20+ Enchanting Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas with Cozy Vibe

Even with the existence of minimalist and shabby chic decorating styles, farmhouse decor never loses its popularity from time to time. It will never fail to captivate everyone with the gorgeous elements that become the keys of the decor.

Besides the stylish overall look, farmhouse decor also captivates a lot of homeowners with its ability to create comforting nuance. The neutral color palette and natural elements of the decor always make everyone want to stay around for hours.

Below, we share with you the enchanting farmhouse kitchen decor ideas that you can add to your references!

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas

Catchy Small Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas 1
Source: dreamdesigndiy.com

This small kitchen looks and feels cozy with the combination of grey and white as its main colors. Grey colorized one side of the wall which gives an elegant touch to its white overall look. The simple white tile backsplash and a greyish marble countertop make the room look more attractive but still keep everything harmonious.

The wood flooring in a dark finish then adds a warmer touch to the neutral overall look of the decor.

Unique Countertop Shelf

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas 2
Source: funkyjunkinteriors.net

In this kitchen, a stunning countertop shelf made of wood plank and pipes instantly brings the style of the decor to a whole new level. This single decor item is enough to give a farmhouse nuance around the room. To enhance the attractiveness, an indoor plant and signboard are placed close to the shelf.

You can place some mugs and cups on the shelf which you can grab anytime quickly. If you are handy enough, you can create this beautiful countertop shelf all by yourself at home.

Elegant Rustic Decor

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas 3
Source: deardesigner.co.uk

For you who want to have a farmhouse kitchen with a clean look, this idea is a good inspiration for you. The wood countertop warmly beautifies the sleek all-white cabinet which is well for a kitchen with limited size. The brick-style countertop in grey creates an overall neutral look which lets the shades, pattern, and texture of the decor pop up very well.

Moreover, the exposed brick accent wall enhances the rustic nuance in this kitchen stunningly.

Commercial Style Decor

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas 4
Source: ellaclaireinspired.com

Here, a long chalkboard with a list of menus becomes the main focal point which makes the room look attractive in a more distinctive way. The board is framed with dark wood simply laid onto the wall.

Right next to the chalkboard, an open shelf with glass jars filled with grain and dry foods even catches more attention. This is a very inspiring way to give pattern and texture to a farmhouse kitchen decor.

Striking Rustic Island

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas 5
Source: downtoearthstyle.com

If you want to instantly decorates your kitchen with farmhouse style, upgrade your kitchen island just like this idea shows. Wood planks cover the base of the island which significantly styles up the room. If you have some woodworking skills, you can get the project done all by yourself without any help from a pro.

To complement the island, the wood flooring in a natural finish and wrought iron light fixture decorate the kitchen. Thanks to the combination of black and white as the main colors of the room which maximally shows off those rustic elements.

Farmer’s Market Shelf

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas 6
Source: addicted2diy.com

This is a very fun DIY project that you should add to your top list when you are planning to create your very own farmhouse kitchen. This one is a floating shelf that is made of wood planks and wire baskets that work really well to keep some fruits, dry foods, or condiments.

For sure, it’s a nice storage station that you can access quickly and doesn’t take up a lot of space in the kitchen.

Bright Vintage Decor

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas 7
Source: perfectlydestressed.com

The awning of this window is made of reclaimed wood which instantly gives a farmhouse charm to the room’s overall look. The black and white tartan sheer curtain and antique light fixture complete the window’s design, enhancing its farmhouse style.

The cabinet doors and drawers are also designed with a farmhouse look which works well as the main focal point of the kitchen.

Gorgeous Plates Gallery

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas 8
Source: mythriftstoreaddiction.blogspot.com

Do you have some antique plates that you have stored in the back of your cabinet all this time? Take them out and turn them into beautiful decor items just like this idea shows. The gorgeous vintage plates and cups are displayed on the decorative wire floating shelves which instantly become a centerpiece of the room.

Creative Crate Drawers

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas 9
Source: freshideen.com

Some wood crates are used to build drawers in this kitchen cabinet which is so inspiring to try! The crates add a rustic touch to the cabinet in a modern design in a very unique way. This may require a little craftsmanship so make sure that you are handy enough if you want to execute the project all by yourself.

Display Your Woods

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas 10
Source: froggoestomarket.blogspot.com

In this kitchen, the wood rolling pins and plates are displayed in the corner of the room to make the decor look more rustic. They flow beautifully with the wood countertop in a natural finish.

An indoor plant with a taupe planter completes the look and freshens the area very well. On top of the display, a vintage floating drawer is hung which even enhances the beauty of the decor.

Rake Utensils Holder

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas 11
Source: thegraciouswife.com

If you have an old rake that you can’t properly use anymore, take this project as your ultimate inspiration! Here, an unused rake head is attached to a wood plank which then works as a floating utensil holder.

The design of the shelf fits really with the farmhouse decorating style with its vintage and rustic look. You can surely create a similar utensil holder all by yourself at home,

Pallet Light Box

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas 12
Source: remodelaholic.co

A stunning lightbox decorates the ceiling of this kitchen that is totally worth adding to your DIY farmhouse decor projects. The box is made of wood pallets that you can buy cheaply or get some for free if you are lucky enough. The next thing that you need is some contemporary-styled lighting fixture that suits the decorating style of your kitchen.

