20+ Most Inspiring Dining Room Storage Ideas to Copy

Storage is definitely an essential part of every dining room. The room should have its own storage station which is enough to keep various kinds of dining items.

There are various types of dining room storage that may confuse you to pick the right one. For your reference, check out some dining room storage ideas that you may love.

Dining Room Storage Ideas

Elegant Industrial Shelf

Dining Room Storage 1
Source: thehappyhousie.com

The combination of the exposed metal frame and rustic wood trays of this dining room shelf creates an elegant industrial overall look. Each shelf is spacious enough to keep a lot of items that you can access conveniently. It’s also a floor-to-ceiling shelf which makes it fit for a centered storage station.

Gorgeous French Shelf

Dining Room Storage 2
Source: adventuresindecorating1.blogspot.com

An all-white bookshelf with glass trays becomes a beautiful storage station that works to display some beautiful kitchenware, baskets, and decor items. To add a more attractive touch, a French fabric in grey is added to the shelf. You can see that the shelf comes with built-in lights to become an additional lighting source.

Stylish Simple Shelf

Dining Room Storage 3
Source: saffronavenue.com

If you prefer to have a short storage station for your tiny dining room, this idea can be a good reference for you. An all-white open shelf is enough to keep some dining stuff neatly. The baskets are added to the shelves which don’t only neatly hide some stuff but also give a more decorative touch. The top of the shelf is also good to store some decor items conveniently.

Rustic Built-in Storage

Dining Room Storage 4
Source: lookslikewhite.com

Installing a built-in shelf is always a good idea, especially if you have a dining room with limited space. In this dining room storage idea, the shelf is built inside the wall with shuttered door. The design looks so beautiful with the combination of white and wood tones which fits well for you who love rustic or vintage decorating styles.

Sleek Rustic Shelf

Dining Room Storage 5
Source: rusticandwoven.com

A beautiful wood shelf with different tray sizes handles various types of kitchenware which are so inspiring to copy. Since the shelf comes with a sleek and open design, you have to make everything as neat as possible. The design also allows you to put the shelf in the corner of the room conveniently.

Farmhouse Corner Shelf

Dining Room Storage 6
Source: hymnsandverses.com

Farmhouse decorating style will never fail to beautify your dining room. Here, a corner shelf in farmhouse style decorates the room and keeps a lot of kitchen stuff without taking up a lot of space inside. The shelf comes in a white finish which matches the overall look of the room in a very gorgeous way.

Sleek All-White Shelf

Dining Room Storage 7
Source: amazon.com

This idea is a good inspiration for you who have a small dining room. A metal shelf with a sleek design is the main storage station of the room which is enough to keep some appliances. To enhance the beauty and comfort, some baskets complete the shelf.

Rustic Floating Shelves

Dining Room Storage 8
Source: @rbkhdavis232

If you have an empty space next to your cabinet, install some floating shelves just like this dining room storage idea shows. Instead of using rectangular trays, the shelf consists of square wood boards with black metal holders. The size of the shelves allows you to store a lot of items that you can grab quickly whenever you need to use some.

Sleek Striking Shelf

Dining Room Storage 9
Source: hucklegoose.com

If those dining room storage ideas with calm neutral colors don’t really suit your taste, then this one is a good inspiration for you. Here, a minimalist metal shelf in yellow looks really striking inside a dining room with the combination of white and wood as its main colors of the palette. The size of the shelf allows you to store various items conveniently.

Earthy White Shelf

Dining Room Storage 10
Source: @eurocasaeconstrucao

An all-white shelf becomes the main storage station in this dining room with an all-white nuance. The white and transparent kitchenware which are stored on the shelf also creates a harmonious overall look. To give a more decorative touch, various kinds of indoor plants decorate the top of the shelf beautifully.

Catchy Lighten Shelf

Dining Room Storage 11
Source: modabrangm.blogspot.com

In this dining room storage idea, a simple shelf that is made of a black metal frame and wood trays looks way more attractive with some string lights decorating it. This is surely an easy and cheap way to enhance the beauty of your dining room shelf that you can get done all by yourself. You can have a convenient storage station and additional lighting source at the same time.

