How to Organize Baby Clothes Safely and Neatly Like a Pro

Storing baby clothes can be quite overwhelming, especially when you keep buying more and more. It seems that the storage stations that you have around are just not enough.

Don’t worry, below we share a quick guide on how to organize baby clothes for your ultimate reference.

How to Organize Baby Clothes

How to Organize Baby Clothes
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Remove the tags

When it comes to baby clothes, hang tags are a big deal. You have to remove the tags before storing the clothes so you don’t have to do this when it’s time for the baby to get dressed. It’s a simple job yet very effective time management and organization.

Wash the clothes

As you may have been aware, babies’ skin is way more sensitive than adults, so wearing them with clothes straight from where you bought them is not a wise idea. That being said, wash the clothes, accessories, blankets, and other purchases that will have to contact your baby’s skin directly before storing and putting them on. Bulk washing and folding are easier anyway, right?

Categorize the clothes

Storing the clothes by color can be lovely, but it doesn’t really offer convenience for everyone, so categorizing the clothes is a much better option as recommended by the pros. You can consider pairing similar items together and storing them in one level of the shelf or one drawer. For instance, give all the socks and diapers their own homes so you can easily grab them quickly whenever you need them.

Proper future organization

For you who love to buy future clothes for your babies so you can be well-prepared for their rapid growth, make sure that you store them properly. The rule of thumb is to store the clothes in the current size in the easiest space possible and the future ones in the lower drawers or closets.

File folding organization

Though stacking is one of the easiest ways to organize baby clothes, it doesn’t really offer convenient access. You may have to dig deep through the piles since the items that you need are not always placed on the top. To overcome this issue, consider file folding clothes inside your drawers which offer easier access to the clothes that you need to use.

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Put essentials first

Some of you may not really store the most-used items properly when you need to put them in the most accessible space and at your eye level. For instance, storing diapers on the top shelf is not really a good idea when you need more than 10 diapers each day.

Check the back of the doors

When it comes to organizing baby clothes, the ‘proper’ space that you have is sometimes never enough. Therefore, don’t be afraid to check the unexpected space to store them like the back of the door. You can simply hang some racks to keep the accessories, shoes, and hygiene supplies.

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