25+ Cheap DIY Mason Jars Craft Ideas for Unique Home Decor

When it comes to easy DIY projects, mason jar is one of the most favorite materials that a lot of DIYers love. You can easily turn mason jars into some beautiful (and even functional) decor items in no time. Besides, mason jars are quite inexpensive or you may already have some unused jars that have been sitting in the back of your cabinet.

In this article, we share with you some inspiring DIY Mason Jars Craft Ideas that you can create all by yourself cheaply and effortlessly!

DIY Mason Jars Craft Ideas

Simple Nautical Decor

DIY Mason Jars Craft 1
Source: itallstartedwithpaint.com

Yes. this gorgeous decor item only requires as simple as a blue mason jar and some twines. There are no complicated steps involved since you just need to wrap the jar with the twines easily and you can ask the kids to help with the project as well.

Rustic Herbs Shelf

DIY Mason Jars Craft 2
Source: indulgy.com

If you love to keep some fresh herbs in your kitchen, this idea should be added to your reference list. You will need some wood boards and wire to hold the jars together. The design will give a nice rustic touch to the overall look of your beloved kitchen.

Photo Frame Vase

DIY Mason Jars Craft 3
Source: homestoriesatoz.com

Using a mason jar as a flower vase may be quite boring, so why don’t you create something more creative just like this idea shows? The jar doesn’t only work to hold a beautiful bouquet but you can also stick your favorite family photograph to make it more meaningful.

Lighten Seashells Jar

DIY Mason Jars Craft 4
Source: gottalovediy.com

Another easy DIY mason jars craft to beautify your nautical home and this one you will need to prepare some seashells (real or faux ones). To make it look more attractive, fill the jar with chrome balls and string light. This is not only a nice decor item to decorate your interior but the exterior as well.

Stunning Jar Chandelier

DIY Mason Jars Craft 5
Source: elegantweddinginvites.com

Are you looking for a more advanced project? Well, this mason jars chandelier will totally become the centerpiece of your living room decor that catches everyone’s attention. The chandelier looks even more mesmerizing with the faux crystal string that decorates it.

Elegant Floating Vases

DIY Mason Jars Craft 6
Source: shelterness.com

Decorate the walls of your living room or bedroom with these floating vases. The mason jars are attached to the square wood base with a leather strap. The combination of those materials creates a beautiful rustic look which makes it great to complement a farmhouse decorating style.

Unique Glowing Jars

DIY Mason Jars Craft 7
Source: goodshomedesign.com

These glowing mason jars will totally bring the style of your exterior area to a whole new level. To create this glowing decor item, prepare these supplies:

  1. Mason jars
  2. Glow sticks
  3. Scissors
  4. Tulle
  5. Rubber gloves

One thing to keep in mind is that you really need to use those rubber gloves since the chemical may harm your skin.

Chic Farmhouse Vase

DIY Mason Jars Craft 8
Source: diyvibes.net

We can’t skip talking about farmhouse decorating style in this article, can we? This beautiful floating jar is a good inspiration if you want to add a farmhouse touch to your living room decor. As you can see, the materials to build the vase include a clear jar, white wood board, vintage hook, and twine.

Mason Wind Chimes

DIY Mason Jars Craft 9
Source: dragonflytreasure.blogspot.com

Who knows that a mason jar can also work to hold some chimes just like this idea shows? Well, now you do! The materials that you need are easily-available and affordable as well. For sure, you can make your backyard sound more exhilarating by hanging this creative mason wind chime.

Patriotic Candle Holder

DIY Mason Jars Craft 10
Source: ohmy-creative.com

Save this inspiring DIY mason jars idea to celebrate the coming 4th of July! All you need to prepare is a red mason jar, small flags, and twines. You can use the jars to hold some candles and brighten up the night in every patriotic way. This is a very effortless and cheap project that you can get done with your kids!

Rustic Jar Vase

DIY Mason Jars Craft 11
Source: ighteen25.com

To create this beautiful mason jar vase, you will need to paint the jar with some chalk paint and make it look rustic. This mason jar vase is just not a vase, it’s filled with air freshener beads so it doesn’t only enhance the beauty of the room but the comfort at the same time. Therefore, you will need artificial flowers instead of real ones.

Farmhouse Utensils Holder

DIY Mason Jars Craft 12
Source: robin-happyathome.blogspot.com

A creative DIY project to create a utensil holder made of clear mason jars and chicken wire. As you can see, you will only need to wrap the jars with chicken wire, and, voila, you will have some decor items to display your utensils in a very distinctive way. Also, the design makes it fit to beautify the kitchen with a farmhouse decorating style.

Pedestal Candy Holder

DIY Mason Jars Craft 13
Source: oopseydaisyblog.com

For sure, you can always use the mason jar as it is to keep your favorite candies. However, that may be quite boring. In this idea, the jars are decorated with wood stands in a pedestal design and matching lids. These mason jar candy holders are not only functional but also enhance the beauty of your pantry decoration.

Jar Towels Holder

DIY Mason Jars Craft 14
Source: sugarbeecrafts.com

This project shows you to create a towel holder with built-in storage stations. The storage is made of mason jars attached to the wood board by metal rings. You can store your daily bathroom stuff and you can grab them quickly whenever you need to use them. If you have a towel holder with some missing hooks, this idea can also become a reference to fix it in every functional way.

Check Plaid Vase

DIY Mason Jars Craft 15
Source: freshvintagebylisas.blogspot.com

These catchy flower vases will give attractive patterns and texture in an instant to any room with a farmhouse decorating style. The mason jars are painted with chalk or acrylic paint in a check plaid pattern. You don’t have to choose black and white to paint the jars, you can any colors that suit your taste and match the existing color palette of the room.

