and outside.

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Well, let’s just keep scrolling to check the recommended child’s bedroom set products that we have summarized just for you!

Minnie Mouse Set Full Size

Disney Minne Classic Hearts and Dots Comforter

The sweet child’s bedroom set with the simple design yet will add the adorable pretty look to your daughter’s bedroom. It comes with the combination of white, black, and shade of pinks.

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The reversible comforter comes with the stripes of pink and white with a picture of Minnes and a big pink heart, and on the other side, you will find some cute Minnie’s heads with the solid black background.

The set includes 1 comforter and two standard pillow shams. You can use the set for a twin bed nicely. The comforter is not really thick, that’s what makes it so warm in the cold days and comforting in the normal temperature.

Moreover, the set feels so soft that will provide great comfort for your daughters to enjoy. The set is made of microfiber fabric which is so easy to care.

Minnie Mouse Bedding Set Full Polka Red

Comes with the vibrant bold look, this child’s bedroom set will enhance the look of your daughter’s bedroom gorgeously. The huge Minnie Mouse picture is printed on the one side of the comforter which makes it so catchy.

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Inspired by Minnie’s iconic dress, the comforter also has the polka dot accent in a vivid red. To calm the look, sweet pink is chosen for the rest of the background’s color.

By spending $224.95 you can get this recommended child’s bedroom set which includes 1 reversible comforter, 2 cushions and pillowcases, 1 flat sheet, and 1 fitted sheet.

TheA�Minnie Mouse Bedding Set Full Polka Red is available at Sears which is a limited edition product that you can’t miss to complete your beloved daughter’s bedroom.

Disney Minne Mouse Bowtique Faux Fun

Manufactured by Jay Franco and Sons, Inc., this one is a great choice for you who love Minnie Mouse Set Full Size in a much calmer look. With the combination of deep pink, white, and pastel purple, your daughter will love this set so much.

child's bedroom set 3-min

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On one side of the comforter, Minnie Mouse picture is printed wearing her pink dress wich adorably matches its background. Then when you reverse it, the chic iconic Minnie’s bows on the bright white background is so lovely to make the set lovable.

Its softness is so irresistible, comforting your daughters perfectly. The sheet fits nicely for a twin bed and you will be surprised by the quality.

The color of this adorable child’s bedroom is so vibrant and lats for years though it has washed for a thousand times. Its polyester material will not disappoint you at all.

Minnie Mouse Bedding Set Full Pink

The creamy look of this child’s bedroom set is so irresistible. You can see the color combination of blue, purple, and pink of the comforter which is very admirable.

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Then, huge full-body Minnie Mouse picture is printed from the top to the bottom of the comforter. It will totally tell how your daughter loves Minnie Mouse so much.

Not only its super adorable look that makes the product worth-to-buy, but the microfiber fabric of this set is also satisfying. It’s totally soft and warm, comforting your daughter after her tiring day.

The 9-Piece child’s bedroom set includes 1 reversible comforter, 2 cushions and 2 pillowcases, 2 decorative pillowcases, 1 flat sheet, and 1 fitted sheet. You can purchase all of them by spending $228.95.

Minnie Loves Mickey Mouse Perfect Heart Bedding Set

This one is manufactured by Paris Home which comes with a catchy white look. Iy’s actually a great choice for a couple due to its lovely prints and full-size dimension.

child's bedroom set 5-min

  • 7.7K

You can find the picture of Minne and Mickey Mouse in the chalky style which is so adorable. The black and red colors of the prints match so well with the white background.

The sheet and another side of the comforter are full printed with heart symbols. Its pillowcases are also quite unique with a half heart motif on each cover. Therefore, this child’s bedroom set is also a nice gift for a newlywed.

The sheets are all made of 100% cotton, you don’t have to guess how comfortable the set is. Also, the comforter is very easy to set up and wash, without annoyingly overload your machine.

This product is offered on Amazon with $64 price tag which is surely a reasonable cost to bring a good quality child’s bed set home. The set includes 1 insert comforter, 1 comforter cover, 1 fitted sheet and 2 pillowcases.

