25+ Easy DIY Christmas Wall Art Ideas to Try Now

Leaving the walls of your living or dining room empty this Christmas is totally a bad idea. You can’t leave the walls looking boring without any decor items hung around.

Of course, you can always find beautiful pieces of wall art at any decoration store but they might be pricey. You may need to prepare an extra budget which can lead to a waste of money since they are just seasonal decor items anyway.

Rest assured, we have compiled tons of mesmerizing DIY Christmas wall art ideas that will show you how to create ones without spending a lot of time, money, and energy. Just keep scrolling to check them out!

DIY Christmas Wall Art Ideas

Minimalist Square Art

DIY Christmas Wall Art 1
Source: pensandneedles-by-amy.blogspot.com

This wall art will give a catchy color touch to the overall look of your living room and the materials that you will need to gather are easily available. The steps that you need to do are so simple and the kids can even get the job done.

Prepare these materials:

  • Decorative fabric with a holiday pattern
  • Foam board
  • Ribbon or string
  • Glue gun

You can create a set of beautiful wall art that will style up your living room in a very effortless way.

Vintage Rustic Decor

DIY Christmas Wall Art 2
Source: orchidlagoon.com

If you have an old window frame that has been sitting in your garage for years, grab it now and turn it into a gorgeous decor item just like this idea shows. The window is left with its distressed finish to give a rustic touch to the overall look of the room. To give the holiday vibe, a gold star and dried branches complete the decor item.

Floating Christmas Tree

DIY Christmas Wall Art 3
Source: almostmakesperfect.com

Perhaps, an on-floor Christmas tree doesn’t really suit your need or you simply don’t have space to bring one home. This idea shows an alternative to decorating your home with a Christmas tree that won’t take up any space on the floor at all.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Prepare some wood sticks in different sizes to create the shape of a Christmas tree.
  • Cover the front side of each wood stick with greeneries (faux or real).
  • Arrange the covered wood sticks on the wall until you have a stylish floating Christmas tree.

This Christmas tree will work really well in beautiful a room with a minimalist decorating style with its simple style!

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Sparkling Wall Art

DIY Christmas Wall Art 4
Source: lindsaylettersblogs.com

Hanging a wall art as it is can be quite boring and this idea shows a nice inspiration to solve the challenge. Here, some star figures are hung on a pole right above a monochrome wall art. Those stars totally enhance the attractiveness of the wall art which will catch everyone’s attention.

Flying Angel Wings

DIY Christmas Wall Art 5a
Source: decoratingbuzz.co

A beautiful wall wart consists of framed chalkboard and wooden angel wings. You can create the wings out of the birch bar which makes it great for you who love rustic decorating style. To give a more holiday touch, a greeneries garland is placed on top of the frame.

Decorative Tree Branch

DIY Christmas Wall Art 5a
Source: decoratingbuzz.co

This gorgeous DIY Christmas wall art is simply made of a tree branch and some ornaments. The tree branch is nailed to the wall and Christmas ornaments like snowflakes, ornament balls, and heart figures are hung. It’s a very nice inspiration to give an earthy touch to your living room in a more distinctive way.

Letter Wall Decor

DIY Christmas Wall Art 6
Source: sandandsisal.com

Hanging some letters on the wall can always be an easy option to beautify your living or dining room this festive season. You can always choose your favorite word or even your name out of the wood letter just like this idea shows. To make it look more Christmas, just paint the letters red or green.

Popsicle Sticks Snow

DIY Christmas Wall Art 7
Source: dumpaday.com

Who knows that this catchy wall art is actually made of popsicle sticks? Yes, the materials that you need to prepare are a lot of popsicle sticks, red paint, and a hot glue gun. Those materials are easily available and you can get them at affordable prices.

All you have to do is to arrange those popsicle sticks until you get the shape of the snowflakes. You can either hang the popsicle snowflakes with strings or stick them on the walls.

Playful Christmas Tree

DIY Christmas Wall Art 8
Source: lainteriorista.blogspot.com

Another inspiring idea to create a Christmas tree without any needs to buy a real pine tree. Here, you will need to draw the nones of the Christmas tree with chalkboard and decorate it with pearls, string lights, and other ornaments. This is a very easy way to bring the Christmas vibe around the room and everyone will be so surprised.

Set of Wreath

DIY Christmas Wall Art 9
Source: dorisleslieblau.com

We can’t miss talking about wreaths when it comes to DIY Christmas wall art ideas since it’s such an easy option to consider. Instead of hanging a single wreath on the wall, this idea shows a set of wreaths with white scarves. Then, you will need a long branch to keep the wreaths together.

For sure, this decor item will catch everyone’s attention while having a very merry dinner.

Striking Christmas Gallery

DIY Christmas Wall Art 10
Source: bloominghomestead.com

For you who prefer to have assorted decor items, this idea should be the one that you add to your top list. Here, the framed wall art, wood signboard, and other catchy decor items are grouped together on one side of the wall which is enough to bring the style of the room to a whole new level.

Though each item is designed in various styles, they complement each other gorgeously.

Beautiful Rustic Decor

DIY Christmas Wall Art 11
Source: twelveoeightblog.com

This rustic decor item is a good option when you don’t feel like those colorful choices don’t really suit your taste. Wood is the main material that you need to create this wall art. That being said, you should be familiar with the woodworking process.

