15+ Gorgeous Colored Bathroom Vanity Ideas That Perfect for Your Bathroom

Talking about vanity, it is a beautiful bathroom feature that every woman loves. Vanity exactly gives something exhilarating to enhance your bathroom look inviting. Therefore, vanity is one of useful bathroom stuff that must exist in your bathroom.

As you know, vanity functions as a storage to keep you toiletries or other tools as you will need. Bathroom vanity with mirror completely allows an easy way for you to dress up after bathing. Well, you would not be difficult to get your makeup while looking at the mirror.

Completing your bathroom with fantastic colored bathroom vanity is a must. By having it, you will feel confident when you are inviting your family and friend to come into your house. The color appeared on the colored vanity totally adds more beautiful touch to your bathroom.

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Of course, you have to find a matching one that suits your bathroom interior. The right color selection becomes the most important thing for you. Don’t ever choose a wrong color that is unfitting with your bathroom color.

If you are interested to have the colored bathroom vanity too, it is your time to look for the gorgeous one. There are some enormous design that probably appropriate to join in your bathroom. Here, you can find one from our list.

Colored Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Sweet Peach Bathroom Vanity

colored bathroom vanity

Credit: HGTV

The first vanity of our list, it comes with sweet peach that represents your inner femininity. With the cute dimension, it certainly fits for small bathroom size. Although it looks small, it is equipped with two drawers that enable you to put your needs inside.

Bright Yellow Bathroom Vanity

colored bathroom vanity

Credit: Domaine Home

The second one comes in bright yellow which delivers a bright atmosphere to your bathroom. By choosing this color, it certainly enhances your bathroom look become more shining and luminous. With the spacious storage, this yellow vanity is very suitable for a big family to put the tools massively.

Graceful Navy Bathroom Vanity

Set this navy vanity to make your bathroom look fascinating. The Navy vanity is completely wonderful to match with white bathroom interior.

Sleek Gray Vanity

colored bathroom vanity

Credit: Home Decorators

If you love the soft and sleek color, this gray bathroom vanity must stand in your bathroom. The gray in one set including vanity, cabinet, mirror, and mat actually gives your bathroom look gorgeous.

Beige Bathroom Vanity

Make your bathroom look more enticing with this calming color choice. Coming in beige, it creates a relaxing atmosphere around. Mirror with light, totally, gives brighter view while you are putting on your make up.

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Light Blue Bathroom Vanity

colored bathroom vanity

Credit: House of Turquoise

When this calming color exists in your bathroom, it makes the homeowner feels so comfortable to stay longer in the room. The vanity looks much nicer with the ceramic vanity topper style. The spacious drawers enable you to put the toiletries and the equipment a lot inside.

Elegant White Bathroom Vanity

colored bathroom vanity

Credit: DecorPad

This elegant white and beige bathroom vanity is absolutely beautiful. This luxurious vanity color and design look so adorable to put in your bathroom. Equipped with several drawers, you can properly separate the tools in different storages.

Charming Red Bathroom Vanity

colored bathroom vanity

Credit: Dwell

Do you love a strong color? If yes, this red vanity can be your option to join your bathroom. As you can see from the picture, the red vanity matches precisely with the gray ceramic tile color in the shower room.

Dark Black Bathroom Vanity

colored bathroom vanity

Credit: Zillow

Coming with black, it does not close the possibility to bring the matching color. Black and white is totally the best combination of color that delivers anything look elegant. With a large mirror with light, you can look at the mirror clearly.

Vivid Blue Bathroom Vanity

Make your bathroom to look charming with this vivid blue vanity. With round handle, it allows you to slide the drawers easily. The rectangular shape actually matches to a large bathroom size.

Rustic Wooden Bathroom Vanity

colored bathroom vanity

Credit: Rstyle.me

For you who really love the stuff with a natural color, this weathered wood vanity is a great choice for you. It will totally create your bathroom appear as natural as possible. The color actually serves a peaceful atmosphere to your bathroom.

Black Wooden Vanity

The black wooden vanity joins in giving a fantastic bathroom interior. Equipped with double white sink put on the gray floor, it is extremely an excellent placement. Just build a spacious room that fit the vanity, it will not take the bathroom space a lot.

Matte Beige Bathroom Vanity

This is total as our favorite bathroom vanity in which it provides spacious storage to put many tools inside. With the matte beige finish, this vanity makes your bathroom look more inviting. This bathroom vanity is really suitable for you who are in the big family.

Pretty Pink Bathroom Vanity

colored bathroom vanity

Credit: BHG

The charming pink vanity is exactly good for feisty and fun mood. It completes with bright colored paint that produces a clean and sleek surface texture. With modern towel bar on the side, it can ease you getting a towel before bathing. This prefab bathroom vanity will amaze anyone for this kind of pretty pink appearance.

Purplish Pink Bathroom Vanity

colored bathroom vanity

Credit: Lushome

Add a brighter appearance to your bathroom with this purple wall-mount vanity. The bright one brings a powerful energy to your bathroom that reflects your spirit. With this stylish bathroom vanity, it absolutely creates fresher and modern atmosphere to your bathroom. The hanging features do not spend the space a lot.

Classic White Vanity

colored bathroom vanity

Credit: BHG

If you’re trying to get a clean and classic appearance to your bathroom, start to place this vanity in your bathroom. With white paint finish, it absolutely delivers a timeless quality which looks so beautiful.

Fresh Orange Bathroom Vanity

colored bathroom vanity

Credit: Lushome

Invest a fresh and bright vanity into your bathroom to get an exhilarating atmosphere. With wall mirror frames, this vanity looks so sophisticated. Bright color vanity automatically enhances a charming appearance to your bathroom.

As a result, colored bathroom vanity hold an essential role to make your bathroom look attractive and inviting. Furthermore, the vanity will beautify your bathroom design as gorgeous as possible. It is your time to get a great one. Good Luck!!!

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