Mickey & Minnie in Love (Queen Size)

Another recommended child’s bedroom set with Mickey and Minne theme and this one is manufactured by TAC. Still comes with a bright white look, the product will bring your bedroom into a whole new style.

child's bedroom set 6-min

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You will surely fall in love with the print of this bedroom set. The duvet cover is accented with the Mickey and Minnie’s hands holding each other while the pillow has the print of their heads.

The sheet and pillowcases are made of high-quality cotton which is so enjoyable and easy to take care of. Its duvet cover is also very reliable to protect your comforter.

Get this child’s bedroom set which includes 1 duvet cover, 1 flat sheet, and 2 pillowcases by spending $67.50 on Amazon.

Disney Minnie Mouse Girls Twin Comforter

An adorable child’s bedroom set in classic style with black and white as its main look on each side of the comforter. It makes the set look beautifully elegant to decorate your daughter’s lovely bedroom.

child's bedroom set 7-min

  • 7.7K

In one side of the comforter, you will find the dancing Minnies are printed while wearing her orange polka-dot dress. When you reverse it, Minnie’s head in silhouette style with her orange bow if fully printed on a black background. Then, the pillowcases are also simply adorable with huge Minnie Mouse words written on it.

The design of this twin child’s bedroom set is totally lovable and will brighten up the overall look of your bedroom. You can also get a free tote bag for a similar look.

The price tag of this child’s bedroom set is $69.99 which includes 1 twin size comforter, 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, 1 pillowcase, and 1 tote bag.

Disney Minnie Mouse ‘Dots are the New Black’ Twin Bed

Another recommended product for you who love to add something polka-dot to your daughter’s bedroom decor. Here, The combination of white, black, and pink is used that makes the set look so adorable.

child's bedroom set 8-min

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The bold pink background with the black and white bow is fully printed on one side of the comforter. Then, the picture of Minnie wearing her polka-dot dress on a polka-dot background. You can also get two pillows in a different style, one in a full polka-dot style and a white pillow with the picture of Minnie posing cutely.

You will love this child’s bedroom set in an instant with its pretty yet vibrant look. The polyfill of the pillow is so cozy to use too.

child's bedroom set 8b-min

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The sheet is made of microfiber fiber is very soft to enjoy and also machine washable. The price of this child’s bedroom set is $69.90 which includes 1 comforter with polyfill, 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, 1 pillowcase, and 1 sham.

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Minni Mouse Bedding Set Twin Size

This one is manufactured by the Kiddie Bedding with a good quality that will not disappoint you. The design will fit your minimalist taste perfectly with its calming look.

child's bedroom set 10-min

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Actually, the comforter works both for your simple and festive style bedroom. The stripe of gray and white with the picture of full-body Minni Mouse is gorgeously printed on one side of the comforter. Once you reverse it, the small white Minnie heads in a vibrant pink will cheerfully surprise you.

The construction is made of 1005 polyester which is fairly comfortable for your daughters to enjoy. It’s machine washable which will not trick you to care for.

With only $129.99 price tag, you can bring this beautiful child’s bedroom set home. The set includes 1 comforter, 2 twin bedsheet, and 1 pillowcase.

Disney Minnie Mouse Twin 4 Piece Bedding Set

The 4 piece child’s bedroom set in bright pink and white color which will cheer up your daughter’s bedroom perfectly. It comes with the lovely print of Minnie Mouse and flowers.

child's bedroom set 11-min

  • 7.7K


One side of the comforter is still printed with the polka-dot look which is indeed the signature look of the Minne Mouse bedroom set. The flowers are printed in purple, white and red beautifully accompany the picture of Minnie Mouse in various poses.

In another side, the bright white background with the Minnie heads and small dots of pink are fully printed. It matches with the look of the pillowcase gorgeously.

The comforter is so cozy which is made of the high-quality polyester. It feels soft, lightweight, and warm at the same time.

Spend $105 to get this child’s bedroom set which includes 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, 1 reversible comforter, and 1 pillowcase. The set is packed inside a reusable zippered travel bag.