Ornament Balls Tree

DIY Christmas Wall Art 12
Source: canadianhometrends.com

When most of us use balls to decorate a Christmas tree, this creative idea uses the items to create the tree itself. The silver balls in shades of green are arranged to create a floating Christmas tree. You can use wire to hold the balls together.

To even make it look more beautiful, the tree is placed in the center of a vintage wood frame.

Beautiful Rustic Decor

DIY Christmas Wall Art 13
Source: thedesigntwins.com

This idea is also a good inspiration for you who have an old window panel that you no longer use. In this project, you will need to paint the panel white with a more distressed look. Then, a greeneries wreath and garland decorate the panel.

It’s definitely a nice wall art for you who decorate your living room with a farmhouse decorating style.

Chic Rustic Decor

DIY Christmas Wall Art 14
Source: beyondthepicket-fence.com

Wood pallet will always be one of the most favorite materials when we are talking about DIY projects to create rustic decor items. Here, a star made of a white ribbon is attached to the rustic wood pallet which will make the wall of your living room look so attractive. The ribbon gives a nice contrasting color to the natural finish of the wood pallet board.

There’s no need to spend extra budget to get this project done all by yourself at home.

Elegant Earthy Decor

DIY Christmas Wall Art 15
Source: @dasha

To create this playful Christmas wall art, you will need a tree branch, small pinecones, and other ornaments. You can create those black Christmas trees, white stars, and white deer out of craft paper or felt. The combination of monochrome scheme and natural texture of this decor item will beautify a living room with a minimalist decorating style very well.

Rustic Christmas Tree

DIY Christmas Wall Art 16
Source: @foxyloxy2u

In this project, the Christmas balls in various colors form a shape of a Christmas tree on the wood board. The catchy ornament balls give a beautiful contrasting touch to the natural finish of the wood which will never fail to beautify your room this festive season. This is definitely an easy project that you can do all by yourself in no time.

Christmas Yarn Tapestry

DIY Christmas Wall Art 17
Source: @mollyeivers

A unique DIY Christmas wall art that is a great inspiration for you who love Boho decorating style. The decor item combines yarn in various colors which are enough to bring the Christmas vibe around. To make it look more Christmas, some greeneries are attached to the tapestry.

Cute Cardboard Deer

DIY Christmas Wall Art 18
Source: livingwithcheesecurls.blogspot.com

This one is a cute Christmas wall art that your kids will surely love. You will need as simple as used cardboard as the main material of this project, Of course, there’s no need to spend a penny to create this item since cardboard is all you need. You can also add a ribbon necklace with a cute bell to decorate the deer.

Chrismas Tree Curtain

DIY Christmas Wall Art 19
Source: @armellelaurence

Do you have some old books or magazines that you no longer read? Grab them now and use this DIY Christmas wall art as your ultimate inspiration. Here, some small Christmas trees made of paper taken from books are arranged on the strings to create a chic curtain. It’s definitely a cost-free project that you can create all by yourself easily!

Framed Yarn Tree

DIY Christmas Wall Art 20
Source: wilshirecollections.com

Distinctively beautiful wall art that you can’t miss if you are planning to bring Christmas farmhouse nuance around your house. In this idea, you need to prepare some grey yarn, panel board, and white paint that you can buy cheaply in the nearby craft store.

The yarn is the material to create the Christmas tree and once you’re done, you just have to arrange the yarn on the painted panel board. There are no complicated steps involved in this project!

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Sticks Christmas Tree

DIY Christmas Wall Art 23
Source: thealblog.com

You don’t even have to go to the nearby craft store to create this superbly creative wall art. The materials that are required are available around you.

Prepare these supplies:

  1. Large tree sticks
  2. Battery-operated string lights
  3. Strings
  4. Pinecones
  5. Other natural stuff like leaves, sticks, acorns, and dried orange slices

You just simply have to create a triangular shape out of the large sticks and decorate it with the elements that you love. Since you may already have them around your backyard or kitchen, there’s no need to spend a penny to get the project done.

Rustic Socks Decor

DIY Christmas Wall Art 24
Source: @bam1928

Hanging vibrant red socks to celebrate the holiday season may be pretty outdated and this idea shows another way to display socks in your Christmas decor. Three socks in earthy tone with striped patterns are hung on the small branch with twine and dried leaves. The decor item will give a cute rustic touch to the overall look of the room effortlessly.

Christmas Gloved Decor

DIY Christmas Wall Art 26
Source: @ecrompton76

Yes, you can even utilize some Christmas gloves to decorate your walls just like this idea shows. Here, some faux Christmas bouquets fill the gloves and then hung on the walls with the help of decorative ribbon. For sure, this single decor item is enough to bring the Christmas nuance to your home in a very easy and easy way.

Santa Hat Decor

DIY Christmas Wall Art 27
Source: @kingkj270

In this idea, you will need a large Santa hat as the main material to hold some Christmas-themed decor items. You can see colorful ornament balls. a doll, greeneries, and ribbon that makes the hat look way more attractive. This is a very catchy decor item that you can hang anywhere around your house to give a festive touch creatively.

Hanging Christmas Present

Gift boxes are part of Christmas decor and in this project, you will learn how to create fake gift boxes to decorate your walls. You will need to prepare only 3 cheap materials which include large pieces of styrofoam, decorative fabric or paper, and sparkling ribbons. They are so easy to find in any nearby craft store and offered at very cheap prices.

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