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Balloons bring joy, so creating some decor items out of them is a good idea. They can create some catchy decor items that will make your home decor look more attractive in a very distinctive way.

Balloons Decor Ideas
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Besides, balloons are also cheap and you can find them in any store near your home. They are available in various shapes and colors so you can turn them into various kinds of decor items.

In this article, we have compiled some clever DIY balloons decor ideas that will totally inspire you. The ideas below show you how to turn plain boring balloons into amazing decorations that will totally stun everyone.

Just keep scrolling to check some of the best balloons decor ideas for your ultimate inspiration!

DIY Balloons Decor Ideas

Pretty Glittery Balloons

Balloons Decor Ideas 1
Source: sisterssuitcaseblog.com

As you can see, you will simply need to cover the top part of the balloons with glitter in various colors and sizes. Some sequins are also added to the glitter to make it look more festive. You can also add other embellishments like the paper butterflies.

These balloons are great to decorate parties with various themes. It’s surely an easy way to turn plain balloons into a more attractive decor item.

Cute Bees Balloons

Balloons Decor Ideas 2
Source: hwtm.com

Do your kids love bees or you’d like to bring the vibe of the garden to their bedroom? These bee balloons are the ones that you can try to create. You just simply need to decorate some yellow balloons with black craft paints and paper. The project also allows you to draw different faces that even your kids can help.

You can either use the balloons to decorate the kids’ bedroom or to brighten up their birthday parties!

Farm Animal Balloons

Balloons Decor Ideas 3
Source: deliacreates.com

Give your children’s bedroom an exhilarating farm vibe with this easy DIY project. The materials that you need are some colorful craft papers and markers. You can either attach each ballon to a plastic stick or string some ballons altogether to create a herd of cute animals.

Of course, you will not need to spend a lot to get this project done.

Easy Snowman Balloons

Balloons Decor Ideas 4
Source: handmadecharlotte.com

Do you want to build a snowman? This idea shows an easy way to welcome the snowy season with a very low budget.

Prepare these supplies:

  • White water balloons
  • Black permanent markers
  • Cupcake papers in various colors

Two balloons are used to build the figure of the snowman. Once you get the body of the snowman, you just need to decorate it with a black permanent marker and cupcake paper.

Colorful Planet Balloons

Balloons Decor Ideas 5
Source: patchworkcactus.com

There’s no other material required except balloons that you need to prepare for this project. Each planet is made of a round balloon and a long balloon in different colors. When you have created planets out of the balloons, attach them to the plastic balloon holders.

This is a very inspiring project to decorate a space-themed bedroom that your boys will surely love.

Striking Balloons Garland

Balloons Decor Ideas 6
Source: paisleyandsparrow.com

A balloon arch is always a great way to decorate any party in a classic way. In this idea, the balloon arch looks more sophisticated with its floating look since the edges don’t touch the ground at all. You don’t always have to hold a party to create this striking decor item, it’s also a good idea to decorate your dining room with the colorful balloon arch.

Ice Cream Balloons

Balloons Decor Ideas 7
Source: thinkingcloset.com

If your kids love ice cream, this project is the one that you have to add to your list of balloons decor ideas. You can create the cone out of cardboard or craft paper and then place colorful balloons on top of it. It’s definitely a quick idea to beautify the empty walls in your beloved daughter’s bedroom.

Wonderful Cactus Balloons

Balloons Decor Ideas 8
Source: minteventdesign.com

An amazing cactus balloon that will instantly become a centerpiece of every party or room that it decorates. The cactus is made of green balloons and faux flowers that you can try to create at home. The spiky look is created out of straw balloons that make the cactus look more real.

Cute Dinosaur Balloons

Balloons Decor Ideas 9
Source: twinkletwinklelittleparty.com

Are your kids obsessed with Jurassic Park? Adding this cute dinosaur balloon will totally cheer up your kids! You can use any color of the balloons that you love and decorate it with the printouts. Besides the T-Rex, there are tons of dinosaur species that you can make of as simple as balloons and paper.

In addition to decorating the room, these dinosaur balloons are also good to fit a gender-neutral baby shower!

Superhero-Themed Centerpiece

Balloons Decor Ideas 10
Source: hellocentralavenue.com

Can you guess the materials that you need to prepare to create this unique centerpiece? Well, you just need to prepare some colorful balloons, plastic balloons holders, and puff containers. Therefore, if you have some unused puff containers that you are about to throw away, grab them and turn them into this table centerpiece that will amaze all the coming guests.

Colorful Balloon Centerpiece

Balloons Decor Ideas 11
Source: thehousethatlarsbuilt.com

This one is another easy project that you can’t miss if you are looking for a unique DIY table centerpiece. Here, you will need to stack some colorful balloons to decorate the center of your dining table. To make the decor fit properly, it’s recommended to use a plastic tablecloth.

In addition to decorating a dining table, you can also use this decor item to decorate your picnic setup.

Beautiful Floral Backdrop

Balloons Decor Ideas 12
Source: sisoo.com

If you are planning to host a party and want to add an Instagrammable spot in the corner of the room, this one should be on top of your DIY balloons decor ideas. In this project, balloons in an array of sizes of colors are attached to mesh poultry netting. Some flowers and greeneries then decorate the balloon backdrop which enhances its beauty naturally.

