20+ Gorgeous Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Copy Now

It’s never easy to decorate a bedroom with limited space. You have to be careful in choosing the color palette, pieces of furniture, decor items, and other elements so you can have the one which looks admirable and feels comfortable at once.

Though it’s difficult, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get the job done all by yourself. hiring a pro home decorator can be quite expensive, for sure.

In this article, we share with you some inspiring small bedroom decorating ideas that you can use for ultimate reference.

Small Bedroom Decorating

Elegant Neutral Decor

Small Bedroom Decorating 1
Source: littlegoldpixel.com

Of course, neutral colors will always be the favorite when it comes to decorating a small bedroom. Here, the grey bed frame and the white mattress is the main focal point of the room which matches beautifully with the color of the walls and ceiling.

Uniquely, black paint on the wall behind the headboard gives a bolder touch. Those indoor plants and Moroccan rug enhances the attractiveness of the room without making the nuance feel too overwhelming.

Simple Boho Decor

Small Bedroom Decorating 2
Source: fivefeetsmall.com

This bedroom may be quite small but it looks really adorable with its Bohemian decor. White colorizes the walls and ceiling to make the room feel and look brighter alongside the bedding linens and furry rug. A glass window behind the headboard lets the natural light come into the room.

The decor elements which include throw pillows with Bohi patterns, pink throw blankets, and simple wall art beautify the room. Thanks to the pieces of furniture and flooring in the natural wood finish that warm up the overall look of the decor.

Stylish Industrial Decor

Small Bedroom Decorating 3
Source: virlovastyle.com

Who says that you can’t bring the industrial decorating style to a bedroom with limited space? This idea shows how to beautify a small bedroom with an industrial look.

The walls are designed with an exposed brick and wood look that you can achieve by simply sticking some wallpaper. An old window panel works as a unique headboard that complements the trunks and industrial-styled lighting fixtures. The window with the blind holds an important role here which eases the tension from those elements.

Tiny Neutral Room

Small Bedroom Decorating 4
Source: gravityhome.tumblr.com

Are you looking for inspiration to decorate a super tiny bedroom? Well, this idea is a clever reference that you can refer to. Everything in this bedroom is neutral-colored to keep it looking admirable and feel comfortable at the same time.

Greyish linens and monochrom decor items are enough to enhance the attractiveness of the room in a very simple way. Then, the dark wood flooring gives a nice warm tone and texture all around.

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Gorgeous Farmhouse Decor

Small Bedroom Decorating 5
Source: interiorredoux.com

Farmhouse is a timeless decorating style that will never fail to beautify bedrooms of any size. Here, the vintage metal bedding with textured accessories is the main focal point of the room which is enough to bring the farmhouse vibe around.

The antique side tables then complement the bedding very well. Moreover, a wreath and rustic wood frames decorate the wall above the accented wall which completes the decor gorgeously.

Monochrome Farmhouse Decor

Small Bedroom Decorating 6
Source: thegritandpolish.com

This small bedroom decorating is also styled with farmhouse decorating style but with a more modern vibe. The metal frame of the vintage bedding is finished in black which complements the black decorative rug underneath. The bedding gives an elegant bold touch to the all-white overall look of the room.

The rustic basket, bench, and flooring give an earthy texture to the monochrome nuance of the decor instantly. As always, the big window provides ample natural light to prevent the room from feeling cramped.

Fun Decorative Decor

Small Bedroom Decorating 7
Source: funcycled.com

Are you looking for a small bedroom decorated with a fun vibe? This one is definitely an option that you can’t miss. The room is decorated in an eclectic style with vintage bedding as the main focal point, a monochrome accent wall with a geometric pattern, and modern earthy furniture.

A rustic floating shelf with indoor plants and wall art is hung above the headboard which even gives a more decorative touch. It’s a very inspiring way to decorate a bedroom with an overall monochrome look.

Wall Closet Storage

Small Bedroom Decorating 15
Source: @crisjonn

One of the hardest challenges in small bedroom decorating is to provide ample storage inside. This idea shows a nice inspiration to build a closet on one side of the wall. The closets allow you to keep tons of clothes, bags, and linens without taking up space on the flooring. To provide easy access, a sliding ladder is installed.

The decor itself is dominated by white to keep the room looking bright and feeling spacious.

Simple Convenient Storage

Small Bedroom Decorating 16
Source: @trenddesigner

A platform bedding with built-in shelving provides a cozy resting spot and a convenient storage station at the same time. The shelves work great to keep some books and linens that you can grab quickly whenever you need to use them. On the surface of the built-in shelves, you can place some table lights or containers.

It’s a nice inspiration for you who are looking for an inspiration to decorate your little boy’s bedroom.

Sparkling Neutral Decor

Small Bedroom Decorating 10
Source: kevin_johnson99

A chic all-white bedroom that looks more beautiful with some string lights all around it. Those string lights work really well as an additional light source which gives a romantic ambiance in a very effortless way.

The bedding combines white and grey accessories but with a more textured style to create a harmonious overall look. Those indoor plants and wood flooring are the main elements to make the room look more attractive.

