17+ DIY Fall Decorations Plans That Won’t Cost You a Lot

Fall is coming and it’s time to spice up the decor so everyone can feel the vibe inside your house! You can’t leave the house look plainly boring in this warm cozy season, can you?

DIY Fall Decorations Plans
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There’s no need to purchase expensive fall decor items since you may redecorate the rooms when the season is coming to an end. The inspiring DIY Fall Decorations Plans below are so inspiring to try! You don’t have to master home decorating skills to create one in your home and the materials that you need to prepare are easily available around you at very cheap price tags.

Just keep scrolling to check out DIY Fall Decorations Plans that we gave gathered just for you!

DIY Fall Decorations Plans

Rustic entryway decor


DIY Fall Decorations Plans 1
Source: sarahjoyblog.com


If you have a used door with glass just like this project shows, it’s time to turn it into a gorgeous fall decoration. Here, a used door becomes the main focal point of the decor which is complemented with other items which include an earthy wreath, vintage bench, rustic baskets, and farmhouse throw pillow.

The wreath is made of grapevine that you can create easily all by yourself. For sure, this one decoration is enough to bring a nice fall vibe around your house without costing you a lot.

Chic white pumpkins

DIY Fall Decorations Plans 2
Source: anightowlblog.com

Pumpkins and fall are inseparable, so adding some to your decoration in this warm season is never a bad idea. In this project, the pumpkins are distinctively beautiful with their white look.

Those chic pumpkins are placed on the vintage galvanized steel bucket which makes it fit for you who love farmhouse decorating style. If you are lucky enough to have a rust galvanized bucket, you can just use it right away and if you don’t have one, just grab a steel bucket and create an aging look all by yourself.

To complete the decor, place some dry plants behind the pumpkins.

Tiered rustic tray

DIY Fall Decorations Plans 3
Source: jedicraftgirl.com

A simple yet pretty decor that will complete your dining table beautifully. You will need to prepare a tiered galvanized steel tray which, at least, consists of three levels as the main structure of the decor.

Beautify each level of the tray by placing faux flowers, pumpkins, and greeneries that you can get done effortlessly. The coordinating color that each element of the decor items create is so mesmerizing. Place this on the center of your rustic dining table and you will have a cozy fall nuance in an instant.

Rustic minimalist decor

DIY Fall Decorations Plans 4
Source: hymnsandverses.com

This project uses tiered wired baskets which is a good option if you prefer a more minimalist option. Each level of the basket is filled with different items which include antique milk bottles, faux white pumpkins, and dried grass.

Here, a dried maple leaf wreath and lettered sign complete the wired baskets which enhance the fall touch in a very beautiful way. You can place this decor item on top of your living room dresser or side table which will surely catch everyone’s attention.

If you want to make it more functional, you can use the wired baskets to store some of your stuff but still keep those additional elements around.

Gorgeous mantel decor

DIY Fall Decorations Plans 5
Source: shegaveitago.com

Of course, you can’t skip decorating the mantel when the spice season is coming and this project is definitely a nice inspiration to try. Here’s what you need to do to create the decor:

  • First, grab a blackboard and write your very own memorable quote in a stylish font that flows beautifully with the fall nuance.
  • Hang a festive wreath made of pinecones, dried flowers, faux greeneries, and maple leaves on top of the blackboard.
  • Place a garland made of the same elements as the wreath to make it even more attractive in a harmonious nuance.
  • To complete the look and warm up the vibe, you can also place some candles with rustic holders here and there.

Stacked catchy pumpkins

DIY Fall Decorations Plans 6
Source: porchdaydreamer.com

Looking for simple DIY fall decorations plans? Well, this one is a good inspiration for you. In this project, you will need to prepare some colorful faux pumpkins or ones which come with catchy patterns. Stack those pumpkins in front of the fireplace or TV console to make your living room look and feel so warm.

To keep the pumpkins in place, you can use some cupcake holders or plastic bowls as the base layer of the decor.

Stunning chalkboard art

DIY Fall Decorations Plans 7
Source: happyhappynester.com

Got a floor-to-ceiling cabinet with a chalkboard in your kitchen? Let’s make it look more fun by turning it into a stunning fall decor just like this project shows.

You don’t have to worry if you are not really good at writing and drawing since you can use some stencils to decorate the chalkboard. You can also find some paint that is specifically formulated to draw on a chalkboard for an easier process.

As you can see, the white leaves garland beautifies the chalkboard, creating a framing illusion. The garland is made of paper which you can create all by yourself cheaply and effortlessly.

Wood candy corn

DIY Fall Decorations Plans 8
Source: ourcloverhouse.blogspot.com

If you are handy enough to cut wood, this project is definitely worth trying! Those colorful candy corn made of pieces of wood will cheer up your home decor in this spiced-up season in a unique way.

The pieces of wood are cut into candy corn shapes and painted orange and yellow. For the top of the ‘candy’, there’s no need to paint it to give a more rustic touch to its overall look.

This is a catchy fall decor that you can use to decorate your living room coffee table, dining room table, and bedroom drawers.

