Country Estate Fence Review That May Be Your Consideration

Known as the great company that produces a variety of the excellent products makes Country Estate famous in fence trading. The company has established in 1991 named as Country Estate of South, Inc. They began the existence in selling Country Estate Vinyl Fence Products located in Baton Rongue area. After a few years, the company managed to be distribution fence center, industrial fabric, and had a regional official office. In the course of the business, they get in collaboration with Nebraska Plastic Inc. to serve the customers products supplier and retail in South Louisiana and Mississippi. For satisfy the customers, they have confidence in giving the high quality products for their customers. The main goal of this company is getting the customers’ trust.

Furthermore, the company specializes in offering the premium vinyl and aluminum fence products. For constructing their fence, they select the premium materials that can be the type of fence desired by the customers. Especially for aluminum fence products, it is completed by powder coated during 20 years manufacturer.

 Country Estate Fence Review

Products Offered

The company offers the products for any kind of fences with different materials including aluminum and vinyl. The material is also provided for fence and gates with walk gates and double drive. For aluminum material, it is available in 18 styles and 6 colors that you can choose with arch style, rings and finials. Meanwhile for vinyl fence, it is provided in 4 colors with 50 designs.

1.Aluminum Fence

country estate fence
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The aluminum fence consists of several types of fence models with different colors, they are;

  1. Black aluminum estate gate with optional rings
  2. Black aluminum estate gate
  3. White aluminum estate gate
  4. Black aluminum with optional decorative rings
  5. Black aluminum
  6. Two tone Aluminum with optional decorative finials
  7. Bronze aluminum with optional decorative finials
  8. Black aluminum with optional decorative finials and rings

2. Vinyl Fence

country estate fence
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Vinyl fence comes with adorable and luxurious style that is well-known as originated manufacturer of Country Estate Fence. This fence is ideally good for you to be installed around your home from year to year. Why? Because the vinyl fence is featured as the durable with maintenance free. Well, you do not require in staining and maintaining the fence. Country Estate vinyl fence products are provided in some styles both of gates and fence.

  1. Vinyl Picket Fence with Optional Ball Caps
  2. Vinyl Fences and Gates
  3. Vinyl Fences and Gates with Optional Gothic Caps
  4. Custom Vinyl Fence in Two Styles and Colors
  5. White Vinyl Picket Fence with Optional Decorative caps
  6. White Vinyl Fence with Attractive Appearance
  7. White Vinyl Fence

3. Residential Fence

country estate fence
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As you know that residential fence is very widely used by people around the world, especially for property developers. Coming with many advantages, the Country Estate offers the largest of fence function and fence styles. You can also combine the styles that you love to enhance the beautiful and the great value for your home.  By installing the residential fence, you can get five factors that the fence offered, they are;


With the coming of the residential fence, automatically, the all traditional fence will be left behind than the modern fence. Besides the residential fence serve the unique and luxurious fence style, it also eliminate for maintaining the fence year after year.

2. Entertaining

Sometimes, you will get the outdoor party with entertaining inside. So, if your home is not installed the fence, certainly, your neighbor will look your activities. We think that it will be annoying for you while you are enjoying the party. Automatically, your fence will eliminate the neighbor sight from outside as your privacy factors.

3. Security

The residential fencing also offers the security concern where your fence functions to secure your home. With six-foot height, you can prevent the strangers to climb over the fence. It purposes to keep your home property out of the possibility that it will happen.

4. Privacy

Certainly, you do not only spend your time inside the house, perhaps, you are getting the family time in the backyard. To avoid your family activities from neighbor sight, it is recommended for you to install the fence around your home. Therefore, you can do the summer and barbecue party comfortably.

5. Safety

When you are building the fence, automatically, you consider that the fence can protect your children and your pets not to go outside from home. The residential fence is designed to keep homeowners to get difficulty in climbing overs.

6. Economy

The residential also offers the kind of fence with affordable price where many people can buy the fence. With lower cost, it enables people to consume the fences. Besides the lower cost offered, the company also uses the durable material so that the users do not need to do maintaining the fence or replacements costs.



Many customers have given positive review about the Country estate fence service. Generally, the customers feel satisfactions in getting their service, especially in installing the fence. They do the projects well that help the customers to get the best results. Their customers are very impressed with beautiful works and good performance.


Products Quality

As you know that Country Estate comes with the best quality fencing products with the selected materials have influenced the fencing trading for several decades. Many customers choose the fence because the models offered has good looking to join for your home property. The material is also well-known in durability and long lasting performance over the years. The PVC and 100% virgin polyvinyl becomes the main reason for the customers in choosing the Country Estate Fence.



Many customers are satisfied in getting the best products with premium material offered by the company. They take pride for using the fence products with the lower costs. The price for any kind of fence is classified as the affordable with free maintaining costs. The customers also get the lifetime warranty for fencing, so it will always look new and beautiful fence.

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