These Chic Small Shower Storage Solutions Are Worth Trying

Adding proper storage to a small bathroom can be so frustrating. You have to think a lot so you can neatly organize your bathroom essentials.

Rest assured, we have compiled some hacks that you can refer to, so you can have a cozy small bathroom. Just keep scrolling to check our quick guide on providing ample shower storage solutions that will totally inspire you!

Shower Storage Solutions

Shower Storage Stations
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Use shower caddy

Of course, when it comes to shower storage, a shower caddy is the one that you can’t miss. It provides convenient storage for you to store shampoo, conditioner, and other bottles that you can reach easily. You can find a caddy that comes with a particular capacity to suit your needs.

Today, there are tons of shower caddies that are made of various materials and designed in various styles. They don’t only offer various durability and reliability but also match the various decorating style of your own bathroom.

Use small tool

Utilize the corner of your bathroom by placing a small stool to store your soaps, body scrubs, and other essentials. You can also add a tray to complete the stool if you’d like to store some razors and combs. This is a good storage solution for those who have a bathroom with limited space.

Use dish soap

A soap dish with rubber suction provides quick access when you have a nice shower time. It allows you to grab your favorite bar soap quickly without hassle.

The suction offers easy installation in which you just need to stick the dish on your tiled walls. A dish soap will complement the floating shelves or corner tray very well around your shower area.

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Use bathtub tray

A bathtub tray can provide a nice storage station in your shower area or close to your bathtub. This is enough to keep the soap, shampoo, conditioner, and razors. Find the ones which come with a gorgeous design that also adds another aesthetic touch to the overall look of your bathroom decor.

Use wall-mounted container

A wall-mounted container is also a good option when you have a small bathroom. You can conveniently store your toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, and even jewelry. Place the container in a safe place around the bathroom to keep everything nice and clean.

Use over-toilet ladder

Adding ladder storage to your bathroom will provide ample storage space and bring the style of the room to a whole new level. The ladder is usually designed to place above the toilet so you can really utilize every inch of the space in your small bathroom.

Some ladders also allow you to place some baskets which offer you easy storage to store your hand towels.

Use corner bin

Another storage solution to benefit the corner of your bathroom is the detachable shower bin. One thing to keep in mind when you choose this type of storage is to install it at your eye level so you can grab your essentials easily.

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