For sure, everyone will be amazed by this distinctively gorgeous lighting fixture!

Rustic Mug Rack

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas 13
Source: funkyjunkinteriors.net

A mug rack is a good storage station if you’d like to display your go-to mugs for your daily coffee. You can grab the cups quickly without having to open the cabinets.

In this idea, the mug rack is made of reclaimed wood which is designed in a heart-shaped style. The finishes and textures of the wood make it look uniquely rustic. If you take a closer look, the mug hangers are also made of old stuff that you can find easily in your house.

Besides providing quick access to your favorite mugs and cups, this rack also enhances the beauty of your kitchen decor at the same time.

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Floating Ladder Rack

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas 14
Source: domestically-speaking.com

What catches your attention when you see this stylish kitchen decor? It’s the floating rack above the island, isn’t it?

The rack is made of wood boards and dowel in a ladder design which instantly makes this kitchen look so mesmerizing. It works to handle some pots and pans that you can access quickly whenever you need to use them.

The materials which are required to copy this project are mostly available in your local hardware store. However, keep in mind that you are familiar enough to work with wood cutting, sanding, and staining.

Chic Decorative Decor

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas 15
Source: christinamariablog.com

The combination of farmhouse-style backsplash and wood walls in white creates a decorative overall look but still fits you who love a minimalist vibe. Those patterns and textures don’t make the room feel overwhelming at all.

To warm up the color palette of the decor, floating shelves made of wood in a natural finish, chic wall art, and beige ceiling are chosen. It’s such a good inspiration to decorate a small kitchen with a farmhouse decorating style.

Bright All-White Decor

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas 16
Source: oldsaltfarm.com

This kitchen looks and feels so inviting with its all-white look. The main points that give the farmhouse nuance to this kitchen are the vintage faucet, farmhouse signboard, greeneries wreath, and faux pumpkins.

Though they are quite subtle, they are enough to enhance the attractiveness of the room’s decor. It’s a good inspiration if you prefer to have simpler farmhouse kitchen decor.

Farmhouse Coffee Corner

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas 17
Source: refreshrestyle.com

Improve the comfort of your farmhouse kitchen by creating this gorgeous coffee corner. A vintage buffet works as the main storage station of this area which matches the color of the wall very well.

An old window panel, tiered galvanized trays, and other decor items beautify the area. Further, striped drapes also enhance the attravtiveness of the decor while still keeping everything looking harmonious.

Fence Planks Sign

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas 18
Source: funkyjunkinteriors.net

A white fence panel is hung behind the stove which distinctively gives a farmhouse touch to the decor. This is another inspiring DIY project that you can try without costing you a lot.

To make it more attractive, a glass jar filled with water and greeneries is attached. Some hooks that you can use to store some cups and mugs also improve the functionality of this unique decor item.

Vintage Colorful Dining

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas 19
Source: myoldcountryhouse.com

A turquoise dining table with yellow and pink chairs in vintage style becomes the centerpiece of this neutral-colored kitchen. The dining set looks so catchy since the colors are popped up perfectly around the room.

This idea can be an alternative way for you who don’t really have enough budget or space to add an island to your kitchen.

Chicken Wire Cabinet

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas 20
Source: ciscopisco.blogs.sapo.pt

An all-wood kitchen cabinet can be quite boring when it comes to farmhouse kitchen decor and this cabinet which uses chicken wire doors is a good option to consider. Of course, the design will make your kitchen looks so farmhouse in a more distinctive way.

Further, the open style of the door allows you to check what’s inside the cabinet without having to open the doors. It’s a very cost-effective improvement that’s really worth considering.

Farmer Vegetable Stand

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas 21
Source: redoityourselfinspirations.blogspot.com

Placing this vegetable stand in the corner of your kitchen will significantly create a farmhouse nuance around. The rustic finish of the rack structure and wire basket creates a nice design that everyone will surely love.

Surprisingly, this vegetable stand is made of easily-available materials which include a blanket rack and wire baskets. They are not pricey at all and can be found in the nearby hardware store.

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Tips to Create Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

To further help you to create a beautiful farmhouse kitchen decor, we share with you some tips that you can follow.

  • Choose neutral shades

Neutral shades are always the wiser choice when it comes to farmhouse decoration since they offer a soothing feeling around. The muted colors help the textures and patterns of every single decor item pop out properly.

  • Choose natural elements

To enhance the attractiveness of farmhouse decor, focus on natural elements instead of manufactured ones. For instance, some indoor plants and rattan baskets will give bolder tones, textures, and even patterns without overwhelming the nuance inside the room. Moreover, natural elements also help to freshen the air in the room.

  • Keep it bright

In addition to choosing neutral shades, you have to make sure that the room is brightened up properly. Without proper lighting, you can’t have a cozy farmhouse kitchen, especially with a lot of decor items inside. Ensure that you have enough lighting fixtures to brighten up the room, and maximize the use of windows to let the fresh natural light in if you have some.

So those are some farmhouse kitchen decor ideas that we have compiled for you. You can choose one style that really fits your needs and taste!

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