Elegant Floating Shelves

Dining Room Storage 12
Source: @macoleman19

Twin metal shelves in black are hung on the white wall of this dining room. The sleek design of the shelves looks so elegant which adds a bold touch to the decor with an all-white overall look. Though the shelves are not really big, it’s enough to keep the items in various sizes in a very convenient way.

Transparent Vintage Cabinet

Dining Room Storage 13
Source: @andreaarrowsmith

Having a transparent cabinet allows you to see your items from distance. In this idea, the cabinet comes with glass on all sides which looks so stunning. With its fully transparent design, you have to make sure that you store the items neatly to create an appealing look.

Gorgeous Rustic Cabinet

Dining Room Storage 14
Source: heatherbullard.com

This floor-to-ceiling cabinet is made of wood in a natural bright finish which is great for you who love rustic decorating style. The door of the cabinet comes with clear glass doors so you can display your beautiful kitchenware. On top of the cabinet, some indoor plants complete the decor.

Striking Floating Shelves

Dining Room Storage 14
Source: @melekkoch

Instead of installing one or two small floating shelves, this idea shows a more distinctive inspiration to try. Some thick long wood planks are installed on the wall of this dining room which becomes a convenient storage station. You can store tons of items with a floating shelf this size.

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Slim Wood Shelf

Dining Room Storage 15
Source: @michelephelps

This wood shelf is designed in a slim shape which allows you to install it in a tiny space. Though the design is thin, it’s still able to keep some plates, mugs, vases, and candle holders in various sizes. The plates are placed in a vertical position to suit the design of the shelf itself. It’s a nice inspiration to improve storage in a small dining room.

Rustic Counter-to-Ceiling Cabinet

Dining Room Storage 16
Source: blogg.loppi.se

Instead of placing some items on your countertop directly, you can consider adding a shelf just like this idea shows. The size of the shelf fits really well from the countertop to the ceiling while the back of it uses the backsplash directly. The door of the shelf is fully transparent so you can see the kitchenware from apart. If you are handy enough, you can create this kind of shelf all by yourself.

Floating Victorian Cabinet

Dining Room Storage 17
Source: hausmatter.com

You may often see sleek minimalist cabinets floating in a lot of dining rooms, but here, the one in Victorian design is chosen. The cabinet comes with gorgeous classic doors and an ornamental top. The size of the cabinet is enough to neatly keep some plates, bowls, cups, and glasses. Of course, with such a beautiful design, the cabinet also gives a stunning statement to the decor of the room.

Spacious Minimalist Cabinets

Dining Room Storage 18
Source: maradesignco.com

Twin cabinets in white stand gorgeously in this dining room which match the main color of the decor. The glass doors even make the cabinets look way more admirable. You can store a lot of items since the rooms inside the cabinets are quite spacious. Then, the top of the cabinet is also nice enough to keep some decor items.

Vintage Corner Cabinet

Dining Room Storage 19
Source: mialinnman.blogspot.com

A stylish vintage cabinet decorates the corner of this dining room to display some glassware and decor items with its fully transparent style. The size of the cabinet fits well for you who want to enhance the storage of your small dining room but doesn’t have ample space around it. The cabinet comes with legs so you can move it here and there easily.

Big Rustic Storage

Dining Room Storage 20
Source: homestolove.com.au

If you are looking for a huge dining room storage, this one is a good inspiration that you’ll love. The storage is made of wood and comes with three tall cabinets, three open shelves, and nine drawers. Of course, you can store tons of items that you want conveniently.

Beautiful Hutch Cabinet

Dining Room Storage 21
Source: studio-mcgee.com

Hutch cabinet will never fail to provide ample storage and beautify your dining room at the same time. In this idea, a hutch cabinet becomes the main storage which is so inspiring to copy. The cabinet in natural wood finish and exposed metal legs make it fit the dining room with a rustic or industrial decorating style.

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So those are some inspiring dining room storage that is worth copying. Improve the storage of your very own dining room now!

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