Stylish Bright Nuance

Small Bedroom Decorating 11
Source: wattpad.com

Though the room is not really that big, it looks and feels so inviting with all-white nuance. The bedding, cloud light, working space, and other decor elements also come in white which complements the nuance very well. Thanks to the big glass window right in front of the desk that doesn’t make the room gloomy.

The decor relies on the texture of the indoor plants. wood flooring, and throw pillows to give a more festive touch.

Warm Boho Decor

Small Bedroom Decorating 12
Source: wattpad.com

Brown and earthy elements decorate this small bedroom with an all-white nuance. The floating shelf works as a headboard and keeps some decor items like framed pictures, a round mirror, and an indoor plant. A decorative Boho rug, modern side tables, and vintage rattan table even make the room look so adorable.

A string light decorates the sheer curtain uniquely which sparkle up the decor.

Fun Industrial Decor

Small Bedroom Decorating 13
Source: Caroline Dantas Quartos

An exposed concrete accent wall behind the headboard instantly gives an industrial touch to this tiny bedroom. The black bedding is decorated with blankets and throws pillows which are full of patterns. To neutralize the nuance of the decor, white is chosen to colorize the rest of the walls.

This one is surely a nice inspiration to decorate your boy’s small bedroom with an industrial decorating style.

Simple Rustic Decor

Small Bedroom Decorating 14
Source: @mutlukuday

Do you want to give your small bedroom a more personalized touch? This small bedroom is surely the one that you should add to your top list. Wood pallets are used to secure the mattress which gives a rustic touch to the decor. The combination of neutral-colored and brown bedding accessories complements the pallets gorgeously.

The walls are turned into galleries with tons of various decor items which look so striking.

Striking Natural Decor

Small Bedroom Decorating 20
Source: @hanamurphyfun

There’s nothing wrong with decorating a small bedroom with indoor plants but here, the decor looks so striking. Tons of indoor plants are placed on the window sill, floating shelf, and hung from the ceiling. They create a jungle-like nuance that everyone will be amazed by.

White becomes the main color of the plate to see the tension inside the room that those plants may create. The wood furniture and flooring warm up the room which enhances the natural vibe around.

Simple Stylish Decor

Small Bedroom Decorating 18
Source: @janne

An easy bedroom decor that you can copy in a very effortless way. Textured brick wallpaper in white simply gives a nice decorative touch to this small bedroom with grey walls. The bedding is decorated with neutral-colored linens which complement the overall look of the decor very well.

Elegant Grey Decor

Small Bedroom Decorating 19
Source: Emily Room Inspo

Grey colorizes the walls of this small bedroom decorating with a white ceiling brightens up the room. Some polaroid photos decorate the wall which creates a small gallery effortlessly. Above the bedding, a white floating shelf with cute decor items completes the decor.

Further, elegant string lights decorate the ceiling to make the room look sparkling.

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How to Decorate Small Bedrooms

Start from the scratch

Whether you are planning to decorate or redecorate a small bedroom, it’s always a great idea to empty the room at first. Rearranging what’s inside the room to get a new nuance, you have to move out every single item and start decorating.

An empty room allows you to visualize what kind of decor you’d like (maybe one of the ideas above works for you!). Once you are sure of how you want the room to look like, bring back the essentials inside one at a time.

Keep in mind that the bed should come first since the bed’s position is important to achieve the best resting time every night. If you want to feel something new, you may want to conduct setting new angels for the bed. Then, before bringing the others back to the room, consider choosing the ones that you want to keep or let go (by selling, donating, or gifting) since you can’t really place a lot of items in the bedroom with limited space.

Add some heights

The optical illusion works in small bedroom decorating and one of the easiest ways that are worth trying is by adding some heights. This method will create vertical lines that tend to draw the eyes up, making the ceiling look higher than it really is.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Floor-to-ceiling curtains – You can either choose sheer curtains or drapes that hang from right below the ceiling to the floor. It’s a good idea to give the space between the bottom of the curtains around 2.5 cm.
  • Floor-to-ceiling shelving – Not only provides a convenient storage station, but a tall vertical shelving system also creates a wider impression inside a bedroom with limited space. They can also save a lot of space on the flooring.

Consider double-duty furniture

Yes, you can’t really bring a lot of pieces of furniture to a bedroom with limited space. Unfortunately, this will lead to storage issues. That being said, choosing pieces of furniture that work double jobs sounds like a great idea.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Trunk – You can find a trunk that works as a coffee table and hidden storage underneath.
  • Couch – The couches with removable cushions allow you to store some items. It’s a nice storage station to keep linens.
  • Bedding – As the main feature of a bedroom, it’s great to utilize the bedding as the storage station. Some beddings can be lifted up or come with pull-out drawers so you can hide some socks, shoes, and seasonal clothes.

Play with the rug

Some of you may be quite afraid to bring a large rug to a small bedroom when it can actually create a wider impression. However, avoid using a rug with too much pattern or texture since it can overwhelm the nuance. A neutral-colored furry rug is a good option for a small bedroom but gives space at least 30 cm from the edge of the rug to the closest walls.

Hang the lights

Instead of placing the lights on the bedside table, go with pendant lights to make the room feel airy. Some sconces are also great to provide additional lighting sources inside the room. Hanging lights can also add a more modern and contemporary statement to the decor.

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