Rustic Candle Sconces

DIY Mason Jars Craft 16
Source: masonjarcraftsblog.com

Brighten up your living or dining room with these beautiful mason jar sconces. The supplies that you need to get the project done are clear mason jars, metal chains, iron hooks, and wood boards. Once done, put some tealights in the jar and you can have a beautiful additional lighting source.

You can get all the materials at a nearby hardware store affordably.

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Jar Bird Feeder

DIY Mason Jars Craft 17
Source: littlehouseliving.com

Instead of using a commercial bird feeder, this mason jar bird feeder is a more creative feature that you can create all by yourself easily. The materials that you need to prepare include:

  1. Glass mason jar
  2. Small round chicken feeder
  3. Twine

There’s no complicated step involved in this project. You just need to basically tie the twine on the mason jars and install the chicken feeder. Hang the feeder in the area where you notice the birds are coming around your backyard.

Hanging Jar Lantern

DIY Mason Jars Craft 17a
Source: birgitkerr.blogspot.com

This idea shows an inspiring way to decorate your outdoor living space in a very cheap way. It’s a gorgeous hanging lantern that you can build by using glass mason jars, solar stake lights, and wire that you can find at the local hardware store. This will not only help to brighten up your patio or porch but also gives a chic rustic touch to their overall look.

Jar Paintbrush Holder

DIY Mason Jars Craft 18
Source: sassytownhouseliving.com

For those who love painting, this DIY mason jars craft is the one that you should add to your ultimate reference list. The lid of the jar is punched to create holes to fit your paintbrushes. You can see that the jars look so enchanting with some twines, burlaps, and laces that decorate them. It’s a very easy project to provide good inconvenience while you are finishing your art.

Jars Beddazled Lantern

DIY Mason Jars Craft 19
Source: momspark.net

This stunning lantern will make your bedroom look so adorable. You don’t have to worry about the materials that you need to prepare to create this bedazzled lantern which include:

  1. Clear glass mason jars
  2. Glass gems
  3. Battery operated tea light candles
  4. Hot glue guns

The glass gems which will cover the mason jars help to create attractive light reflections to provide a more exhilarating sleep experience.

Beautiful Jar Terrarium

DIY Mason Jars Craft 20
Source: CambrianCo.desig

Terrarium is a good alternative for gardening when you prefer something which is less complicated. You can actually use a clear mason jar to protect the elements and plantations of your terrarium just like this idea shows. For sure, you will have a beautiful living room once you place these mason jar terrariums on your coffee or side table.

Sparkling Fairy Lanterns

DIY Mason Jars Craft 21a
Source: christmaslightsetc.com

This one is a really effortless project to recycle mason jars. Here, you will need to prepare some clear glass mason jars and battery-operated string lights. Then, put the string light inside the glass jar as the last step.

They can work really well to add some sparkling light around your porch. Also, you can surely add lanterns to your home decor when the festive season is coming.

Gorgeous Bejeweled Jars

DIY Mason Jars Craft 22
Source: artesanatoeartesanato.blogspot.hu

Some beads and rhinestones decorate these mason jars which are painted in white, creating a stunning decor item that everyone will surely love. You can also use the jars to safely and neatly keep your jewelry here. There’s no need to spend a lot to create these beaded jars and you can create some all by yourself at home in no time.

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Cute Minion Jars

DIY Mason Jars Craft 23
Source: bettycrocker.com

Are you looking for some decor items to decorate your kid’s bedroom? These DIY mason jars craft is the one that you can use as an ultimate inspiration.

Prepare the materials below to create the minion mason jars:

  1. Glass jars, preferably in small size
  2. Spray paint in yellow
  3. Cardstock
  4. Googly eyes
  5. Glue gun
  6. Paper glue

The steps are so easy and you can even ask the kids to help you out. You just have to paint the jars yellow then decorate the painted jars with cardstock and googly eyes.

Chic Red Decor

DIY Mason Jars Craft 24
Source: soapboxcreations.blogspot.com

Another inspiring project that you should add to the list of DIY Christmas decor. This one is a clear glass jar that is painted with acrylic paint in red. The bell-shaped window on the front side allows you to see things that you put inside the jars. You can fill some decor items in the jar like beads or seeds and tea light candles. This decor item will look so catchy to decorate your mantel this Christmas.

Gorgeous Frosted Jars

DIY Mason Jars Craft 25a
Source: thebudgetdecorator.com

You may find similar decor items as shown above at the decor store but they might be quite expensive. That being said, creating some at home by yourself sound like a fun idea. All you need to prepare are some glass jars, frosted paint, letter stencils, ribbon, and bells. Since you create it all by yourself, you can paint as many jars as you want with your favorite word!

Jar Snow Globe

DIY Mason Jars Craft 26
Source: simplecravesandoliveoil.blogspot.com

Yes, you can always buy snow globes from the store but if you create one, you will have a more distinctive decor item. This idea shows how to create a snow globe out of a mason jar easily. You can add any items inside the jars as you wish so you can have a personalized snow globe to complete your Christmas decor this year!

Playful Mason Jars

DIY Mason Jars Craft 27
Source: masonjarcraftslove.com

If you have some good drawing skills, consider creating this catchy decor item for the boy’s bedroom. This DIY mason jars craft is inspired by a football game that looks so attractive. You can always paint the jars with your favorite football club, for sure!

Beautiful Floral Crate

It’s always an easy idea to turn some glass mason jars into flower vases. In this project, the jars are painted white with a more distressed look which is great to complete your rustic decorating style. To complete the vases, a crate is painted sky blue which doesn’t only protect the jars but gives a more attractive touch effortlessly.

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