15+ Easy and Cheap DIY Halloween Decoration Plans to Try Now

The spooky season is coming and it’s time to go with the vibe by placing some creepy decor items around your house. You can’t have a fun Halloween night without having some ghosts, Jack O’ Lanterns, or bats to decorate the space.

DIY Halloween Decoration Plans
Photo by Szabó János on Unsplash

It might sound fun but finding Halloween decor items can be quite challenging. The high-quality ones might be sold at very expensive prices and you’re not willing enough to spend that much money just to buy some decor items that you only display for a week or two.

Well then, creating your very own DIY Halloween decoration plans sound like a much better idea. By just using some cheap and easily-available home supplies, you can have some unique Halloween decorations that will amaze everyone.

In this article, we share with you some inspiring DIY Halloween decoration plans that you can try right away! There’s no need to spend a lot of money to create them or they even cost nothing at all. The projects are so easy and the kid would love to help you as well!

DIY Halloween Decoration Plans

Cute Halloween Candles

DIY Halloween Decoration Plans 1
Photo by yesterdayontuesday.com

Those scary ghosts may not really suit your taste since they can be too scary for you and the kids. This Halloween decoration is great for you who want to go with a more subtle option. There are no scary faces or skeletons here, only some cute candles, mason jars, and artificial pumpkins.

To create this decor, you just simply need some Halloween-themed candles, candies, and mason jars which involve some painting steps to get the job done. These candles are great to beautify your dining or corner table when the spooky season is coming. Placing the candles on top of some trays will make them look way more attractive.

Simple Pallet Scarecrow

When it comes to scarecrows, you might think that you always need to create some human-like figures which, frankly, is quite boring. This project shows us how to create scarecrows which are made of wood pallets.

The pallet scarecrow also allows you to paint any characters that you love. They are good to decorate your porch and enough to scare some kids!

As you may have known, wood pallets are so cheap and they are one of the favorite materials since you can use them for a lot of DIY projects. Even more, you can even find free wood pallets so you don’t have to spend anything to get them.

How to get free wood pallets in good condition:

There are some places that you can go to when you are looking for some free pallets which include:

  1. Bars
  2. Craft beer locations
  3. Liquor stores
  4. Feed and Tack stores
  5. Furniture stores
  6. Flooring stores
  7. Pet food stores
  8. Stationery shops
  9. Schools

They might give the used pallets for free and you can find the ones which are still in very good condition that you can use as the materials to build the pallet scarecrows. Even if you have to buy the pallets, they will give a very cheap offer.

Flying ball ghosts

DIY Halloween Decoration Plans 3
Photo by simplydesigning.net

Those ghosts are scary enough to decorate your porch this Halloween. Hanging some of them around will tell everyone that you are ready to welcome the season.

The materials that you need to gather are some styrofoam balls, cheesecloth, and craft paints. They are available in the nearby hardware store which will not cost you a lot at all. You can get the steps done in no time and it can be more fun with some helps from your kids.

Keep these ghosts in the basement when the season ends and bring them out again next year!

Little spider webs

DIY Halloween Decoration Plans 4
Photo by thecraftingchicks.com

Another fun DIY project that your kid can help with is these cute spider webs. They can be some good additions to complete your Halloween decor.

Just prepare some white yarn, popsicle sticks, and plastic spider toys for this project. There’s no complicated step at all, what you have to do is to glue each material until you have some cute spider webs. Hang those spider webs altogether with other decor items for striking Halloween decor that you can have in a very affordable way.

Zombies at your door

DIY Halloween Decoration Plans 18
Photo by pdavelowe.blogspot.com

Zombies never fail to freak us all and bringing them to your Halloween decoration is never a bad idea. This one is an inspiring option for you who want to create a Zombie nuance around your house in an instant.

You will need some foam core boards and paint them to resemble the hunting Zombie coming out of your house. Since this is a very easy project, you can create some ‘Zombie boards’ that you can stick to the windows and doors in your house.

Hang Halloween balloons

DIY Halloween Decoration Plans 5
Photo by designimprovised.com

Creating Jack O’ Lantern from a whole pumpkin may be quite challenging, so why not use other materials to get a Halloween vibe easily? In this project, Jack O’ Lantern Balloons are hung on a thin string that looks so catchy.

Of course, there’s no need to use sharp tools and a lot of elbow grease to get the job done. You just have to blow out some balloons and attach each one of them on a string to decorate your mudroom, living room, or even dining room.

To make it more festive, complement the galloons with some paper garlands.

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Cute monster cups

DIY Halloween Decoration Plans 6
Photo by thesimpleparent.com

Got some small plastic cups? Turn them into some cute Halloween decor items like those shown in this project. The supplies that you need to prepare are some plastic cups, colorful paint, and googly eyes.

If you’d like to involve some kids in this project, keep in mind that the steps involve some handwashing since they have to paint those cups. Simply place the painted cups around your front or backyard to get a unique Halloween nuance.

