15 Most Creative Fencing Ideas That You Can Try Now

Enhancing your property’s value and style is a fun thing to do. Adding some fascinating add-ons around your house is a must, to make your house looks and feels more inviting. Besides that, the house’s add-ons provide certain benefits for the homeowners.

Woods, vinyl, iron, and aluminum are some popular materials which are used for fencing. Each of the material has its own pros and cons. Researching the fence material’s information is a good step to do before choosing the right one.

The fence is not only an obligatory home’s addition but also enhances the style and value of your house. It is an icon of a good home and a very beneficial investment of every property. You can’t be called a responsible homeowner when there is no a fence installed in your home. Below are some benefits that a fence can provide:

  • Security – Your children and pets will be kept safely within the boundary of the fence, and prevent the intruder from entering your outdoor space without any reasons.
  • Privacy – It is such an awkward moment when everyone can watch your family’s activity in your outdoor living space, certain fence design provide excellent privacy to create the boundary between neighbors.
  • Improving aesthetics – It is important to have a fence in attractive design because it will improve the property’s appeal overall.

Providing safety, creating privacy, and improving the aesthetics of a home is some fences specialty. There are no any house’s add-ons which can handle the fence’s jobs. That is why it is an obligatory stuff to install.

Having a distinctive, unique, and fascinating fence will truly amaze everyone, and you will feel exhilarating to spend some times in your outdoor space. Here, we have some creative fencing ideas which you can try to build in your house. Have fun!

Creative Fencing Ideas

Coloring Pencil Fence

The attractive privacy fence which adapts the look of the coloring pencils. It is such a creative way to make a wood fence becomes more eye-catchy. The colorful style of the fence will surely catch millions of attentions.

Decorative Chain Link

Many homeowners think that chain link fence is not really attractive, but this one is absolutely gorgeous. Improving the look of chain link fence with beautiful flower decoration made of wire is a very good idea. There is no one that would say this chain link fence looks boring.

Retro Shutters Fence

creative fencing 3

credit: Desai Rumah Unik

This one is a gorgeous fencing style for who you love the old day’s memory. It is made of shutters then decorated with some flower to make the look flows with the backyard’s surrounding.

Old Doors Backyard Fence

Some old doors are gathered together to create a unique privacy fence for your outdoor living space. You can buy some used doors and just turn it to a fence with some little touches.

Piano Wood Fence

If you have a traditional wood privacy fence, turn that now to this attractive design. Paint your entire wood fence white, and add some smaller black wood boards between the bigger ones. It is also such a piece of cake DIY fencing project.

Fascinating Mirror Fence

creative fencing 6

credit: DIY Fixated

This fence is absolutely stunning, the classic gothic fence style which is traditionally made of wood is touched with some brilliant innovation here. This mirror fence will surely make your outdoor space looks dazzling and breakthrough, it will camouflage with the backyard’s surroundings beautifully. But it needs a lot of maintenance too.

Surfboard Fence

You just need some wire and used surfboards to create this super creative fence. The fence will give such a tropical nuance to your backyard, and a good privacy too.

Racks of Stone Backyard Fence

creative fencing 8

credit: Karmatrendz

If the concrete wall with some stones inside sounds too boring, this racks of stone fence is surely incredible. there is no concrete mix needed, just stack the stones inside a wired construction, and you get a distinctive privacy wall. The fence looks innovative and natural at the same time.

Backyard Fence of Cards

For you who love to play this everlasting game, you can show your neighbours your skill by building this creative fence. The cards’ design makes the fence look unique, and you can make it from some huge wood boards.

Simple Colorful Wood Picket Fence

creative fencing 10

credit: Design Feria

This fence design perhaps the easiest and simplest one. The traditional wood picket fence is painted in several colors and match with the colors of plantations and flowers around. You can see how the fence style gorgeously matches with the backyard’s surroundings. It is a good idea to repaint your old wood fence.

Bottle Fence


credit: Lushome

Do you have some used bottles that you save in your basement? Take them now and make this creative backyard fence from those bottles! Everyone will surely be amazed by this creative idea.

Bycyle Fence

You may have seen some fence which uses some old bicycles, and this one is a good idea. The various bicycle’s parts are stacked together to create a unique decorative fence in the backyard.

Cordwood Fence

There is nothing compared to build a unique natural fence in your outdoor living space, and this cordwood fence with a huge wheel is truly a go. The fence looks classic and earthy to match with the backyard’s environment. It is truly a piece of art.

Freestanding Wood Boards

creative fencing 14

credit: Karmatrendz

Wood is adored by many homeowners as the materials for their fencing, and there are so many various wood fence designs  today. These free-standing wood boards are placed in a certain formation to create a creative and modern fence which still looks naturally beautiful.

Decorative Wood Picket Fence

creative fencing 15

credit: House Build

Another way to make a wood fence looks way more fascinating, this fence uses some wood pickets and their formation creates such a beautiful pattern. The fence looks very creative and classy.

Those incredibly creative fences are really worth to install in your property, but you have to consider about the fencing regulations in your area to know what is the proper fence design allowed. Keep in mind the foals of the fence that you want to get to pick the right fencing design which meets your requirements.

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