The Best Electrolyte Powders According to Dietitians

Making sure that we take care of our bodies is essential, especially if you’re regularly exerting yourself through rigorous training and workouts. Your body can become fatigued, and to perform at your best, you’ll need to rest and recover, whilst also replenishing the minerals you may have lost through sweat. This is where electrolyte drinks and powders come in. You can choose the best electrolyte powder for you to ensure your body is balanced and functioning as it should. Read on to find out more.

Electrolyte Powders

What is electrolyte powder?

Electrolyte powder is a substance that is used to prevent dehydration that athletes may experience during difficult workouts. These powders are made up of all the minerals that your body loses during this time, like potassium, magnesium, and sodium. These minerals within the powder are used to increase the effectiveness of our body’s communication system, as a way of rehydrating us when we have lost a lot of fluid through sweat. Electrolyte powder can be added to water to give your body an extra boost when you need it most, whether you’re looking for an extra bit of energy, or you need to replenish your body’s stores so you can stay happy and healthy, and performing at your best.

What are the benefits?

So, you may be wondering whether these electrolyte powders would benefit you. If you are low on electrolytes, your whole body will feel out of line, and you may not be able to perform or function as you should – you may suffer from headaches, mood changes, sickness and even an irregular heartbeat, so to avoid this, adding electrolytes into your routine is advantageous.

They help to enhance performance in sports by replenishing water and energy loss, as well as improving and strengthening your overall immune system. Choosing the right electrolyte powder for you can also help to stabilise blood sugar and can support heart health. Read on as we take a look at how you can choose the best electrolyte product to suit you.

How to choose the best product

Electrolyte Powders

If you think that you would benefit from adding electrolyte powder into your diet, you will have to consider a few factors to help you decide which is best for you, such as:

  • Flavour: As the market begins to grow, electrolyte powders offer a huge range of flavours so there is bound to be a product to suit you. There are even powders that are flavourless if you prefer.
  • Ingredients: You should take the time to look at some of the ingredients featured within your electrolyte powders – ingredients like colours and artificial flavours are there so that they last longer, however, they are not natural, so if this is something that is a non-negotiable for you, you should choose a product with natural ingredients.
  • Diet: You should choose an electrolyte powder that is suited for your diet, for example, if you are cutting down on sugar, make sure there isn’t any added into the product, if you stick to a gluten-free diet, make sure that you choose a drink or powder to suit this.
  • Cost: Using electrolyte powders regularly can be expensive, and if you are worried about wasting money, make sure you test out smaller-sized products before committing to a large container. If you only use it once in a while, a small container may work out more economical.

BioSteel Hydration Mix

This hydration powder works perfectly for those of us that aren’t too keen on putting artificial ingredients into our bodies. This BioSteel product is free from sugar, caffeine, and artificial flavours, making it suitable for a range of diets and intolerances. If you are regularly taking part in hard workouts, or training for an event, this product can keep you topped up on minerals and allows you to remain hydrated. If you are worried about the taste, this product offers a variety of flavours, like Rainbow Twist and Blue Raspberry – it’s anything but boring! It’s easy to see why dieticians love this product, it boosts your performance as well as functions around your body.

Tailwind Nutrition Caffeinated Endurance Fuel

This electrolyte powder is great if you need to give your body a boost whilst also focusing on hydration at the same time. This Tailwind product is caffeinated, so it could be a good alternative to a coffee to get you kickstarted in the morning, or before a workout. Although this isn’t a calorie-free powder, it contains ingredients that mean all of the vitamins and minerals can be absorbed into your body quickly and easily. This product could be the best option for you if you only use electrolyte powder now and again, as it offers single servings, as well as an option to buy in bulk. Both your body and your bank balance can benefit from this electrolyte product.

Ultima Replenisher Mix

Another electrolyte mix that is packed with natural ingredients is the Ultima Replenisher mix. This brand has been developing its product for many years, and it shows in the result. If you like a diverse range of flavours to choose from, you won’t get bored with Ultima; with flavours like passionfruit, lemonade, and watermelon to name a few. This product blends perfectly with water and is fully natural – no nasty additives here! Not only will it taste good, but it will also provide your body with six key electrolytes including calcium, chloride, and sodium. The Ultima Replenisher Mix can be bought in the form of variety packs, so you can try them all and choose your favourite!

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