Monsters in the windows

DIY Halloween Decoration Plans 7
Photo by pegitboard.com

This project shows you how to utilize your window to get a spooky vibe around your house. Those creepy monsters are simply made of cardboard that you just have to cut into the figures as you wish. Attach those figures to the windows and you will have big scary monsters inside your house.

Since the project only uses cardboard, of course, you will not have to spend a lot of money to get the job done. You can find a lot of inspirations that you can refer to on the internet to draw the monsters.

Hanging paper skeleton

DIY Halloween Decoration Plans 10
Photo by momendeavors.com

Surprisingly, you can turn those unused paper plates into a striking Halloween-themed decor item just like this project shows. Things that you need to grab are a dozen of paper plates and twine.

You might need to get creative to finish the project since you have to draw each piece of the skeleton on top of the paper plates. If you want to make it bigger, use bigger plates to create the hanging skeleton. Of course, this will creep the kids passing by your house on Halloween night!

Tiny witch lantern

DIY Halloween Decoration Plans 11
Photo by smartschoolhouse.com

If those big pumpkin lanterns don’t really work for you, just simply use some tea lights to glow up your Halloween decoration effortlessly! There’s no need to buy a big Jack O’ Lantern or carve a large pumpkin to decorate your home.

In this project, you will only have to purchase some tea lights and decorate them with tiny witch hats and googly eyes. For sure, you will have cute Halloween decor items in no time that even your kids can try.

Complete those decorated tea lights with ribbon and hang them around your porch on Halloween night.

Tissue roll monsters

DIY Halloween Decoration Plans 12
Photo by danyabanya.com

Got some toilet or kitchen paper towel rolls? Wait, don’t throw them away yet because you can actually turn them into unique Halloween decorations! This project shows that tissue rolls wrapped in colorful yarn completed by googly eyes to make your house look festively spooky. Some feathers also add more ornaments to the monster in a very effortless way!

For sure, you don’t have to spend a penny if you already have some toilet paper rolls and yarns in hand. If you don’t like to use toilet paper, you can use other types of cardboard tubes as the main structures of the monsters.

Creepy bloody windows

DIY Halloween Decoration Plans 13
Photo by photobucket.com

Who knows that your windows can actually become the centerpiece in this spooky season? Yes, this project is another reference if you want to use the windows to add a creepy nuance around your house.

Here, the steps are even simpler in which you just need to create fake blood, dip your hands into the liquid, and play it on your window glass. Let the people pass by think that your house is a scary criminal scene!

Witch house doormat

DIY Halloween Decoration Plans 15
Photo by styl.sh

Welcoming the guests with this clever Halloween decor is really cool! The feet will totally scare everyone who steps up your porch.

To create this, you will simply need to stuff a couple of stripped socks with newspaper or other supplies which are enough to add bulk. Then, place those stuffed socks underneath your doormat and that’s all you need to do!

Cute hanging bats

DIY Halloween Decoration Plans 19
Photo by buggyandbuddy.com

In this project, you will also need to grab those unused toilet or kitchen paper rolls. By simply adding some wings made of paper and googly eyes, you can have cute bats to complete your Halloween decoration.

Hang those bats on faux maple trees to make them more attractive. This is a really fun project that you can finish with the kids safely!

Simple mummy door

Who knows that you can use as simple as white fabric to create a striking Halloween decoration? This project only involves not more than 3 materials but enough to spook every guest who is planning to come around.

You just have to cut the fabric to wrap your front door and stick each one of the sheets with tape in the back of the door. To create the eyes, simply grab a black paper and cut it into two big rounds.

Scary monster house

DIY Halloween Decoration Plans 16
Photo by craftibilities.com

If you are handy enough to cut some plywood, let’s try this Halloween decoration idea now! Draw the monster-like teeth on the plywood and cut them carefully. Use spray paint in red and white to finish the step.

You can attach this spooky decor item to your front door with some nails and every guest who is coming around will be ‘eaten alive’!

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Paper spider web

This DIY Halloween decoration plans is a good option for you who love paper cutting. The steps show you how to create cute spider webs out of paper which will complete your Halloween decoration this year.

All you need to prepare are merely colorful papers and scissors, that’s it, there are no other supplies needed. Of course, it’s a very effortless DIY Halloween craft that you can finish in no time.

You just have to fold the paper rectangular three times, draw a spider pattern with a pencil, and the surprise will pop up as you unfold the paper. You can create some spider webs in different sizes to make your home look more festive.

Creepy Halloween balloons

Another DIY Halloween decoration plans which uses balloons as the main materials. This one is way more fun since you can draw spooky faces on colorful balloons with markers. To make the balloons look catchier, you can add wings made of paper, big eyes made of smaller balloons and markers, and spider feet.

For sure, you can use your very own imagination to create creepy figures that you love by simply using some balloons. The balloons can be hung with strings and completed with some sticks and support if you’d like to place them on the floor.

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