Festive wood blocks

DIY Fall Decorations Plans 9
Source: oldsaltfarm.com

This project also involves some wood-cutting skills, so you have to make sure that you are good enough to get the job done. You will need to cut a 4 x 4 wood post into some cute wood blocks then decorate them with fall patterns and colors.

The combination of white and gray with the rustic texture of the wood grain are surely enough to make your decor look so fall in a unique way. It’s a very creative way to create a cheerful fall nuance around your house when those pumpkins are quite boring and outdated.

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Porch candle lanterns

DIY Fall Decorations Plans 10
Source: palmettohighway.com

Enough with the living room and kitchen, and let’s decorate your front porch with this cool project! Those sleek lanterns are made of scrap wood that you can use to hold some pillar candles.

The steps involve cutting, sanding, staining, and assembling the wood until you get a nice lantern structure. That being said, you will need to be careful to get the project done.

You can place these lanterns on your porch during the warm season and everyone will surely love them!

Framed welcome sign

DIY Fall Decorations Plans 11
Source: wilshirecollections.com

Hanging a sign board that you just bought from a decor store can be quite boring, right? Then, take this project as an inspiration that will make the board look way more attractive.

Here, the board is attached to a square wood structure which is painted all-white. You can create a similar backdrop out of wood pallets, so there’s no need to spend a lot at all.

The wood backdrop is then framed by a natural wood frame made of scrap wood. It adds a more rustic touch to the overall look of this beautiful fall decoration.

Cute bead pumpkin

DIY Fall Decorations Plans 12
Source: domesticallyblissful.com

Another creative project that you can follow easily by using cheap materials. You will need to buy some wooden beads that you can find in nearby craft stores or online markets. They are sold very affordably for a fun project like this!

The beads are used to create a cute pumpkin supported by wired twine which looks uniquely cute. Since it uses wood as the main material, it will give a nice rustic nuance to bring the fall vibe into your house. Some tiny leaves complete the look in a very effortless way.

You can place this wood bean pumpkin on your dining or coffee table.

Rustic white mantel

DIY Fall Decorations Plans 13
Source: michealadianedesigns.com

Who needs a real fireplace when the fake one is so enough to bring fall nuance to the decor of your home? Here, a wood mantel is simply attached to the wall which becomes the main focal point of the room in an instant.

To make it look more enchanting, a vintage window and grapevine wreath are placed on top of the mantel. They complement the distressed white look of the mantel harmoniously. Then, faux pumpkins and greeneries pop a brighter color around.

Earthy letter blocks

DIY Fall Decorations Plans 14
Source: thestonybrookhouse.com

The simple wood blocks with stylish letters decorate this TV console which is so inspiring to try. Each block is painted with a letter to create a nice simple word to warm everyone around your home in this warming season.

The natural wood finish of the blocks is good for you who want to give a simple rustic touch to the overall look of the decor. Those sleek blacks design also fit really well for a house with a minimalist decorating style.

Of course, the project involves some wood-cutting steps, so make sure your hands are capable to do so.

Assorted warm decorations

DIY Fall Decorations Plans 15
Source: thefrugalhomemaker.com

If you are looking for inspiration to decorate your mantel or the corner of your living room with several decor items, this is a good inspiration for you. This project combines several affordable items which are enough to draw everyone’s attention.

On top of the mantel, you see a vintage window, a small picket fence, a golden leaves wreath, and some faux fall plantations. On the floor, a wood crate, faux pumpkins, orange garden flowers, and a rustic stool even make everything looks so mesmerizing.

Furthermore, those small candles and a lantern work as additional lighting sources while warming up and beautifying the room all at once.

Vintage galvanized bucket

DIY Fall Decorations Plans 16
Source: jedicraftgirl.com

Leave those tiny vases and use a galvanized bucket to give a unique farmhouse touch to your living room decor just like this project shows. You just need to add faux plants in the fall look to complete the bucket in a very simple way. If you look a little closer, a faux bird’s nest completes the plants uniquely.

Some elegant sign boards are placed close to the big vase which enhances the meaning of the decor.

Pallet welcome sign

DIY Fall Decorations Plans 17
Source: jenniferallwoodhome.com

Welcome the guests who are coming this fall with this simple yet chic signboard. As mentioned above, the board is made of pallets which are so cheap to get or you can even have some for free. You just have to paint the pallets with the pumpkin color and write your very own welcoming words.

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Fall leaves bowl

A very fun DIY Fall Decorations Plans that you can get done even with the kids! The materials that you need to gather are as simple as faux fall leaves, a balloon, and some glue.

Follow the steps below:

  1. If the leaves that you buy come with branches, take off the leaves completely from the branches so you only have the sheets.
  2. Blow up the balloon, and glue the leaves on its upper part to form a bowl shape. Make sure not to leave any gaps so you can have a sturdy structure.
  3. Once you are sure that the glue is completely dry, poke the balloon with a needle and peel the stacked leave carefully.
  4. You will have a nice fall leaves balloon that you can use to decorate your mantel, dresser, or side table.

So those are some DIY Fall Decorations Plans that you have to include on your top list when you are planning to spice up your home this season. They are so effortless to get done and you don’t have to spend a lot of money or time.

Have a fun time creating your very own DIY Fall Decorations Plans!

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