Catchy Flower Balloons

Balloons Decor Ideas 13
Source: mycrazygoodlife.com

This decor item is great to bring the summer vibe to your dining room. It’s a flower made of colorful balloons which are placed in the clear glass mason jar filled with shredded green craft paper. Those materials create a unique faux flower that will cheer up the mood all around the room.

They are also good to decorate your backyard BBQ party!

Elegant Balloon Garland

Balloons Decor Ideas 14
Source: hautehouselove.com

A gorgeous garland that is made of shiny colorful balloons to add to your inspiration list. This project uses a plastic strip to secure the balloons altogether. There are no complicated steps involved here, so you can get everything done in no time.

If you’d like to use the balloon garland to celebrate your birthday party, you can complete it with some balloon lettering.

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Black Spider Balloons

Balloons Decor Ideas 15
Source: Kiera Benson

An easy decor item simply made of black balloons and papers that your Spiderman-fan kid will totally love. The main body consists of black balloons in two sizes to create the body and head. To make it look more realistic, you can cut white paper to shape spiderman’s eyes. Then, you can finish the project by adding the legs made out of black paper.

It’s a very cheap project to decorate the corner of your boy’s bedroom.

Balloon Flower Garden

Balloons Decor Ideas 16
Source: mj b

This project shows a cute way to create an indoor garden out of colorful balloons. The garden consists of pink flowers with green flowers and you can make some of them have a festive garden. A pillar with green balloons as its main material with flowers is also added to the decoration beautifully.

Balloons Rainbow Rain

Balloons Decor Ideas 17
Source: ohhhowcharming.com

Another project that is worth adding to your DIY balloons decor ideas when you’d like to add an Instagramable corner. Here, the ballon in various colors and sizes are stuck to the wall with some pastel-colored papers attached to the balloons. Those balloons create a cloudy formation while the papers look like the gorgeous rainbow rain.

Floating Lights Balloons

Balloons Decor Ideas 18
Source: Lisa Keeshers

You just have to simply grab some balloons, sheer fabric, and string lights to create this enchanting backdrop. There’s no need to use floating helium balloons, but you just have to stack some balloons and stick them to the walls. Then, hang some string lights and pieces of sheer white fabric.

The materials that you need to prepare are so cheap that you can find them in the nearby dollar stores.

Gorgeous Balloon Strands

Balloons Decor Ideas 25
Source: Ekaterinalush

The floating balloon strands will be great to decorate the exterior of your home like the patio or swimming pool. The big helium balloons hold the smaller round balloons which are attached to the gold string. Of course, the color combination creates an elegantly glamorous decor item that will totally bring the style of your house to a whole new level.

Floating Photo Gallery

Balloons Decor Ideas 19
Source: handmedownstyle.com

Hanging your favorite photographs on the wall may be quite boring, so why don’t you float them by using helium balloons just like this idea shows? The photographs are tied to the strings and you can let the balloons float them. You can always choose the colors of the balloons that suit your needs and taste very well.

Sparkling Balloons Entrance

Balloons Decor Ideas 20
Source: j robin

If you have a high ceiling, you can refer to this idea to create a mesmerizing decor item. The supplies that you need to prepare to include silver balloons, rhinestone strands, and white string lights.

This is an amazing balloon decor item that you can use as the entrance when you hold a party in your house. Everyone will be so impressed when you actually spend a very low budget.

Floating Garden Lights

Balloons Decor Ideas 21
Source: Decotree

Brighten up your backyard when you host a night patio party will get all the coming guests enchanted. The lights are simply made of clear floating balloons and white string lights. You can use some rocks that you wrapped with paper or plastic to hold the balloons on the ground.

They will definitely spark your fun outdoor party in a very effortless way.

Elegant Balloons Curtain

Balloons Decor Ideas 22
Source: canadianhometrends.com

Instead of floating the balloons, this idea shows a group of balloon strands that hang the balloons upside down. The balloon strands make a mesmerizing curtain that you can use to decorate your porch. The combination of white, grey, and gold of the strands make it fit really well to beautify a house with a minimalist decorating style.

Beautiful Earthy Balloons

Balloons Decor Ideas 23
Source: Шарики

The strings of those clear balloons are decorated with greeneries which makes them look way more beautiful. They will fit really well for wedding decorations or completing your home decor with natural texture. If you have the same kind of greeneries in your backyard, you can just grab them without spending a penny at all!

Pastel Floating Balloons

Balloons Decor Ideas 24
Source: osageblog.com

Are you planning to throw a pink-themed baby shower? Don’t skip this idea to make the party look and feel more admirable. Tons of pink and white balloons are used to build a big round formation. It’s then attached to the carrier made of rattan. You can simply place the balloon in the corner of the room.

Balloon Christmas Tree

This festive season, you don’t have to add a real Christmas tree to your home decor and refer to this idea to build your very own Christmas tree out of balloons. The green balloons work as the main material to create the tree and some balloon ornaments even complete the tree.

Of course, this balloon Christmas tree will become the main focal point that amazes everyone.

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So those are some amazingly creative DIY balloon decor ideas that you can try to copy all by yourself at home. You can always choose the one that suits your existing decorating style or the occasion that you are planning to host.

You can get the projects done in no time. Plus, the materials are so cheap and easily available everywhere!

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