Disney Minne Dreaming in Dots Full Comforter Set

Yeap, there is no doubt that when you are choosing Minnie Mouse as your favorite character to decorate your bedroom, you will get lots of dots. Just like this one, comes with a full-dot look which is so adorable.

child's bedroom set 12-min

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The light pink sheet with white small white dots and Minnie’s heads with round blue background is so beautiful. It matches the deep pink color of the comforter very well.

Then, the huge Minnie’s picture is printed on one side of the comforter with a ballon which says ‘DOTS’. It looks so lovable for your pretty daughters.

The catchy pillows have different pictures on each side which is designed to match both the sheet and the comforter look. One side has a nice saying ‘All About the Dots’ which is so catchy.

This vibrant child’s bedroom set is made of 100% polyester which will make your daughters totally happy to sleep on. It’s also machine washable and the color can last for years even after lots of washing.

The price that you have to pay to purchase this product is $54.99. It’s very affordable price for an adorable and reliable Minnie Mouse Set Full Size.

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5 Piece Disney Minnie Mouse Garden Party Themed Set Full Size

This worth-to-buy child’s bedroom set is manufactured by S & E which obviously offers you a great quality product. As the name implies, this bedroom set is designed with the beautiful garden look.

child's bedroom set 13-min

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The garden here is printed on the main side of the comforter with Minne, birds, and butterflies look like enjoying the green garden with the sweet purple background.

Then the colorful flowers are simply printed on the white background in another side of the comforter. It matches perfectly with the look of the sheet.

There 2 pillowcases with big Minnie’s heads printed on a light and dark pink. They create a harmonious look which will enhance the prettiness of your daughter’s bedroom decor.

This 5 Piece Disney Minnie Mouse Garden Party Themed Set Full Size includes 1 reversible comforter, 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, and 2 shams which are all machine washable. It’s offered on Amazon with $126.38 price tag.

Disney Minnie Mouse Full Size Bedding Set In Gold Polka Dot

Not like the common Minnie Mouse Bedroom Set, this product comes in a neutral color. The combination of white, gray, and gold look so gorgeous which will suit your minimalist bedroom decor.

child's bedroom set 14-min

  • 7.7K

The white comforter is fully printed with golden small Minni’s heads and dots which looks simply wonderful. On the other side, the comforter is printed with quotes in various fonts and random colors, similar to the look of the sheet.

Then, the pillows are designed so simple yet so stylish with the golden writings which say, ‘I will be your Minnie’ and ‘I will be your Mickey’ on a plain white background.

You have to spend $139.99 to get this child’s bedroom set which includes 1 comforter, 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases. This set is not only perfect for a little girl’s bedroom, but for teens or even couples too.

Disney Minnie Mouse “Gold Dots” Full Comforter and Sham Set

Another great choice for you who love something elegant for your Minni Mouse set full size. Available at Toys R Us, this product is manufactured by Jat Franco & Sons Inc.

child's bedroom set 15-min
  • 7.7K

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The comforter comes in a bold black color with huge white dots and bows which look so elegant. On the other side, you can find the small golden dots and Minnie’s heads on the white background. Such a lovely comforter in gorgeous minimalist style.

Then, the pillows are made in the simple look with the picture of Minnie posing inside a black frame with white background. For sure, this product is worth to include to your shopping list when you have a plan to create a black and gold bedroom for your daughter.

The supersoft polyester material of this product is very comforting to enjoy all night long. You will be so surprised by the quality of this child’s bedroom set material.

The price that you should pay for this recommended Minnie Mouse bedroom set full size is $32. You will get 1 reversible comforter and 2 hams in the package.

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Choose one!

So those are some recommended child bedroom sets with Minnie Mouse theme that you have to buy when you have a plan to remodel your daughter’s bedroom. Choose the one that suits the overall look of your bedroom decor to get a stylish catchy nuance.

Keep in mind to choose a bedroom set that doesn’t only look attractive, but also reliable to use. It has to be comfortable and easy to take care.

Check whether the color and construction of the sheet can last for years after lots of washes or not. It’s very important to find so you won’t be disappointed by the quality of the product and can safely use them for a long time.

Choosing Minnie Mouse to decorate your bedroom is always a great idea since she is one of the perfect cartoon’s characters that always represents stylishness.

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