25+ DIY Christmas Table Centerpiece Ideas on a Budget

Of course, you can’t skip decorating your dining room when the holiday season is coming. The room should be ready to welcome all the coming guests so they can have a very merry dinner.

DIY Christmas Table Centerpiece
Photo by Libby Penner on Unsplash

When it comes to decorating a dining room, adding a table centerpiece is totally a must. The table is the main focal point of the room which catches everyone’s attention and needs some make-up stuff.

You may think that you need to prepare an extra budget to buy a table centerpiece to bring the Christmas vibe around and you are not willing enough to do so. The centerpiece will be taken out anyway once the season ends, right?

No worries, the list of DIY Christmas table centerpiece ideas below will show you how to get the job done without spending a lot of money, time, and energy. With some easily-available materials, you can have a mesmerizing table centerpiece that everyone will surely adore.

DIY Christmas Table Centerpiece Ideas

Chic Earthy Decor

DIY Christmas Table Centerpiece 1
Source: nyclq-focalpoint.blogspot.hu

This is a very simple reference for you who are not willing enough to put in much effort. You will need to prepare clear cylinder glasses and fill them with pinecones and birch branch which has been painted white. To complete the decor item, you can add some fake snow to the bottom of the glass.

There’s no need to spend a penny if you can find that natural stuff around your home!

Fresh Natural Decor

DIY Christmas Table Centerpiece 2
Source: bigredkitchen.com

Adding this decor item will give a very fresh touch around your dining or living room. The centerpiece is inspired by parfait and you will need to prepare a clear glass vase in a pedestal design and then fill it with pine leaves, ice, and berries.

You can also add some tealight candles on the top so it will work as an additional lighting source.

Lighten Rustic Decor

DIY Christmas Table Centerpiece 3
Source: @abmoore143

It’s always a great idea to give your dining or living room decor some kind of rustic touch and this idea should be on top of your list. The decor item is made of a tall cylinder glass vase, decorate it with some rhinestone strips, and place dry birch with string lights in the vase. The materials that you need to prepare are so cheap but you will have a stunning table centerpiece.

Gift Boxes Decor

DIY Christmas Table Centerpiece 4
Source: plaidonline.com

A very festive reference that you should really add to your list of DIY Christmas table centerpiece ideas. Here, the catchy gift boxes are placed on pedestal candle holders in red. With such an attractive design, this decor item will tell everyone that you are indeed so ready to welcome the festive season. Plus, you don’t have to prepare an extra budget as well.

Sparkling Festive Balls

DIY Christmas Table Centerpiece 5
Source: mammapapera.it

Hanging ornament balls on your Christmas trees can be quite boring and this idea shows an alternative way to use them. The balls are decorated with faux small bouquets that you can place by turning them upside down. Since Christmas balls are available in options of colors, you can always choose the one that suits your taste and the existing overall look of the room.

Lighten Rustic Decor

DIY Christmas Table Centerpiece 6
Source: @blancdenver

If you have a long reclaimed wood, you can use it to place some candles on. In this idea, some candles in various sizes, small pinecones, ornament balls, and other decor items are placed on the long reclaimed wood. It will surely become a table centerpiece that beautifies your dining room in a very warm way.

Farmhouse Christmas Trees

DIY Christmas Table Centerpiece 7
Source: palletandpantry.com

For sure, the farmhouse decorating style is extremely popular today, and bringing the vibe to your dining room this Christmas sounds really fun. This decor item is a good reference if you’d like to do it without costing you a lot.

Here’s what you can do:

  • You can simply go to the nearby dollar store and buy some small Christmas trees, buckets, spray paint, and styrofoam.
  • Put the snowy trees on the painted buckets.
  • Place the potted trees on the wood board.
  • Add some pinecones and ribbons to complete the look.

Rustic Crate Centerpiece

DIY Christmas Table Centerpiece 8
Source: fusillacreativa.it

This idea shows how to use an old bottle crate as the material to create a gorgeous table centerpiece in this festive season. You can totally make this one at home since you just need to prepare some greeneries, silver ornament balls, and candles in glass holders. It’s a very good addition to decorating your dining or coffee table, for sure.

Sparkling Flower Vases

DIY Christmas Table Centerpiece 9
Source: prettyinspiration.com

Another inspiring idea that you can refer to using ornament balls as the centerpiece of your dining table. Here, a tall glass vase is filled with white and silver ornament balls in various sizes, creating an attractive decor item effortlessly. To complete the vase, a Christmas-themed bouquet is placed.

The design of the centerpiece matches harmoniously with the overall look of the furniture.

Striking Apple Tree

DIY Christmas Table Centerpiece 10
Source: athomearkansas.com

Of course, this DIY Christmas table centerpiece will bring the style of your dining table to a whole new level. The centerpiece is made of real greeneries and apples. You will also need some wood blocks and nails to hold everything together.

The coming guests may think that you need to spend a lot of money to create this stunning table centerpiece.

Gorgeous Nautical Decor

DIY Christmas Table Centerpiece 11
Source: punchbowl.com

Do you bring the nautical style to the decoration of your beloved dining room this season? Well, you should add this beautiful centerpiece to the top of the list. Here, you will need to prepare a glass bowl with a pedestal bowl and fill it with silver ornament balls and a faux starfish decorates its exterior. It will surely complement the nautical nuance of the room very well.

Cute Cheap Decor

DIY Christmas Table Centerpiece 12
Source: @teresa90

In this idea, you will simply need some paper bags to create a unique table centerpiece. Some greeneries and branches then fill the paper bags which makes them look way more attractive. The plastic stars and twines even give a more decorative touch to the decor item.

Of course, those materials are easily-available in any decor store and you can get them cheaply.

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Rustic Log Candle

DIY Christmas Table Centerpiece 13
Source: ginghamgardens.com

The main materials that you will need to prepare are some logs to create beautiful candle holders, so make sure you are careful to get the job done. Instead of using real candles, you can use battery-operated tealights for a more practical option. Once you got the rustic candles, place them on a large log slice for an ultimate rustic look.

This table centerpiece works well to enhance the warmth of your dining room decor.

Tiered Farmhouse Tray

DIY Christmas Table Centerpiece 14
Source: priscillas2000.blogspot.com

Wood is not the only element that you can choose to give a rustic touch to your dining table. In this idea, a tiered galvanized tray becomes the centerpiece of a dining table that looks so beautiful. Some Christmas ornaments fill each level of the tray to enhance the attractiveness of the decor item.

This is a very good reference if you have a galvanized tiered tray that has been sitting in the kitchen for a long time.

Christmas Tree Cloche

DIY Christmas Table Centerpiece 15
Source: thecraftingnook.com

A gorgeous Christmas table centerpiece that uses a cloche glass dome as its main focal point. You will need to place a toy house, a small Christmas tree, battery-operated string light, and fake snow. Then, the cloche is placed on a round wood dray which is decorated with greenery and berries stems.

This is definitely a nice addition to beautify your coffee table this holiday season.

Doily Christmas Trees

DIY Christmas Table Centerpiece 16
Source: smartschoolhouse.com

As the name suggests, you will nome paper doilies to create this beautiful DIY Christmas table centerpiece that you can at very cheap prices. To hold the paper doilies together, you need some skewers and styrofoam. You can also place some greeneries and berries stem to make it look more attractive.

With a very low budget, you can have a stunning decor item that will brighten up your dining table while having a joyful Christmas dinner.

Christmas Candle Lantern

DIY Christmas Table Centerpiece 17
Source: missplanit.com

Placing candles as they are on your dining or coffee table to brighten up the Christmas decor may be quite boring. In this idea, an LED pillar candle is placed inside a lantern which looks so beautiful. The lantern is decorated with pedestal-styled candle holder faux greeneries, faux berries, and colorful Christmas balls.

For sure, it’s a very quick and easy way to make the candle centerpiece look way more stunning.

Beautiful Floral Decor

DIY Christmas Table Centerpiece 18
Source: blueribbonkitchen.blogspot.com

Freshen up your dining table with this cheap and effortless decor item. The simple things that you will need to prepare to include:

  1. Clear glass canister
  2. Ripe cranberries
  3. White flowers (roses, carnations, or daisies)
  4. Rattan tray
  5. Water

Of course, you will not need to spend a lot to create this table centerpiece that will give a refreshingly beautiful Christmas nuance around.

Festive Glass Jar

DIY Christmas Table Centerpiece 19
Source: taketimeforstyle.com

It seems that you can use clear glass jars or canisters to create beautiful Christmas table centerpieces. In this idea, a large glass jar is filled with pine cones and sparkling Christmas ornaments. You can create this decor item in no time that will totally give a strikingly bright touch to the overall look of your beloved dining or living room.

Glass Candle Holder

DIY Christmas Table Centerpiece 20
Source: yesterdayontuesday.com

This idea shows how to create a very effortless and low-budget decor item for your dining table. Grab those wine glasses in your kitchen and use them as candle holders. As you can see, the glass is filled with pinecones, greeneries, and Christmas balls.

If you are looking for a last-minute DIY Christmas table centerpiece, this idea is totally the one that you can’t miss.

Mason Jars Centerpiece

DIY Christmas Table Centerpiece 21
Source: yellowblissroad.com

Got some mason jars that you haven’t used in a long time inside your cabinet? Take them out now and turn them into mesmerizing Christmas table centerpieces just like this idea shows. Some mason jars are placed on the center of the table filled with cranberries, greeneries, candles, and fake snow.

Those decorated mason jars create a beautiful arrangement that everyone will love.

Catchy Christmas Candles

DIY Christmas Table Centerpiece 22
Source: @manedaconceicao

There are a lot of ways to make boring plain white candles look way more attractive and this one is a good inspiration to refer to. Half of the candles are wrapped with twines which give a simple rustic touch. Then, some Christmas ornaments complete the decor in a very catchy way.

Colorful Earthy Decor

DIY Christmas Table Centerpiece 23
Source: yellowblissroad.com

To create this beautiful Christmas table centerpiece, you will only need a clear mason jar and fill it with fake snow, cranberries, and pine leaves. The design of the centerpiece will give a colorful touch naturally. Further, it also refreshes the air around due to the use of earthy elements as the main materials.

Of course, this decor item doesn’t require a lot of money, time, and energy to get done.

Chic Sparkling Decor

DIY Christmas Table Centerpiece 24
Source: @rebihasler

A very cheap decor item that will beautify your dining or coffee table. The main materials that you need to grab are a clear jar, a small pillar candle, fake pearls, and fake snow. It’s a good option for you who want to give a more feminine touch to the decor of the room.

Gorgeous Christmas Tree

This video tutorial shows to decorate a small Christmas tree with very simple steps and easy materials. There’s no complicated process or pricey supplies required, but you will have a gorgeous Christmas tree to decorate your dining or side table.

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So those are some inspiring DIY Christmas table centerpiece ideas that you can use as ultimate references. You can always choose the one that really suits your needs and match the existing decorating style of the room. Now, you don’t really have to worry about spending extra budget to have a very festive dinner with your family and friends!

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